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  1. The Scottish media really did jig themselves into a frenzy over this guy when he signed. Clueless.
  2. It will be Rodgers, I’d say it should be between him and Clarke. The problem is that while Clarke has done a pretty amazing job in a short timescale, in a sense he hasn’t actually achieved anything yet. The skelping from Aberdeen at the weekend doesn’t help his case either. Rodgers has (relatively) huge resources but to be fair he can’t really do a whole lot more with them, domestically at least. It’s an easy call to give it to him, but quite possibly the right one too. The media would love it to be Lennon of course, but can’t see he has done enough to be ahead of Rodgers or Clarke. Robinson deserves huge credit for cup success but not making the top six is bordering on the piss poor considering he has been in place for a while. Thing is, all of this may look different in a month or so, particularly if Motherwell win the Cup or someone has a really strong finish to the league.
  3. Pool Q


    .No it isn't, if it were it might be vaguely funny. But I don't believe for a second that Limmy (or this clip) has that level of self-awareness.
  4. Pool Q


    I don't, though being from Fife originally, perhaps I should. I'm no lover of the 'shockaan' accent, but always been puzzled by the premise (that any humour there is in the clip is based on) that the Weedgie one featured in it is in any way better. Which it isn't.
  5. Pool Q


    Really? OK, thanks for clearing that up.
  6. Pool Q

    Avici dead

    I've made myself vaguely aware of his music because it comes up in pub quizzes fairly often. Little enough to recommend it, but I'm hardly its target demographic, and it was clearly popular. Death of someone so young is always a terrible thing, but won't pretend that it impacts on me much beyond a brief 'Oh, that's surprising'.
  7. Don't think Aberdeen need to worry about that. I can't see Hearts taking another point this season, certainly not away from home.
  8. Pool Q


    He's definitely got incriminating photos of someone. Which of the accents in the second clip is meant to be good?
  9. Grzelak in recent years. A truly awful signing. The fact that he came in for the last 10 minutes or so in the 4-0 humping of Celtic to run around in midfield like a headless chicken is just a bit, well, strange. Speaking of headless chickens, Hans Eskilsson is probably the worst ‘big name’ signing I can think of. And we have had plenty.
  10. Hopefully he’s not the latest young player to come scurrying back home because he’s missing his mammy and can’t cope with having to get properly fit for the physical requirements of the modern game.
  11. Somebody had to get it to accommodate the OF, and it wasn’t going to be Hibs or Aberdeen. Which left Hearts and Kilmarnock. Beyond parody.
  12. That stamp on Brown is outrageous. Don't care who is on the receiving end, can't be having that.
  13. Both soft. Of the two Motherwell’s a bit less so.
  14. Pool Q

    Match Thread - Hungary

    McGregor and McGinn were exceptional last night, Armstrong and McKenna not far behind. By all accounts the team on Friday were asked to play the same pressing game. What McGregor, McGinn, Armstrong, Fraser and Hendry were able to do, Ritchie, McTominay, McDonald, Cairney and Hanley weren’t. It would be foolish to write off anyone based on Friday night (a game against better opposition) but a few from last night took their chance and deserve to be considered in poll position.