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  1. Upcoming Friendly Expectations

    See Tierney at LB and Robertson at left mid, and see how it works. Also give some experience to a new CB - Lindsay, Souttar or maybe hendry.
  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    While the big news about mcleish... what a finish for mcgregor
  3. Alan Hutton

    Callum Paterson must start at right back, he is not as bad at that position as people seem to think. He is very strong and very dangerous at set plays. Lets not move back to hutton please
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Im going to invest in the coal sack stock market in that case
  5. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Homer simpson, vladamir putin, and Boris Johnson also linked with the job.
  6. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Scott McTominey getting big reviews for the game yesterday, and preferred over pogba. Any word if he has officially turned us down? Given the state of our national team, i take it nobody has spoke to him
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    "Bring back strachan" "If we cant get strachan back" "Only one candidate - Gordon Strachan" Who would have seen this a year ago, when we were all screaming for him to go prior to the slovenia game
  8. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    On the keeper side of things, Jon McLaughlin was outstanding today, and has been very solid since the signed for hearts. With Gordon injured, i would say he should be called up. Much younger than the rest of our keepers and seems very solid Thoughts?
  9. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    right mid is his best position, by far, but he could do as good a job as we have at right back. Great threat at corners and set pieces. If we play a back 3, he will be right wing back for some time to come.
  10. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Goal for callum Paterson again
  11. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Burke back on bench for WBA
  12. Regan Gone

    Get Trump in!! Make the SFA great again
  13. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Steve Clarke - got west brom to their highest ever premier league finish. They have really improved since then have they not??? Jim Duffy - has never let teams with very mediocre player down, knows they scottish game very well, and lets not forget everyone was screaming at strachan for not living in scotland and knowing the scottish game, picking players from scotland and so on Other candidates: Eck - remind me the last time he was not fired from a team, oh aye when he walked out on us. Who is left that "knows the scottish game"??? Levein?? Not daft comments at all!!
  14. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Jim Duffy Steve Clarke Tommy Wright These are 3 managers who gets the best out of their player
  15. European Nations League

    Not bad, at all. Being in a group of 3 is good. Win 2 games at hampden and if we draw the away games we are through.