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  1. Tim Hortons in Glasgow..

    I honestly feel their coffee has being going downhill ; still go there regularly and they are always busy ; 2 new ones have opened closer to our house since moved to calgary in 06 ; one of these walking distance ( which is unusual for suburbia here) they almost shot themselves in the foot last month re new labour laws and treatment of staff at one branch - think as passively nationalistic folk are here ; they could have easily turned en masse ditching what is now very much an institution here the choice/convenience/cost has a lot to do with it too id say the younger generation are likely more starbucks inclined ; but for many $2 per coffee is limit i think now McDonalds coffee is better than Tims - even the dark roast ; but often kids in tow ; easy to grab stuff for them to eat at tims ( which feels healthier ; soup sandwich etc v big mac....)and breakfast options on road to skiing etc not sure if will catch on at home ; theres a few in NE USA also
  2. Kingsford Stadium

    Ajax could put a twist on that idea....
  3. Kingsford Stadium

    Bayern Of the Munchen as an “out of town” new build success story? only been there for a 1860 game tho, but public transport v good
  4. Kingsford Stadium

    Inverness Caledonian Thistle
  5. Kingsford Stadium

    Duly noted likely been over here the patterometer has been eroded
  6. Kingsford Stadium

    Still havent got used to new site obviously
  7. Kingsford Stadium

    Am lead to believe theres better tractor parking than there was at Muirton ?
  8. Series Worth Watching

    They did an american life on mars that bombed
  9. Series Worth Watching

    Started watching Babylon Berlin today ; very good although am only 7 episodes in...
  10. Boozers

    Slightly better than a cookie cutter faux irish bar ? Scots wha hae ; and all that
  11. Club vs Country

    Cyclic i would say even from a convenience/logistics point of view ; ie when new family on scene , found it harder to justify taking off every saturday compared to the odd weekend at hampden of course having steve paterson as a manager made the choice easier
  12. Emotional Support Animals

    Funnily enough was listening to cbc radio last week about this ; first time i think ive been shouting at the radio in the car woman from vancouver with ptsd ( dont know cause) brought her dog on flights as letter from Doc said it made her feel calmer; she was miffed as lots of folk “abusing” the system theres loads of folk bring their dogs to hotels over here too last summer a big dog was running thru the hotel in montana trying to get into folks rooms owner cared not a jot weve got cat,dog etc but its getting out of control whatever takes off here usually jumps the pond.... allergies/ teeth whitening etc
  13. BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    A anecdote i mind from the “ dont cry” book was a warm up game with no nets ; someone hit a shot past Rough , and Gemmill i recall said something along lines of ; Shilton would of got that - was highlighting divisions between anglos/old firm and provincial club players
  14. BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Was 12 in 78 ; the peru game was a shock , but iran knocked the stuffing out of us the “dont cry for me” book indeed a classic - altho like a lot of guys of that age am interested in 70s football ill point out again that in archies book “ flower of Scotland “ that ernie walker claims we were never to qualify even if we had beat dutch by 3 goals ; fifa were to dock points in that event ( w j / tonic gate) altho no written records exist wouldnt of surprised me tho
  15. Football Films..

    Watched damned united recently on dvd and from previous viewing ; years back ; seems to be missing scenes clough ordering revies desk to be burned clough at 5 a sides getting chopped but then losing his watch om pitch Clough meeting duncan mckenzie at his hotel or am i losing it