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  1. Huns new gaffer

    There’s many reasons not to support rangers, this may be the one that breaks the camels back or him. I’m sure he will back up his own points. Im sure your clever enough to know it’s probably not just because of Traynor statement or male I’m giving you too much credit,
  2. Huns new gaffer

    One thing I’d never accuse RB of is trying to fit in with the TAMB whatever that means
  3. There nothing wrong with that as long as they remain professional
  4. Huns new gaffer

    bbc sportsound podcast
  5. Huns new gaffer

    he would have been better off shouting WE ARE THE PEOPLE.
  6. Huns new gaffer

    The guests were Derek Ferguson, Tom English and Chris MCGlaughlin but they got Michael Stewart and Kris Boyd on. Boyd made a bigger melt of himself than he ever has done.
  7. Huns new gaffer

    the podcast is absolutely comedy gold, well worth a listen.
  8. Huns new gaffer

    Mcinnes has won a cup, our first in almost 20 years He installed a professionalism which was missing from the club Led us to cup finals, one of which we narrowly lost. We've been the 2nd force in the country since he came in. Compared to where we were, thats an acheivment Its time to take that next step by winning another cup and getting to the Europa group stages. He not over achieved yet but he can.
  9. Huns new gaffer

    What a heep of shite, mcinnes can win more trophies and also target the Europa group stages. robinson has been here five minutes, acts like an angry Ned and now he’s a messiah once moult goes, Robinson will be found out
  10. Huns new gaffer

    I was just about to post this, he’s by far the best pundit going and he doesn’t need to be controversial to do his job like shouty Boyd and that muppet Sutton
  11. Huns new gaffer

    You can often hear Tom English and Michael Stwewart gasping when Kris Boyd opens his fat monster munch filled gob
  12. Huns new gaffer

    Kris Boyd sounding a little sheepish, Michale Stewart tore him a new on tonight
  13. Huns new gaffer

    Its what football fans do best
  14. Huns new gaffer

    he'd be better off wearing a hun coloured mini skirt and grabbing some pom poms, he's the ultimate hun cheerleader, I feel sorry for Killie and their fans. If clarke had any balls he'd stop the clown from doing any media. His actions are totally disrespectful to his employers
  15. Huns new gaffer

    officially the door was not open but the huns have used the media to offer him the job, ironically a banned from ibrox journalist to do their dirty work for them. This is the part that pisses me off, the BBC in particular have continued with hun PR campaign to unsettle mcinnes and the team. They have played an aboslute blinder here and nobody will say a word against it.