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  1. Although they are not a natural left party, the SNP is where many Scottish progressives have gravitated. Many of Corbyn's policies are already in place in Scotland, and it was the SNP who put them there. It's hard to see how much further left Holyrood's powers will allow Labour to go. Corbyn is definitely the right man to take his party forward in England but the political landscape in Scotland is different from England's. This move towards a more centralised approach that both candidates hint at I can't see winning Labour any more votes. Their intransigence on the constitutional question is a mistake.
  2. Fair play to Martin O'Neill and his team. Like Scotland yesterday, they had to go and beat a team with an enviable home record. Unlike Scotland yesterday, though, they got the job done. O'Neill got his tactics spot-on. They are one dirty, dirty team though!
  3. To stay or go?

    Aye, Steven Davis is a class act too (I intended mentioning him as well but I typed my previous post during the dying seconds of this morning's tea break and ran out of time!). I picked out J Evans, McAuley and K Lafferty to try and highlight that Norther Ireland have players who can cut it at international level playing in key areas, central defence and attack - two areas where we are short of quality. I hope it didn't read like 'Northern Ireland have only got three good players', as that wouldn't be fair and wasn't what I was trying to say. Anyway, Strachan. I still can't make my mind up. I was pleased when he got the job after Levein left and in this campaign there have been signs of improvement: he has a decent win ratio, he took us to a third place finish from fourth seeds in the group (I think we were anyway) and the players seem to be on his side. Bringing someone new in at this point is a gamble. The last thing we want to do is see ourselves back at square one - see George Burley undoing Walter Smith and Alex McLeish's work over the course of one campaign. But Strachan has made some glaring tactical errors (I think he got it wrong yesterday), is prone to bouts of bizarre behaviour (see his genetics comment yesterday and his Barry Bannan fixation) and there is still a certain brittleness about the side (when did you last see an international side go 2-1 up in the 91st minute and end up drawing the game?!). After the game yesterday he had the air of a man whose race had been run, so it wouldn't surprise me if he just left. If he did go, I wouldn't be adverse to Sam Allardyce getting the job. The only thing about big Sam is that he's all about the £, which the SFA very much are not, and a string of good results could easily see him being lured back to a club job down south. Michael O'Neill would be a good shout, if he feels he has taken Northern Ireland as far as he can (I believe he still has a home in Scotland). I think Derek McInnes is a good young manager but the Scotland job might be too soon for him at this stage. Tommy Wright - another Ulsterman - has done well with St Johnstone and might make us harder to beat but I thought the same about Craig Levein! Davie Moyes' career has been on a downward trajectory since he left Everton and I can't see Paul Lambert offering much more than Strachan.
  4. To stay or go?

    Three names stand out to me from that list. The first two are McAuley and Evans, two centre halves who play regular club football at a high level. Not world beaters, but certainly stronger than anyone we currently have in that position. The second name is Kyle Lafferty. I don't know how he does it but he scores regularly at international level. We haven't had someone like that since Faddy. So in short, they have guys that can stop goals and guys that can score them. That's why they're doing well at the moment.
  5. Who Will Chuck It? Who Will Breakthrough?

    I can see at least one of Brown, Fletcher and Morrison calling it a day after this. I feel sorry for Darren Fletcher, one of the few genuine talents we've produced in the past 20 years, who'll most probably never get the chance to play in a major finals. Hopefully Burke, Fraser, McGinn and Tierney continue to progress, and Ralston at Celtic too. I watched the under 21s game on Friday and one of the few Scottish players to impress me was Oliver Mcburnie, mainly because he is a big, physical centre forward - the type we've crying out for for years.
  6. It would be hilarious if Sarwar won but alas for Anas I don't think even his wee Da has enough cash to put right his disastrous campaign. So SLab faces the unedifying choice for leader between a millionaire who believes in a real living wage (just not for his own employees) and a list MSP elected just a few months ago who believes in nuclear disarmament (just not in Scotland). Fair play to Leonard's team though: their skewering of Sarwar via Sturgeon at FMQ's last week was ingenious (I assume Rowley's question was a loaded one anyway!).
  7. Phillips

    I think Phillips has been a revelation. One of the plus points of the past two games (as well as the actual points!). He's got pace, strength, height, skill, he can beat his man - fantastic attributes in an attacker. He should have scored in both games though, to be honest, or at the very least made the keepers work, although I thought he was unlucky to been pulled up for fouling the Maltese defender last night when he otherwise would have been clean through.
  8. Dug-gone

    I know a lot of people like to think Corbyn is just badly briefed when it comes to Scotland but I think he knew what he was doing. If he was briefed it was only to tell him that the press up here will let him away with a lot more than they do down south. In England he's seen as a threat to the establishment; in Scotland he's seen as one of its potential saviours. Leonard and Sarwar seem to be the only candidates at the moment. Neither are especially inspiring, particularly the dull, machine politician that is Sarwar. It's hard to see how much more progressive they can realistically be under the current constitutional arrangement. Much of what was in Labour's GE2017 manifesto is already in place in Scotland. The things that aren't - like the publically owned railways and the national investment bank - can't be delivered by any Holyrood administration. To me, it makes sense for them to soften their position on independence. I don't even me become a full-blow pro-independence party, but why not at least allow MPs and MSPs to publically back independence if they wish, like with Brexit? Alternatively they could try and become the progressive unionist party in Scotland; supporting universalism in Scotland while opposing independence. That essentially means maintaining and trying to improve what we've already got. At that point people will look at the competence of their leader and who he or she has around them and that could be a problem - the talent amongst Slab's ranks is slight indeed. Or they could just decided to stay in the political middle ground, going round and round and round in circles - like they are now.
  9. Dug-gone

    Going by his Twitter output, Neil Findlay's a complete bampot. Almost a Slab Murdo Fraser. Not that being a bampot will stop him from throwing his hat in the ring, on the contrary. I reckon they'll keep in line with what's going on down south (as per) and go left. Failing that, it'll be Baillie or Sarwar. A thankless task whoever gets the job though. Until Labour softens its stance on the constitution I can't see them getting very far.
  10. Manchester pubs

    There certainly is, the Norther Quarter's a great bit of town for pubs and bars. There's a football museum nearby too, if you're looking for something to do during the day. Enjoy!
  11. Manchester pubs

    I don't know if you've sourced a suitable boozer for the game yet Dave, but I watched Celtic getting humped by Barcelona last year in the Tib Street Tavern in the Northern Quarter. They had several screens in the place, IIRC, so there's a good chance they'll have the game on.
  12. London pubs

    I watched the Spain game in the George Orwell in Islington back in 2011. The pub was run by a boy from Dundee at the time but I don't know if it still is.
  13. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Good news.
  14. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I was surprised about that too. Not that they're missing him - they're currently humping Arsenal!
  15. Wings probably gets more stick in a day on the internet than most people get in a year, so in that sense it's easy to see why they sometimes lash out. Apparently this story was covered by BBC Scotland this morning. Strange that they hardly ever cover any of the work actually produced by WoS.