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  1. neilser


    We used to have chemical toilets for the summer camps (9 days long) which were basically a galvanised steel bucket with a seat which was filled with a blue liquid - I'm shuddering now just thinking about them. There was a massive incentive to wait until we had a trip into a town or village rather than 'take the plunge'. The only thing worse than using them was emptying them... On the topic of washing, after a while (especially on the week long camps) everyone and everything smelled of smoke from the campfires which I think limited the extent to which you'd notice any other smell.
  2. neilser


    I had a very similar story to yours Ally Bongo - was in the Cubs and Scouts from 1975 through to 1982. We used to have a few 6 man canvas tents made by Blacks of Greenock with thick wooden tent poles and proper guy ropes. Two poles joined together for each end of the tent and three joined to form the central spar - was quite a skill to put them up but it was something we got good at after a few goes over the years. The groundsheets were green tarpaulin style and you had to make sure the sacking at the edges of the tent was tucked underneath the groundsheet to keep the water out - get it wrong once and you learn quickly. They would get aired every day by rolling up the sides but somehow would always have the same smell. We never seemed to camp anywhere with even the most basic facilities (other than when we went on weekend camps to Templars park) - was always in a field without any running water or toilets, so showers and the like were a non-starter. I also seem to recall that one time we took to burning dried up cow pats on the fire rather than wood Happy days, but no desire to relive my youth...
  3. What time does Glen Michael's cartoon cavalcade start?
  4. neilser

    Play offs

    Granted, there are now a few people who can say that Livi have always been their local team, given the time that’s passed since the move. Anyone who lived there but didn’t follow a team until the move is for the watching though.
  5. neilser

    Play offs

    Same here (as regards travel time to Dingwall anyway) but I’ve always been suspicious of Livi fans. If they were Meadowbank Thistle fans originally then they’ve shat on the team that they say they originally supported. It’s one thing to move a short distance to a new stadium but it’s another thing altogether to move miles out of town and change the club’s name. If they weren’t Meadowbank fans however then they’ve presumably either not been interested in football at all until the club moved to Livingston or used to follow another team - basically they’re at it. I’ve never met anyone who claims to support them...
  6. neilser

    Play offs

    Was really hoping Utd made it back into the Premiership - away games at Tannadice are always a great atmosphere. I can’t be arsed with Livi, with their pishy support, half arsed stadium, that idiot drummer they used to have and their dodgy finances. Hope they get pumped in the final matches.
  7. I’d say hard as nails but genuinely a fair player. His size and upper body strength was phenomenal - this was in the days when players tended to be more waif-like than they are now, so he stood out. It’s telling that Fergie stood by him when he got sent off in the 1978-79 League Cup Final v Rangers for a controversial alleged off the ball incident with Derek Johnstone - Aberdeen went on to lose the final and I suspect that if Fergie had thought for a minute that Rougvie had been guilty of what he was sent off for he’d have been shown the door. He had some amount of bottle - he used to warm up right in front of the Jungle when Aberdeen played matches v Celtic at Celtic Park and lapped up the abuse from the crowd. Funnily enough it was Strachan rather than Rougvie who was attacked by a pitch invader at Celtic Park - not sure why
  8. As has been flagged above, until you’ve got 2 years’ continuous service with the same employer you don’t have the right not to be unfairly dismissed. If your depression meets the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010, you’d be in a stronger position, as the employer has to make reasonable adjustments.The definition requires the condition to have a substantial long term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities and the test involves looking at what the adverse effect would be if no medication was taken. There’s some decent guidance on the ACAS site - if you google ACAS disability you’ll find it. Other decent sites are mind.org.uk , equalityhumanrights.com and worksmart.org.uk . Good luck...
  9. neilser

    Songs you hate.

    Hideous song. It did at least inspire this response from Half Man Half Biscuit:
  10. neilser

    Songs you hate.

    I’m not on here much these days but isn’t Donny TJS the goalkeeper? On the thread topic, Simply the Best by Tina Turner was an unlistenable dirge when it first came out. Plodding synth with all the rhythmic complexity of the Slosh and its crappy half arsed 80s production, all made it bad enough. It’s music for people who don’t like music. Its subsequent appropriation by Union Jack waving triumphalist bigots took it down even further in my estimation. Absolutely god awful. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves is simply hideous. My aversion to it is so finely honed that I can usually get out of my seat and hit the off switch after just one note of it. It really is unmitigated crap.
  11. Nick Drake - Pink Moon Short on laughs but utterly brilliant
  12. neilser

    Eric Bristow dies

    Reminds me of Jim Baxter and Alan Ball - Baxter used to get in about him at Wembley calling him Jimmy Clitheroe, yet I saw an interview with Alan Ball years later and he had a photo of Baxter on the windowsill behind him. There was a good piece on Bristol on Radio 4’s Last Word programme - made it clear that he regarded himself as a totally normal guy who happened to be brilliant at darts but didn’t have any airs and graces about it.
  13. neilser

    Commonwealth Games

    Gold medal in the pool just now for Duncan Scott in the 100m freestyle, beating the reigning Olympic champion in the process - fecking superb!