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  1. Scottish Labour

  2. Jambos new stand

    She already has today hahaha
  3. Josh Taylor v Miguel Vazquez

    Hopefully make Taylors next fight. Gutted I missed the last two.
  4. world cup of losers

    Too many interested in a jolly.
  5. Huns new gaffer

    From what I heard, it was laughed at more than turned down!
  6. Michael O Neill

  7. Michael O Neill

    Fuck that
  8. Under 21’s

    Unless Celtic or Ranger sign him? Can't see Celtic signing him, I think they'll go for McGinn who is capable of walking into the team.
  9. Players worth a look at....

    These two without doubt.
  10. Under 21’s

    Taylor has been playing left mid for us this season. Got MOTM away to Hearts in the last game. Surprised Thomas is in the squad and not Frizzell though.
  11. Under 21’s

    Good. He's an absolutely horrendous footballer.
  12. Under 21’s

    I never watched the 21s last night but McBurnie looks a cracking players from what I've seen for Swansea.
  13. We do. There's been female lines people in SPL games at RP.
  14. Michael O Neill

    Stopped reading at the Sky Sports bit.