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  1. WTF? Thats some brilliant spin there RB
  2. Won't the cut to the away allocations have an effect on the "fantastic" atmosphere which is often used as the carrot for TV deals?
  3. Hibs reduced the allocation to get more of their fans in. If this is rangers agenda, fair enough but can you blame other for thinking it's not their agenda? Petty point scoring pretty much sums up the old firm. Also, rangers threw the toys out of the pram after Hibs reduced the allocation, that's what I remember laughing at. Remember those safety concerns, this was all despite rangers giving everyone except Celtic a tiny percentage of their ground, the hypocrisy of the rangers statement was what I remember laughing at, well that and the fact the statement looked like it was written by a three year old child.
  4. vanderark14

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    I think the Tierney debate has been done on here, Rodgers had opportunities to rest him and others in certain matches but didn't. Again, I repeat that the fitness levels of players are there to handle these extra matches. I'm sure I read the likes of Miller and MCliesh played an obscene amount of games in the early 80s for that era and they were on the plane to the world cup twice. Its the price of being succesful, you end up doing more but its no excuse for skipping international duty.
  5. So, what about Martin Skrtel? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. vanderark14

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    There is a lot more football played nowadays but at the same time, players are fitter and stronger than ever before. They are all on better diets too. The teams who have to play more games also have much bigger squads than the team in the 70's.
  7. vanderark14

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    I spend my spare time with family and friends too but players have more time off than we do. They don't work 10-14 hour days like I do, they get home in the afternoon to spend time with their kids after school or never in Leigh Griffiths case 😂. They also have a much shorter career than us. They spend a saturday afternoon playing football, thats hardly a hardship. I have zero sympathy for them when it comes to this issue. Its a privilege to play this sport and and even bigger one to be paid very well for it. No offence, but no matter how you dress this up I am not buying the spending time with friends and family argument, some people spend their lives in jobs where they have to be away from home for 6 months of the year or more so lets not put footballers in a very privileged position in the same category please. a) I don't think McLiesh would have picked this friendly because I think he would pander to the players and certain coaches because its ingrained in the attitude of scottish football not to take the scottish national side seriously. b) The SFA don't think, thats the problem. They should have either arranged these friendlies with no leave of absence to any player or not arranged it all. As soon as Rodgers cam out in the press about these friendlies, the SFS shat it as they always do.
  8. vanderark14

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    the going rate????? If thats what its about, we might as well shut down the national side, are you Gordon Strachan? The way to combat is to change the attitude of our players from a young age, they have to believe that playing for Scotland is important and not a reason for taking time off. I'm not going to get into the whole spending time with friends and family debate, its been done to death. These players have the privilege of playing a sport we love and probably get more time with family than your average Joe so lets not pretend its otherwise. Organising close to home friendlies to suit players is not the way to go at all. They have to work for the team not the other way round.
  9. vanderark14

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Bollocks Plenty teams are travelling far distances for matches in June. The commitment of the players and lack of respect shown to the national team is the problem.
  10. vanderark14

    Screen jumping to app store

    Editing a post on the phone is a pain. The screen jumps around on to adverts.
  11. vanderark14

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    There was a very good discussion on sportsound with Michael oneil. He was discussing players from other nations who are at 50 caps in their mid 20s but for some reason Scotland's players aren't there. I'll see if I can find it on BBC but it backed up the lack of commitment from players argument. I'm far from his biggest fan but can't argue with his commitment over the last couple of years. agree with this except it's.not all players are committed despite playing long hard season and European matches looming in less than 6 weeks. Other countries see friendlies as a chance to prepare and build towards qualification for a major tournament. Some of ours see it as rest time. That's the difference between us and those who want to qualify. By allowing players to skip this, McLeish may end up creating divisions, it's certainmy doesn't create unity which is what we need more than anything.
  12. vanderark14

    Welcome to Scotland

    Different views? Like what exactly? He can do what he likes n this thread but he's turning other threads into a farce, point scoring nonsense in the scottish cup final thread being the best example. If you want an example of why this place is dying on its arse, look no further than wind up merchants like him and a few others. It used to be a great forum with exceptional posters who supported every club. Now its petty point scoring and ignorant views galore. Its impossible to engage with a lot of fans on here, particularly some, not all of the celtic or rangers fans, when you engage with them you are instantly accused of being anti celtic or anti rangers He's on ignore now anyway
  13. vanderark14

    Screen jumping to app store

    I get the same when on my phone too. Very annoying so I tend to use the desktop when on this site nowadays
  14. vanderark14

    Welcome to Scotland

    My hatred of all things rangers? 😂 have a nice life you fucking idiot
  15. vanderark14

    Welcome to Scotland

    The thread is one big fishing exercise and you've caught a fair few bites, you can add that to your CV now, well done. I will have you on ignore from today because I think your an idiot and a troll, you are only here to wind others up, mainly celtic fans.