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  1. Grey ones at that, and grey in the beard. Fekin unmissable.
  2. New jerseys?

    I didn't it fell off the back of a lorry, regardless I like to wear our away kits at away games however bad I think the top is. Point remains the same. They will approve anything.
  3. New jerseys?

    I'm not, I happily own it. However, it is horrid. They also approved home shorts that they knew would "clash" which resulted in us wearing pink at home.
  4. Doesn't matter how many times he's tagged he's not coming out of hiding are you @Robert Mcdermott Last visited Saturday so clearly seen this thread? Absolute zoomer, anyone who rips off fellow fans, profits from organising buses etc and actively bullies women deserves to be banned by the SSC and out cased by the rest of us.
  5. New jerseys?

    Sorry but after accepting the pink top, I believe they will pass anything.
  6. Rankings

    Ah well pot 3 by our standards is ok I suppose. With regards to the nations league, I actually quite fancy our chances here
  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't mad Rab the guy who posts on the Facebook group "tartan army" as the page its self?
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/10/14/new-scotland-manager-must-prioritisemaking-headway-inaugural/ Interesting piece here, Regan's comments about "income" worry me. If he thinks cash inflow will be low, perhaps money spent on a new gaffer will also be low.
  9. Rankings

    Any potential for us to get to pot 2
  10. Thanks Gordon

    What's up with Paddy Lennon? Guy's got the potential to take us to the Euros.
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Personally, I'll be absolutely flabbergasted if we don't go foreign. The Scottish alternatives are very uninspiring. Even going back to appointing Strachan, he was the one the majority of fans wanted at the time and if I recall correctly he was in the frame with the same names mentioned at the minute (Smith, McLeish et al)
  12. NFL Thread 2016/17

    Absolute shame, never knew much of him in basketball but was top class presenter on NFL. Some of skys football presenters could have learned a thing or two from him!
  13. NFL Thread 2016/17

    and another! Slow but steady improvement. Is it too much to expect them to finish above bottom....
  14. End of the Road for.....

    From our last squad I think the following will apply: KEEPERS Jordan Archer - Squad keeper. Craig Gordon - No.1 Allan McGregor - Squad Keeper (if even called up) Same for D. Marshall DEFENDERS Ikechi Anya - Squad defender (if even called up) Christophe Berra - Part of defence Liam Cooper - Squad defender Grant Hanley - Squad defender (however he shouldn't be getting called up) Charlie Mulgrew - Part of defence Andrew Robertson - Part of defence Kieran Tierney - Part of defence Steven Whittaker - Last Scotland squad for him even if he doesn't retire. Stuart Armstrong -Part of midfield Barry Bannan - Squad midfielder Scott Brown - Will retire from INT football Darren Fletcher - Will retire from INT football James Forrest - Squad midfielder Ryan Fraser - Squad midfielder James McArthur - Squad midfielder John McGinn - Squad midfielder James Morrison - Squad midfielder Matt Phillips -Squad midfielder Matt Ritchie - Squad midfielder Robert Snodgrass - Squad midfielder * I expect to see C. McGregor part of midfield, O. Burke squad midfielder and T. Cairney squad midfielder. STRIKERS Steven Fletcher - Should be finished at INT level but will likely be a squad striker due to a lack of alternatives. Leigh Griffiths - Striker Chris Martin - Squad Striker
  15. Friendly Next Month