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  1. If you live in a decent area where houses sell quickly, and you know exactly what you want from the sale, then stay away from high street lot as you'll only be paying for their offices and car fleet - stick with a cheaper fixed price operator as they'll batter it on zoopla/rightmove and all the other websites where most people look anyway. If you do go with a big high street EA then get at least 3 quotes for what their % cut will be on the sale - show them the door if they look for a % plus VAT that would take the total over 2% of the sale and barter down the remaining ones.
  2. Mark McGhee

    let's hope none of the Barnet fans film him if he's sent off !
  3. Should We Don Poppies On Our Kits vs The Netherlands

    it's gone from remembrance day to poppy week and now it's fekkin poppy month - buglers at the football down south in October ffs it's a piece of utter nonsense wear one individually if you want around the 11th but please spare us the corporate opting in bullsh*t that's prevalent these days ... and while I'm at it Christmas ads on the telly tonight for asda and tesco - gtf with that an aw
  4. glad you enjoyed yourself! should have had a penalty in last minute of the ninety but didn't deserve it due to having quite possible our worst ever strip on that night - it was the only time I've ever came close to a quivering lip and a good greet ya khunts!
  5. easier supporting a diddy team like the thistle - top 6 last year was a wee luxury and a cup run would be nice as it's been a long while - we have lower expectations and travel more in hope than expectation - still happy with Archie even though we're bottom - expectations for new Utd manager will be enormous - would take any lot in the play offs but not the Arabs - still have nightmares from '96
  6. ... when you don't bother going to the barber anymore as the hair that should be on you fkin head is now growing out of every other orifice
  7. was well aware of all of the Arab's near misses boss - but was mentioning that you only actually won a few things - all of which combined to give your fans a taste for something that really wasn't sustainable - the spiriting away of talented players like GA & GMS has been going on forever - whenever a Scottish team has a few good players they are spirited away to the blue/green filth for better wages and the competitive edge disappears from teams that could mount a challenge - had to laugh recently when the celtic were moaning about getting pumped in Europe and the other clubs were too rich blah blah - they've systematically done the same to their own league
  8. to be honest Utd are a bit of a poisoned chalice - had a few wins in 80/90's but never managed to keep it constant Macnamara being a recent disaster who was doing OK with us at Firhill before moving and now McKinnon jumping ship from Raith - I'd reckon they both regret moving but can't blame them if the money was better Yogi hughes - ffs good luck with that if it happens!
  9. Gardening.

    Had thought it was last grass cut of the season 9 days ago but it's still growing. Hebe, cosmos & wild flowers still showing amongst others. Still got a couple of thistles in flower - lasted long enough to see the Jags get their first win of the season! Was down in Arran last week & a few wasps still doing the rounds in Blackwaterfoot.
  10. League Cup

    Typical QF draw - top 4 best supported sides kept apart again - huns at home hope we do them sponsors wet dream again ... obviously hoping for the following semis and the inevitable final huns / hibs aberdeen / tims
  11. looking for a standing ticket for tomorrow - better late than never I suppose.
  12. Private schools should be taxed to the hilt - they've been hamming up their charitable status for decades - saying that they'll educate a certain % of kids and give them assistance with fees alongside letting the local community & state schools access to their facilities -(all complete bullsh*t) - with some independent schools even offering the richer parents who can pay the annual fee up front a means to avoid paying tax on their savings by allowing the interest to accrue in a school account on their behalf. A 20% VAT tax hike in fees (equating to about £2.5k per year up here) will not cripple Jacintha & Tarquin's parents - maybe they could buy a Clio instead of driving a BMW X5 up to the school gates.
  13. 40+ years as a jag has told me not to count chickens - we could lose the next 2 & you could win 2 - not over yet big fella!
  14. The Jags doing tremendously well this season under Archie - if only the squad could have ground out some results in the first dozen or so matches we might have been challenging for a berth in Europe. Two games pre-split against the 'well and the Gers - any points from taken from these two games will put the sh*ters right up the Jambos! - just hope the players are right up for it. The Jags challenging for 5th spot - what the f*k is going on?!
  15. Wedding lists

    Suggest donations and put them to a charity you both agree on - do you really need a Gaggia coffee machine or a Jasper Conran teapot?