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  1. 2-2 https://streamable.com/fw0vl
  2. 1-2 https://streamable.com/5846g
  3. Hibs - Celtic 0-1 - https://streamable.com/l9ewd 0-2 - https://streamable.com/75i7q celtic strip ?
  4. and og is Queens Park's joint top scorer...
  5. twitter is brilliant this morning #concomitant
  6. now children can anybody give me a statement with the word concomitant
  7. whole saga has been a shambles. Lots of people in the media left looking very silly.
  8. 1-2 Ross free kick https://streamable.com/8b3jl
  9. 0-2 Windass goal https://streamable.com/ezjr7
  10. Jack red card https://streamable.com/klk3c
  11. the gers goal 0-1 https://streamable.com/ustpe
  12. gers v dons 2-0 https://streamable.com/qkabg 3-0 https://streamable.com/y90li sorry, can't find the first
  13. well that's my lucky pound placed on a Dons win, draw no bet Rangers fans can thank me later...
  14. It's where the Glasgow airport attackers were living before they got Smeato'd
  15. Alistair was in my year at school - we were in the same higher maths class. His family are from Beith as are my mums side of the family. I've followed this from day one. In my opinion it was either a mistake or he had dodgy dealings that nobody knew about. What I knew of him from our school days he was brand new so I go with the mistaken identity theory.