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  1. First job for mcleish....

    He's certainly grabbed the opportunity that's been presented to him at United this season, he's definitely impressed Mourinho with his attitude, work rate and ability. He's been fortunate that there have been a few injuries in the midfield that have meant he's got more game time, but as I said he's grabbed that opportunity and played some excellent games. I didn't think that he would play much this season, and to be fair it's only since the injuries to Fellaini and Herrera that he's been featuring more regularly. I disagree that he's merely benefitting from the supposed "fall out" between Pogba and Mourinho. Rumours of this have been greatly exaggerated and Pogba has only failed to start one game that he would have been expected to start which was Sevilla away. In this case it was Herrera who replaced Pogba as McTominay had started the previous game. In terms of how things could progress for him at United, Mourinho has already said that they are looking to sign two midfielders this summer. Whilst they will probably be replacing Carrick and Fellaini who will likely leave, it will mean that he's going to be one of 6 players playing for 2 or 3 places (depending on the formation). He'll almost certainly not feature ahead of Pogba and Matic on a regular basis so he could be fighting it out with Herrera and two others for a regular spot. If he keeps applying himself the way he has been, and is willing to carry out the instructions from the manager to the letter (which Mourinho loves) then he should get a decent amount of game time.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Hopefully he can deliver the same kind of win rate he did last time Still feel that it's not much of a change from Strachan and that we well have just kept Strachan if we were going to end up where we are now. Hopefully he can use the friendlies to get his team nailed down to make sure we win our Nations Cup group.
  3. Scott McTominay

    He's quoted as saying that he feels more Scottish than English, but that was a while ago. He was called up for the first round of U21 fixtures but knocked it back saying he wanted more time to decide on his international future. He wasn't in the squad for the last round of games, so it looks like he's not made a decision yet. This sort of thing always divides opinion on this site. I'm of the opinion that if McTominay considers himself Scottish and his first choice is to play for us then I don't care where he was born, but it sounds like he's holding out for an England call up. If that's the case (admittedly I'm speculating) then he can play for them.
  4. Scott McTominay

    Don't think he sees Scotland as his first choice. Knocked back an U21 call up recently I think.
  5. Play Off Dates

    Assuming that we would have taken Ireland's place, then we would have gotten Denmark.
  6. Rankings

    I thought I had read that somewhere, but wasn't sure. Makes the Nations League games very important then.
  7. Rankings

    Probably not Much harder to move up and down pots in the UEFA co-efficient in a short period of time
  8. Rankings

    I'm sure they could give it a bash
  9. Rankings

    Based on the last UEFA rankings we sit 27th, which would put us as third seeds for the Euro Qualifying draw were it to be done now. It's getting done in December 2018 so we need a decent showing in the Nations League to make sure we don't drop into the 4th seeds, especially as we have Slovenia, Greece and Serbia immediately below us.
  10. Rankings

    UEFA don't use the FIFA rankings to determine seedings for their qualifying groups. They use the national team co-efficient that was just used to split up the groups for the nations league. Unless they want to try and use the nations league finishing positions to make up the pots for the Euro 2020 qualifying, then it will be the national team co-efficient that will be used. Either way, the Nations League games will be important in that regard.
  11. Rankings

    The Fifa rankings won't be used for a draw, that we'll be involved in, until the WC 2022 qualifiers are drawn. The draw for this is scheduled for July 2019. Depending on how FIFA guage the nations cup, as in do they see it as friendly matches or qualifying matches, those games will go a long way to determining our seeding for the WC qualifiers. We'll have "proper" qualifying matches in March/June 2019 which will be important for that also.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I don't think it will be MacKay, I read somewhere (may have been Tom English) that suggested the SFA would want to shy away from having to appoint yet another performance director. That being said, it's the type of appointment I would expeect from the SFA. I don't have much faith in them to make the right call.
  13. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I agree that there was a degree of blame that should be apportioned to Woodward, but he had lined up deals for Thiago and Ander Herrera. It's generally accepted that Woodward had enough with him dithering regarding Herrera and went ahead to to sign Herrera on deadline day but it was too late. That deal finally went through the year after. I just have an issue with the suggestion that Moyes wasn't given the same money as LVG or Mourinho when it was there for him, he just didn't use it properly.
  14. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I'm not for or against Moyes really, but the way some people look back at his time at United is getting more and more rose tinted as time goes on. To say that he had the same record as LVG or Mourinho in year 1 neglects to note the jobs that each manager took over. Moyes took over a title winning squad and finished 7th with it. He ripped apart a hugely successful backroom team and pissed off so many players in the first few months it was unreal. He was given the funds to improve the team, he chose not to do it. United had lined up a deal for Thiago Alcantara for example, but Moyes wouldn't sign off on the deal because he hadn't watched him in person. He fannied about trying to sign Baines and Fellaini and ended up letting Fellaini's release clause lapse and Utd ended up paying over the odds for him. His tenure was an utter disaster. H wasn't cut out to manage a club that size and it all seemed too much for him. LVG took over a team low on morale and finished 4th with them, losing the likes of Vidic and Evra and repacing them with Shaw an 19 year old untested left back and the following season he won the FA cup. Mourinho took over a team again short on confidence and the same season won a League Cup and Europa League. I think there's a massive difference. That being said, I think managing Scotland and more or less always being the underdog would suit his style of management. However his teams rarely beat bigger clubs away from home albeit they were pretty formidable at home. edited to add; Agree 100% on the Spain and Sunderland points.
  15. Strachan's gone

    Considering that he's going to be the Bayern manager next season, that's never happening.