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  1. You mean the EPL that everyone creams themselves about the race to finish 4th? The league that is even more a one horse race than up here? Or the play off game in the Championship where the team finishing 6th can get promoted in the self proclaimed richest game in football? Glad we're speaking idiot now as it seems it's the only language you understand.
  2. David Bates

    Boyd outpaced him.
  3. This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    i know him 🤣🤣
  4. I only brought that up as Terminator said we never win anything.
  5. Skelping? Must have been at a different game from me! That said, we were missing Macdonald, McKenzie, Jones and Mulumbu so it was a weakened side as all 4 would have started.
  6. You've already shown that there's no point arguing with stupid. You think managers should only be judged on trophies, I therefore give up as you clearly are clueless.
  7. Summer holiday's.

    What else are they?
  8. Summer holiday's.

    You playing Machrahinish? Played both the links and dunes a few times. Links is a brilliant, brilliant course.
  9. Lucky you, i'll be following it when you are pushing up daisies. Win some/lose some I suppose.
  10. Or we could go back a wee bit further and we finished in the top 2 five years in a row, won the league, got into the Semi Final's of what is now the Europa League, drew with Real Madrid at Rugby Park and came back from 4 goals down to Eintract Frankfurt to win 5-4? I used the past 25 years as that's basically been my time watching football home and away each week. It's also recent history, not living on glories from yester year. I wasn't even alive when Aberdeen won the Cup WInners Cup. We had no wins in first 8 games of the season before Clarke took over. Since he took over we are level with Celtic on points. Only Hibs and Aberdeen have managed to beat us since 30th September. We had 8 points when he got the job mid October, we now have 55 points. I see you've missed out the likes of Hearts and Motherwell from your list of teams? If you can't figure out why he is up for Manager of the Year then you really are think/don't understand football but most probably both given your posting history.
  11. As for Rodgers, I think he has to win the last 4 games to beat Delia's worst points tally?
  12. Auto-corrected on my phone. Hopefully you can sleep easier now.
  13. We've won just ss much as Aberdeen, Dundee Utd and Hibs in last 25 years and more than the likes of Motherwell, Dundee etc. Only Celtic rangers and Heart's hsve won more in last quarter of a century.
  14. Just like your both Celtic and Rangers bitch!