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  1. jamboman

    Toulon Tournament

    We just dont have players with names like "Ronaldo Vieira"
  2. jamboman

    Toulon Tournament

    Need to take hornby off. Maybe we will pass the ball then
  3. jamboman

    Toulon Tournament

    can we get a more english biased commentator please? My god how is this allowed!
  4. jamboman

    Increasing the playing pool and squad for September

    I hope you are right about SOD going to RB, it means we will be going back to our best 4-2-3-1 formation. Perhaps we might see (my personal dream) Tierney and LB and robertson and Left mid, with tierney overlapping now and again
  5. jamboman


    McTominey? Not even on the bench?
  6. jamboman

    My Opinion on Debutants

    meant 2. Like my comment about mcd
  7. jamboman

    I dont watch friendlies

    An empty hampden does not help. Should have been in Edinburgh or Aberdeen
  8. jamboman

    My Opinion on Debutants

    McKenna - Solid enough, did not really do anything spectacular. A solid defend first player so thats what we should expect. Headers and hoof it out. Solid though. Would suit a back 4 in my opinion. McDonald - I dont remember him doing too much but i felt bad as we played with 2 defensive midfielders for some reason and people expected him to get forward, not his game McTominay - Not sure what people expected but he did exactly what he normally does, short passes, sits in front of the defence and gets the ball to creative players. Again this issue was we had 3 of these players at home. McBurnie - Worked hard and ran a lot. very isolated up front, nobody apart from robertson got forward to help him. Murphy - dont remember him even being on.
  9. jamboman

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    I dont know why we started with 2 very deep midfielders. A mcginn or armstrong with either one of them would have been much better. At home especially.
  10. jamboman

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    John McGinn on for 10 mins, and given away at least 5 fouls and that it
  11. jamboman

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    Nothing has changed based on tonight... Hanley... Terrible. Ritchie.... Not good enough. Nothing up front without griffiths. Phillips... Less i wont waste my time
  12. jamboman

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    why is ritchie still on?
  13. jamboman

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    Like the look of this team and formation but.... McLaughlan Martin McKenna Mulgrew McDonald/McGinn McTominay Paterson Robertson Armstrong Cairney McBurnie I like the idea of 2 ball winning mid players who can pass and are strong. Allowing our front 5 to attack
  14. jamboman

    Under 17s Elite Round

    Sounds like we have been getting kicked off the park
  15. jamboman

    Under 17s Elite Round

    anywhere we can watch it?