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  1. Go on then, we all know you want to........
  2. A fine effort indeed, well done Stu! So much so, there's no retort from me in terms of this one mucker.......
  3. Where's the 'like' button ffs 😎
  4. Aye fair enough, I was wrong, I'm pleased for you Interestingly, 6/6 (Both away) after putting 'it' to bed, following 4/15 during the 6 week 'Pantomime.' Personally? I'm happy DM has stayed. Make no mistake though, his job has just got a whole load harder by the way of how it was played out. Which was what I based my opinion on. Anyway, we move on.......
  5. I suspect his job has just become a lot harder. Anyway, onwards and upwards, starting with tonight at Dens! SF
  6. Nice summary 'Stewarty' - Cheers!
  7. https://twitter.com/STVSport?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  8. Yes, I think so - Only my opinion though. A pretty shitty ending, sadly.......
  9. I think he needs to be as I doubt there's a way back for him at AB24 - And there probably hasn't been for a week to 10 days now. Milne released the interview pretty much saying over to you Derek - With no confirmation his relationship / credibility with the support and the team went downhill rapidly. I can only imagine the reception he'll get if he's in our dugout at Dens on Friday. So, it'll be interesting to see what management team we will spend c.£1m on - And how McInnes does with Rangers going forward. After 2 defeats on the bounce we look to have secured the right result tonight.
  10. Agreed. He's damned if he does or he doesn't. It matters not a jot where he goes now. It's not played out as he planned, and I 'think' that's why Milne went public with his interview 2 weeks ago.
  11. If true, I suspect any seethe would be about how it was done, rather than losing him or where he 'would' be going. He's already lost large sections of our support with his constant fuking about with the team. Myself included to a degree. Milne will get it tight as he will have lied. There will be no 'wig' gle room at all for him. Too much being said now from individuals who have nothing to gain / axe to grind - There might be some humble pie heading your way. 'Icing on the cake?' = Strachan as manager would be calamitous.
  12. Okay, thanks for that. What about Rooney's contribution by comparison though? (And I'm not having a go at Rooney - 4 goals total, albeit a hatrick v StJ IIRC) Add to that: No Christie available, Stewart not as he once was, and May 3 (I think) goals total so far. All of these have had far more game time than Maynard. Now I'm trying to remember his European starts. I think it was only once against AL at Pittodrie? The other 3 were 20 odd mins as a sub (Albeit I had had a few shandies in Bosnia, and it might have been a wee bit longer). I don't think that's extensive at all. Personally, I feel it's worth the chance to start, if only to mix it up a bit. He does give us mobility, albeit he must be low on confidence. But who in our squad isn't atm. I'm not defending him, merely putting across some observations of my own.