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  1. Where Are They Now ? - 99/00 Under 18 Squad

    If you think that area is a cowp then you clearly haven't spent enough time researching the really proper shyty areas of Dundee.
  2. Was that a pre-arranged meeting?
  3. Which Chairman though?
  4. Scottish Labour

    You win, easy.
  5. That's brilliant. Did somebody from Viz get a job at the Washington Post? You've got to admire this guy's powers of persuasion, if nothing else. He doesn't believe that NASA has the technology to send stuff into space but he thinks he can do it himself, with a steam powered rocket. And he managed to persuade flat Earthers that he can do it. They are giving him money to try to do something that they don't believe NASA can do. And, in a fukin steam powered rocket? Have they even thought about where he is going to put the coal?
  6. Somebody bought it, I think. I seem to remember about £200K or thereabouts.
  7. Scottish Labour

    I'm not sure buttons are any safer than bollocks when it comes to sexual innuendo? Somebody is bound to be offended by that.
  8. Scottish Labour

    Would you have preferred Sarwar to win? I wonder if he supports Pakistan at cricket?
  9. Do you ever see "your pal's pal" out in the daylight any more?
  10. world cup of losers

    I think you could be right. They binned it a couple of decades ago. We haven't qualified since. Not sure if the two are linked though?
  11. Scottish Labour

    Nae need to bring his sexuality into it.
  12. Scottish Labour

    I think you might be over reacting to this one just a wee bit, sir.
  13. Scottish Labour

    I hope that's not a reference to their sexuality?
  14. Scottish Labour

    She wangled herself some cushy number in education circles.
  15. world cup of losers

    I find it hard to believe that you are only second best at that.