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  1. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Team GB Football - Again

    Comparison then to original point ; dont hold a passport under a rogue state if you complain about olympic athletes representing same
  2. Auchinyell Sox Change

    For Killie fans

    So not proven then ?
  3. Auchinyell Sox Change


    Sorry ; i didnt know that
  4. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Team GB Football - Again

    If you care to read my post below that ; my point is clear
  5. Auchinyell Sox Change


    what was that irish woman ; helen donegan ? transfer to game (a/c coach) ; tour of tirana concrete tower blocks and tin factory good price ; 'craic' included
  6. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Team GB Football - Again

    just curious ; as i said - if you want to nail your colours to the mast , then you may give up overseas travel and holiday at home, rather than travel under the flag/document of a nation that you don't really feel exists...a similar argument could be made for athletes, who are made to choose to participate at olympics , stay at home or go under a false nation (if that is your belief) although a lifetimes training to achieve olympic participation and potential medal against a two weeks on the lash in magaluf is an unfair comparison - although i'd like to give the boy a chance to respond am sure we'll run into each other in mxc city and you can give me your views on independence etc (now that is fking boring....) mines a dos equis btw
  7. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Team GB Football - Again

    just curious ; what passport do you use when you go on your holidays , or have you refused to get one
  8. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Club side - worst ever player

    i recall watching the 3-0 away game live on tv - mccoist missed a sitter (header) right in front of goal as ball came down in front of him i must admit to being pretty bitter back in those days that we would get an early round game like this live on tv ; ditto celtic v notts forest ; whilst the ecwc dons v porto (away)2nd half only......was only a semi final right enough
  9. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Centre Backs.

    when i started going to the games as a kid at pittodrie ; i recall him coming on as a sub and being a bit of a buzz , early football memory of him barnstorming his way forward i did however watch footage of him at wembley in early 70s game and he looked pretty bad , out of depth v england ; few other bizzare selections that game i owned a t shirt with him and jarvie on front with 76 league cup , big collars, cigar, cup on head type iconic images
  10. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Centre Backs.

    Boyd try watching Brazils 2nd goal in 98 Hendry was a bit of a carthorse tbh ; but folk had the blinkers on with all the braveheart nonsense
  11. Auchinyell Sox Change


    for some reason watched that as came up on msn of whatever i was on ; the guy is obviously very special ; but keeper so far off his line makes it an easier choice with a bouncing ball in front of him for his 2nd goal was.nt 100% sure the commentator called it correctly re checking out of his run as being offside ; thought it may have had a lot to do with spotting the guy out wide and moving inside for the cross / or a bit of both?
  12. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Club side - worst ever player

    thought he was really liked by jock wallace (and a lot of the fans)at the time ; he was one of dundees best players at the time ; think he was signed along with iain ferguson(striker) i recall he was heavily involved in the blood & thunder 3-1 home game v inter milan
  13. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Club side - worst ever player

    porterfield brought in him and garry hackett ; recall one from weymouth and one from shrewsbury - were bizzare signings at the time ; think peter nicholas showed up not long after tho - 86-87 , mid 80s altho i never saw him play , i understand ernie winchester was a target of the boo boys in the 60s , am not sure if he really was mince or not ; as some players ; stark & connor come to mind were regularly given a hard time' cant mind too much about rachid belabed either , if he was any good or not ,but was he not signed to keep zeroualli company ?' a personal dislike of mine was arild stavrum - he scored a lot of pens but i thought he was rank as a striker
  14. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Costa Who?? - a blog about Italia 90

    there was an alcohol ban ,but i recall a small back street shop selling beer out of his basement/cellar to a large group of fans in Genoa for the sweden game, and for the costa rica game am sure we had beer in a pizza place i think it was a 5pm ko for CR , but more like 8pm for Sweden ? i mind being able to pick out rod stewart & his missus from one of the main stands at some distance ; we were behind the goal where CR scored (for both games) Turin was literally a washout ; crap atmosphere, crap game , crap location - think it was a belgium v uruguay game some days later that finally killed off our chances of qualification the Czechs gave Costa Rica a real doing in the next round ; guess it helped not having aitken, mcpherson , mcnally playing for them....
  15. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Best Club Side

    Geoghegan McQueen Koumburre . Garner Mitchell Jones Bernard Hackett Cowan Zdrillic McCall subs Dodds , Whyte, McNamara