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  1. Much depends on the wages Rangers are paying these players, but the loan with an option to purchase at a pre agreed maximum price seems sensible enough for a cash strapped club with an interim manager. Cummings and Martin are two players that aren’t good enough to get a game for mid table (at best) Championship clubs but I’d say both wll do OK up here. Murphy was good enough to play most games for Brighton in their promotion season, not quite good enough for the EPL. Again, probably do well enough up here. These deals all seem fairly sound to me. The bid for Jones, as reported (amount and structure), makes them look ridiculous.
  2. The scurry back up the M6 by players who thought they had something only to find out they couldn’t hack it at a better level has become depressingly familiar. Not that surprising in the case of Cummings perhaps, was never that impressed with him at Hibs but (from a Scotland perspective) would be happy to be proved wrong. Hasn’t played since November though, and never struck me as someone who would knuckle down, work hard and earn back starting place even in what is a very ordinary Championship side. It’ll be spun by the media in Glasgow if he does end up at Rangers of course.
  3. Stuart Cosgrove

    Who is hailing him as some kind of saviour? Certainly not anyone in the discussion yesterday (most of which you didn't listen to). The stats bit you focus on was a tiny bit of it. The main thrust of it was English being critical of how Regan and the SFA were handling the process of identifying, approaching and appointing Strachan's successor. Not least their publicly identifying him as their target before any approach or contact had been made, and their apparent lack of a Plan B if he knocks them back; Young and Miller said the SFA were handling it fine, would have a short list, and a Plan B. Young and Miller wanted to talk about Strachan and how it had been a mistake to get rid if him. English didn't particularly 'big-up' O'Neill, he said Strachan had been given two chances and had failed, whereas O'Neill had a better record. That's where the stats bit came in. Like Parkie, I'm happy to look at his competitive record, particularly when you consider the quality of player he had at his disposal. He's no miracle worker, despite your claim to the contrary noone is saying he is. But he appears to be within our budget, potentially available and capable of taking a squad of players like we have (or even worse) to a finals. Like English I'd like Regan to get on with it and see if we can get him or not. Miller and Young felt it more important to chutney on about whether or not Strachan should still be in the job. Miller seemed surprised that someone was challenging his words of wisdom.
  4. Can’t honestly say McKenna has ever stood out in games I’ve been at, but if he is so highly rated I hope Aberdeen play hardball. Hearts just got c.£350k for s laddie called Marc Leonard from Brighton, just turned 16, never been near the first team.
  5. Stuart Cosgrove

    The pran throwing was by Miller and Young.
  6. Stuart Cosgrove

    Miller and Young were arguing that Strachan should have been kept on and that O'Neill had done nothing in management to suggest he was qualified for the job. English pointed out that Strachan had been given two chance and failed in both, and that O'Neill had taken the Northern Ireland squad to one Finals and had a good go at another one. He made it clear that he thought Miller and Young were talking shite (which they were). Miller clearly isn't used to being spoken to like that (Young probably is) and didn't like it, and I thought Richard Gordon might cry.
  7. Stuart Cosgrove

    No he showed Miller and Young up as dicks. Not difficulty to be fair.
  8. Stuart Cosgrove

    I like Tom English, and enjoyed him tearing into Chick Young and Willie Miller today. Richard Gordon was clearly upset at someone talking to Miller like that. English, Stewart and Spiers are as good as we have up here at the moment, which is perhaps to damn with faint praise.
  9. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Yes, a conversation I’ve had with a number of people in recent weeks who have been talking up our chances. I’m heading to both home games and think I’ve probably swung a Rome trip too.
  10. Surely the BBC had already dismissed the appeal. Richard Gordon and Willie Miller couldn’t have been clearer.
  11. Quite. Well I hope you are proved right.
  12. I had understood he was pretty much an ever-present for Brighton last year. The step up to the EPL has obviously proved too big for him, but I’d have thought ‘no better than average’ is harsh. Other clubs would be interested (Bristol City, currently fourth in the Championship, seem to have been sufficiently so to table a £1.8m offer) maybe just not at the money Rangers were talking? Pure conjecture on my part, but I suspect Rangers must be offering top dollar for Brighton to have agreed to this deal.