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  1. That's bollocks - Even in where 'here' is FFS!
  2. It did - Only deception and the breaking of rules allowed any form of reference at all Odious new club and support Karma will get them too......
  3. Redz


    Struggles with balance and respect when reflecting on a game The master at never witnessing any contentious decisions given for his team, and everything for those given against them *The above is based solely on interviews shown on the sports section of the news - Not watching Arsenal or English football
  4. Please let it be the 12/1 shot........
  5. Brutal The list of why 'some' people may choose not to bother continues to grow Good luck to Motherwell in the Final
  6. Yep, agree again All I'm saying is that there's another half a dozen or so factors that prevent such a simplistic view being the norm anymore - It's just my opinion of course. Anyway, there's a game to prepare for, so I'm out...........Hope you have a s h i t afternoon pal !
  7. Yep, agreed. Don't underestimate the other factors though.
  8. Who from Aberdeen is using the ko time as an excuse for not going? Plenty of moans from folk who don't live in Aberdeen who are still going though. SF
  9. Aye fair enough. That said, everyone, including those that will not be in attendance tomorrow, are entitled to their opinion too.
  10. In isolation, your opinion carries merit. Live on tv, the location, atmosphere, cost, last week, post split fixture farce, and the shire representing a significant chunk of our support (Add on another 1.5 hours travel) are all factors IMO. It scunners me and I have 2 tickets....
  11. Yep. Folk are fed up. Easy for our central belt support. 25% of Sunday's gate though.....
  12. I'll be amazed if we have shifted c.14000 given the time, venue & on the back of Tynecastle last weekend Could be wrong though - I haven't bothered checking!
  13. Felt relaxed throughout - Performance & stamina was decent (More so given the conditions) - Match stats confirm this.