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  1. Scotland game on sky sports mix

    http://www.skysports.com/watch/sport-on-sky Says it is on Mix, but my Virgin Planner says Rugby League.
  2. Random ticket pick ups

    Yup, me too.
  3. Costa Rica

    Yup - got my tickets too
  4. Message from Hungarian Ambassador

    I thought it was endearing. He is obviously happy we are coming, but maybe he doesn't do the posh diplomat to Buckie Ned transition very well.
  5. Stadium

    They should speak to Hearts to get tips on how to get approval to play games in unfit, unsafe and unfinished stadiums.
  6. Areas To Stay

    Welcome to the fiesta!
  7. Costa Rica

    Have they been posted? I need them by Monday, or there will be issues....
  8. Blloku - Bars and Hotels

    Don't give up the day job!
  9. Allocation

    I don't think you can jump to that assumption so easily. The HFA have given us a section which contains a 1000-odd tickets, and that is our lot - how many of those are actually sold is not of great importance to the HFA, apart from Policing and catering. The SFA are a shambles, however you are coming up with some crazy fantasy connections here. You are stuffed - deal with it!!
  10. 7 players that made Hampden roar!

    Ah good, I thought it would have been Daisy Duke. I can't believe what she looks like now.
  11. I feel your hurt...and I'm loving it.
  12. McTominay starting again.

    Been a long time since there has been two Scots playing against each other in top 3 EPL sides.
  13. Very sore head this morning. But I guess that is just the natural order after celebrating shafting the tarts.