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  1. Big Col

    Russia 2018

    excellent game to watch more so as i put a few quid on the germans at half time
  2. Big Col

    Russia 2018

    horrible game to watch, featuring the Neymar circus.
  3. After that draw, I'm guessing joey barton is currently whoring himself around every media outlet in the land giving his expert opinion on scottish football ?
  4. Big Col

    Russia 2018

    i was listening to radio 5 in the car there. The commentary was hilarious. Chris Waddle going on a rant about the crap refs and players play acting. Also a brilliant moment when the fly problem was discussed. Apparently the venue for tonights game had suffered swarms of flies on previous nights. "The insect problem isn't too bad up here in the commentary position" "Maybe the russians poisoned them" 😀
  5. ffs this thread is a riddy
  6. i usually take 2 weeks off in june every 2 years you've got either a world cup or a euros to watch I'll also go for a random drive and/or wild camp up north for a few days. Excellent driving roads at 4am. It's also before all the wee bawbags are off for the summer
  7. 3 european cups on the bounce is nothing, you've got to win the SPFL to be considered successful
  8. anyways, i thought this was about rangers away tickets ??
  9. I don't dislike McLeish but genuinely there is something 'off' about the way he conducts himself now compared to the McLeish of old. He doesn't seem as sharp or focused. Maybe it is just age? Maybe it is the drink? Maybe it's heading the ball all the time? I'm not criticising him for it, I'm just calling it as i see it.
  10. i'm simply questioning your claim. something like liverpool v man u generally would bring in 3x the tv audience, compared to a rangers v celtic tie
  11. Big Col


    is tipping not done - generally speaking - in low paid, casual hours jobs. The tip does actually make a difference. Anybody complaining about it maybe try to survive in one of these jobs? The biggest piss take is restaurant owners who don't pass the tips onto the staff. I've refused to tip at places like this. It was all going in the owners pocket.
  12. the police will object to this move cos it will reduce their potential for double bubble overtime
  13. An old firm game had the highest uk tv viewing figures ? Higher than games in the english premiership ?