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  1. On a brighter note, when we were qualifying for tournaments, we were still relatively high up the pecking order if you were to rank everyone by position reached including points and say goal difference. I know it's ultimately a fruitless statistic. But still... In Euro 92 you could say we were 5th in Europe (best record of those not reaching knockout stage: 2 points, goal difference 0). In 1978 we'd be 11th in world, (3rd best of those not reaching knockout stage, 3 points, goal difference -1) - and note 11th would be enough to get into knockout stage today.
  2. Well he scored a goal, so pretty sure he was playing. Just checked, seems he was on for the full 90.
  3. 3-1 Egypt get one back, Salah penalty
  4. Am I seeing things or is the stadium patchy? For a Russian home game at their own finals? Edit : just as a type the commentators says lots of empty seats in the expensive section. Own goal reminds me a bit of Iran v Scotland. Or do I have 78 on the brain.
  5. Just saw the highlights. Looked more a penalty than the Tunisian one..
  6. "Where there ought to have been respect there was only scorn laced with spite." "No matter where you looked there was gleeful contempt." "It was as if Scotland was being told: “This is what real power looks like and there’s nothing you can do about it.”" (Still cant believe Mundell actually said, and meant) “Scotland is not a partner of the United Kingdom – Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.” "In that one dismissive sentence, he exposed the biggest lie at the heart of the unionist campaign in the first referendum on Scottish independence: that Scotland was an equal and valued partner in the greatest political union on Earth.
  7. Isn't that just one of the classic football roles you need, like midfield dynamo, prima donna, wise old head, talisman, hatchet man, etc.
  8. exile

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    I think also it we were threatening to break through the knock-out stages, it would be more comfortably in the role of the underdog - in the mould of Denmark, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, etc. - not with the mentality of one of the (talented but untried) contenders, packed with international stars just waiting to happen, as maybe Belgium are now. I think one of the things that spooked us in 78 was the unaccustomed role of being a relatively fancied side, the UK A team, packed with Football League and European Cup winning stars, almost a big-country mentality, something going beyond a natural self-belief. We are unlikely to do that again (especially post-devolution mentality where Scottish football seems much more remote from London than then)
  9. Well deserved, nice to see Mexico pick up a major scalp for once. They could have scored more, too. Our young lads did not so bad against them!
  10. Lovely move and goal. Deserved. Good game
  11. Ha ha I am inclined to say bah humbug too. Why enlarge it? 32 is a good number for a knockout tournament. 4 is a good number for group stages. How long is the tournament going to be, how many people can afford to go to more than a few games? Why host it in 3 countries, especially when at least two of them are big enough to host it thmselves? Why award it yet again to the USA and Mexico? (two more wrongs don't nake a right). Is it just money? (Of course I won't complain if Scotland qualify and make it out the group stage.)
  12. exile

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Yes that was another thing from the documentary - how isolated people were. Ally's wife mostly not in contact with him by phone unless he called her. Presumably via some difficult / extortionate hotel phone. No WAGs. And apart from the fans, the only English speaking people around would have been the press pack hovering like vultures.
  13. exile

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Finally got round to seeing it. What came across was not just the passion/hope/confidence of the fans but generally the whole country, even in other parts of the UK, a sort of extended honorary tartan army. Not just that they were wishing Scotland well - but where 'doing well' meant actually winning the competition. So the Scotland manager going into the WC with reasonable hope, like, today, the manager of say Belgium might think, we have a talented team, we're ranked third in the world, maybe this time's our time. Even on Blue Peter they were wondering if Scotland could do it (ie actually win the whole thing)...
  14. "The way I walk is just the way I walk, the way I talk is just the way I talk, the way I smile is just the way I smile..." takes on an extra sense of individualism... + I like the comment "They were prescribed the Cramps". Could do worse...