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  1. Lake Como

    Thanks for all the tips
  2. Argentina 78 t-shirt

  3. Argentina 78 t-shirt

  4. Argentina 78 t-shirt

    Technical issues have screwed up the image being loaded. It will be loaded later
  5. Argentina 78 t-shirt

    Hi, I brought this t-shirt out a few years ago and with the 40th anniversary of the 1078 World Cup this year, I thought I would re issue it with the proceeds going to the Scotland supporters club in London, Lunnainn Albannaich. The price is £15 incl p+p with a couple of free badges thrown in. If you want one please gift the money via paypal to la99999@btopenworld.com entering your address and size required.
  6. Peru

    In the brave new TAMB there seems to be no place for talking nonsense about scurrilous friendly rumours, so come on, who has priced up Peru and what are the best options so far? KLM looking favourite from what I can see. Any tips for other destinations? Machu Pichu has never really grabbed me to be honest.
  7. Lake Como

    Looking to visit the Lake Como region at the end of June with the other half. She has always wanted to go there and has a reasonable travel voucher to spend on a decent hotel. Any tips on where to stay appreciated? Is one area better than another? Is there an airport that is better for this area over any other? Any advice on transfers from the airport appreciated as well as dining.

    This book is an absolute gem for any Scotland fan. Well produced in a hardback issue, it has a fantastic range of photos of players and various artefacts surrounding the Scotland team down the years from fanzines to world cup singles. There's even some words to accompany the pictures. If you''ve not bought it yet, stick it on your christmas list so that your family or partners know you want it. You won't regret it
  9. Watching the Netherlands game in London

    We are having the club AGM in the same pub on the 24th of November. New members welcome to join on the night at £15 a head. Its a free bar and food for the first part of the evening so you get your membership back virtually straight away.
  10. Michael O Neill

    Has there been a thread started to thank West Ham for doing right by Scotland :-) Then again, by the time the SFA get round to picking the successor he may well have been punted from there.
  11. Michael O Neill

    Haven't listened to them all. The Souness one gets good reviews
  12. Michael O Neill

    If you are interested in what he has to say about his approach to football his interview with Graham Hunter is very interesting. He talks very well about the game and his approach to it. All basic stuff but after Strachan and his meanness of spirit, its completely refreshing. Due to my technical inability I can't post the link on here but google graham hunter big interview michael o'nell and it will come up
  13. The Albion pub will be showing the Scotland v Netherlands friendly in its upstairs bar. The address is 2/3 New Bridge Street and the nearest tube is Blackfriars
  14. Usual split flag design match badge is available at www.loonyalba.com £4 a badge, including p&p, which is more expensive than usual but only a limited number made hence the temporary increase
  15. LA AGM 25/11/17

    Lunnainn Alba, the London Scotland supporters club, will be having their AGM in the upstairs bar of the Albion pub on Saturday the 25th of November at 7pm. Closest tube is Blackfriars. This is for club members only but if someone wishes to join on the night for next year's membership they are very welcome. The membership fee is £15 and includes a free t-shirt. Free bar and food will be provided on the night.