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  1. I now have a confirmed booking for this. I'll PM individual details. Potentially 3 free seats still available if anyone still interested.
  2. +2 Larbert TA Ill attempt to book tonight and will pm everyone with details later tonight or tomorrow. Looking like £6 a head.
  3. + 1 for Ta Ta so thats 5 to add to our group Any more interested will probably book tomorrow night!
  4. north stand ticket

  5. Anyone got a spare ticket for the West Stand?

    Got 1 North Stand right on half way line near the back if anyone interested.
  6. If anyone else including your extra guys Robert are interested let me know in the next couple of days so that I can book the right size of transfer? Ta!
  7. Ideal Robert! That's you in! I'll be in touch by Pm later in the week!
  8. Anyone interested in sharing a private shuttle in to the city us on Saturday Morning. First bus service to town after we arrive is not till noon and takes 50 minutes, next one not till 14:00. Shuttle would only take about 30 to 35 mins with one drop off in the centre of the city, so hopefully be in town for noon. Maximum cost £6 each and could be lower depending on numbers.
  9. Allocation

    Started to panic at the rate they were flying out at!!! Just bought 592 to 596.
  10. Airport Lounges?

    Think it was carlsberg, john smiths and strongbow!
  11. Airport Lounges?

    5 of us did the Escape Lounge at T3 Manchester October 2015 on our trip to Faro. Food was actually quite good and plenty of it. Soup, pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, salads, biscuits, cakes etc. Tea coffee. Self service to bottled beers, soft drinks. Basic spirits free anything else at a premium!
  12. Anyone booked yet?

    Had been wondering why Ryanair had a big gap in their schedules to Vilnius in July and August. Reason is Vilnius airport is scheduled to be closed for almost 5 weeks from mid July to mid August. Hopefully all completed before we go! www.vilnius-airport.lt/en/news/?id=1308353
  13. Lithuania special event

    Sold oot!