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  1. Armstrong is a better player than McGinn.
  2. Squirrelhumper

    Europa league qualifiers

    I have always found that impressive. Them and Pompey seem to have that going for them. And the Barcodes.
  3. Squirrelhumper

    Europa league qualifiers

    Burnley and Bradford are the two biggest shiteholes I've been for a beer in.
  4. Squirrelhumper

    Russia 2018

    Belgium have taken huge crowds, Iceland have too. Basically England have shat the bed.
  5. Think he's as much a Roma player in the same way as Manuel Pascali was a Parma player!
  6. It's a strange one....so much positivity then they do this? He's hardly kicked a ball in years which makes it all the stranger.
  7. Squirrelhumper

    Article about Scottish vs Norwegian supporter culture

    Agree totally. Our away support infuriates me a lot of the time. I'd say it's been more the last 10 years, prior to that it was much better. The "no Scotland, no party" crowd are usually full of song in the pub then turn mute in the ground. Countless examples of this in recent years.
  8. Their current manager likes a wee assault too....he'll fit right in. Let's hope his next one is lamping his new kit man!
  9. It was widely reported in the press but even if it wasn't, are you only meant to be outraged at high publicity wife beaters?
  10. Maybe not careering ending then but a nice wee injury. Can't believe a club that allegedly prides itself on standards (no laughing at the back) are happy to sign a guy like that but then again they've previous.
  11. Squirrelhumper

    Article about Scottish vs Norwegian supporter culture

    I'm sure for Euro 2008 we were top 4.
  12. Squirrelhumper

    Drygate Brewery

    Aye. Beer garden is cracking on a nice day. Few places like that about there. West being another. Lovely sitting at Glasgow Green on a nice day with a decent pint.
  13. Squirrelhumper

    Europa league qualifiers

    That wasn't riding, this was.
  14. Jon Flannigan is the cunts cunt. Absolute cretin, if he does sign I hope somebody goes through him in his first game and ends his career. There is no excuse for hitting lassies, never mind kicking fuck out them whilst they are on the deck.
  15. Squirrelhumper

    Europa league qualifiers

    Did Liverpool ride Hearts?