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  1. Last I heard there is another, final, inspection tomorrow at some point. Poor really, even if Hearts and Edinburgh Council are prepared to leave this to the very last minute It's a shoddy way to treat Partick Thistle. No idea of the rules and regulations, but if game doesn't get the go ahead tomorrow Thistle should be awarded the points. Considering where we were such a sort time ago, it's genuinely amazing that we are about to open a new stand, at Tynecastle, and have a ground with a 20,000 capacity. Big picture, it's all positive. But the past month or so has been very badly handled by Budge and those running the club.
  2. They could be worse. They could be better. Probably a bit of both. Impossible to tell in advance. Chances are they'll get paid less.
  3. Rugby Autumn Tests

    It was feckin’ freezing at Murrayfield yesterday. Good to see such a big crowd, and a win was important, but Scotland were pretty awful against an ordinary side. Aimless kicking, disjointed and sloppy in attack, and not good enough in defence. Good teams would have taken care of us. A lot of new players tried out, but we are now struggling to field a genuinely international class front row with the loss of Nel. Multiple substitutions on sixty minutes (having already lost Nel) seemed preplanned and a bit brainless, changed a game we looked like taking control of into a closely fought game that could have gone either way. Hopefully Townsend has a better plan for next weekend.
  4. What little atmosphere there was in the stadium came from the Killie fans, who clearly made a day of it and enjoyed themselves. Honking would once again fairly describe Hearts. Our game plan (such as it is) seems to be a strange combination of ineptly trying to play it out from the back, followed by a long howf forward to Lafferty and Isma, both of whom seemed a yard short of pace and surprised to see the ball heading in their general direction. Got what we deserved. Had Isma scored when through on the keeper might well have won, but would have been a bit of a travesty.
  5. Even in a pretty crowded field, Hughes must be the ultimate 'How the feck does he keep getting decent jobs?' of them all. Always struck me as a nice bloke. But clueless.
  6. No one is more responsible for where Hearts are on the field than Levein. Largely because he persuaded a dubious Budge to appoint Cathro in the first place, and then had to be forced by her to sack Cathro after the LC games. So he is very much to blame. None of which alters the reality that Cathro was incompetent and utterly out of his depth.
  7. Just about everyone that watched his teams play every week is 100% aware that's why he was sacked. Incompetence, plain and simple.
  8. The description above of Hearts as honking yesterday is spot on. As we were on Tuesday too. And last Saturday as well in truth, we got lucky there as St Johnstone were considerably more honking. Killie should fancy their chances next weekend. With everyone available our squad is average, Levein will put together a team that can stop most teams up here playing, and we'll get top six I think. But just a few injuries and suspensions has us playing schoolboys and (at best) journeymen, several out of position. Grzelak in midfield on Tuesday for example, although he was utter shite at LB yesterday too. Far too much is being asked of Cochrane who only turned 16 a few weeks ago.
  9. Assuming that means that McInnes is to be the new Rangers manager I've heard that is looking likely. My source is one of those guys that likes you to think he is in the know, but very often isn't in reality, although he seemed confident about this one.
  10. Be an interesting few days, especially with the game at Murrayfield coming up. I wonder if Billy Davies will be in the media giving details of how Billy Davies would sort things out at Ibrox.
  11. I was unaware that tangent meant trying to shoehorn an irrelevant shite joke into a thread, but everyday a school day. 2-0 Hibs tomorrow night btw.
  12. And to be fair, now that you are out of the League Cup, you can concentrate on getting a top six place back.