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  1. world cup of losers

    Aye, that is fukin shocking. They should be sitting doon.
  2. world cup of losers

    You can't remember can you? You were well pished.
  3. world cup of losers

    An offer hard to refuse. She is a good ride, right enough.
  4. That's a euphemism I've never heard before.
  5. Perseid

    At the start of the week the moon was quite far away (higher in the sky) from them but got closer with a smaller crescent as the week went on. Mars is also in the same area but much fainter than Jupiter and Venus.
  6. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Can somebody with a better knowledge of the rules explain something to me about our tactic of taking quick line outs? Why do we get away with throwing it in backwards? Should we not be penalised for "not straight"? It seems to be a clever move and we are obviously getting a way with it. It almost guarantees possession from every one of our own line outs, which has to be a bonus. What will the better teams do to counter it? I guess we might find out today.
  7. Perseid

    I couldn't get down to the Pennines to see it. Did you also get the crescent moon just above them?
  8. Children In Need

    Just another example of how easy it is to control the masses. I think the folk who run the UK are actually better at this sort of thing than the folk in charge of North Korea.
  9. Dundonian is as good as a different language. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-41844216
  10. world cup of losers

    It is possible to do both. Most supporters have a wee bit of control over whether they enjoy themselves or not. But actually having any effect on whether the team wins or not, is usually a fair bit outside their sphere of influence.
  11. Was it along the lines of "Ach, fir fuks sake"?
  12. world cup of losers

    I think that too many folk care about other folk having a party. When it's really none of their business what those other folk do.
  13. world cup of losers

    We were the 7th best of the losers who didn't qualify, and that's just in Europe. The USA would have to be there as hosts. They would need one or two from each of the other federations. So , it would need to be a tournament of at least 16 teams for us to even have a chance of qualifying. We are not even good enough to qualify for the losers competition. We might sneak in the back door if some teams don't want to take part right enough.
  14. world cup of losers

    You are Scottish, you are supposed to be miserable. Now stop fukin enjoying yourself.
  15. world cup of losers

    We wouldn't even qualify for that.