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  1. Brummie Hibs

    Best options for those still to book?

    I'm going Pegasus from Stansted via Istanbul outward. Overnight flight - ideal.
  2. Brummie Hibs

    Match Day Meet Uo

    Been down the Marriot Area today, and there ain't a great lot. There is a waterfront shopping complex with some restraints. I'm in Barranco at the moment (it's mot night) and this place seems and I edgier, more authentic place to drink and visit - bohemian. Miraflores is Westernised and you could be anywhere. I'll try Kennedy Park later. But I expect it'll be like any tourist city centre pub scene. Note - the weather is all over the place. Been cooler and misty all day. But you feel it that haze cleared then it would be lovely. It was hot and humid last night.
  3. Brummie Hibs

    Anybody else on the BA flight from Gatwick on the 25th

    The team are on my BA flight which is about to take off now. Was talking to John McGinn - I'm well chuffed
  4. Brummie Hibs

    Ticket Pick-up Hotel

    That ain't gonna be easy to get to.... Hotel Royal Pedregal
  5. Might pop in and watch. The only plans I have that day is a visit to the market in Kennedy Park, which is meant to be pretty good that day.
  6. Brummie Hibs

    Anyone received their Peru ticket yet?

    They hadn't received the Peru tickets from PFA when I was in touch with them on Thur. Ironically it was to tell them I had decided to collect my Mexico tickets instead of Special Delivery, as it was cutting it short.
  7. Brummie Hibs

    Airport transfers

    Yup, I'm 31st
  8. Brummie Hibs

    Airport transfers

    Yeah, my Avianco flight gets into MC from Lima at 16.40. My main concern at that time is how busy the Metro is. I live down London way and I hate it when folk get on the tube with lots of luggage
  9. Brummie Hibs

    Airport transfers

    I'm getting Metro - 5 Pesos.
  10. Brummie Hibs


    I don't have vaccinations, and I don't have any certificates. None of my group do. I'm not going into jungle, and I don't plan to indulge in any 'straight-from-bum-to-mouth' activities. I'm only worried about being robbed by a fake taxi when I struggle to find my way back drunk to my accommodation in Mexico.
  11. Brummie Hibs

    Eurovision 2018

    My favs: 1.Czech 2.Denmark 3.Holland. However, I think Norway will win, UK second with Spain third
  12. Brummie Hibs

    Eurovision 2018

    Aye, but she recovered well. Think UK has a good chance of winning it. It's not been a classic year so far - Czechs have been my favourite so far.
  13. Brummie Hibs

    Davy Bus

    Hey Davy, got room for one more for me please?
  14. Brummie Hibs

    Scott McTominay

    Mourinho will only be at Utd for a couple of years, so unless he gets a regular start next season, then I doubt he'd get much opportunity with a new manager? Unless Mourinho would take him to his new club?
  15. Brummie Hibs

    Help with tickets

    Yup - I did miss that. And it's not a pick up either it would seem. In future I'll keep my advice to myself....