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  1. Orraloon

    £88 a ticket

    And a Belgium ticket thrown in. Bargain.
  2. Orraloon

    £88 a ticket

    You get a free ticket for the Belgium game though.
  3. Orraloon


    Some folk might say, ever. Not me though.🚖
  4. Orraloon


    Yes, could be. Nothing to be bothered about. It's back running at its normal speed again which was the main thing. Cheers. Wow! That's an impressive selection of emojis. 🇵🇦
  5. Orraloon

    Royal Baby

    Aye, I feel sorry for them too. The Bolsheviks had the right idea. Put them out of their misery. It would be the humane thing to do. Works for horses and I think they are fairly closely related.
  6. Orraloon


    The only very slight issue I have now is when I'm on the "unread content" page, it only used half the screen but that's not a big deal.
  7. Orraloon


    I don't know if this is a related issue but the site seems to be very slow today and is using a lot of memory. And everything is crammed into half a the screen, and the other half is blank. Probably better than 100s of ads, right enough.
  8. Orraloon

    Royal Baby

    How would another assassination have "sorted" things?
  9. Orraloon


    How did they work out you are based in Chicago?
  10. Orraloon


    Kev's sunday name is Cyril .
  11. One issue with that article is that the fixed term parliament act seems to mean nothing. If they want an election they have an election.
  12. Orraloon

    Royal Baby

    Another fukin parasite. I bet she disnae have to lie on a trolley waiting for 6 hours legs akimbo. They are breeding faster than rabbits. Have they never heard of contraception?
  13. Now, I have very little time for the Lib Dims in general but Vince Cable is quite a smart cookie. One of his main policies is to call for a 2nd EU referendum. That won't get him into power again, but I think it might win a lot of votes. At their conference he tried to goad the SNP into backing their call for that 2nd referendum. I think Nicola should call his bluff and say " OK, we'll back you on a 2nd EU referendum if you and your Scottish colleagues back us on a second Independence referendum."
  14. Aye. that's what I thought. If he'd been annoying me for 5 years, even I might vote Tory. Well, that's what I'd tell him anyway.
  15. Leave the lassie alone, she is obviously not for turning.