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  1. It can only go tits up when the fans stop watching it on tv. That isn’t going to happen. More money will now filter to the top teams in the top leagues without them barely trying. They will continue to sign up huge squads, hoovering up the young talent to prevent other teams getting them and eventually they will get their closed door league to keep the elite at the top. This will continue dilute domestic competitions, England being the prime example of this so far.
  2. I’m not sure how this result could do that. Its funny how much a small amount of rangers fans hate Dundee United. We all know why too which makes it all the more pathetic 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Upcoming Friendly Expectations

    We will lose both the games in South America because it’ll be a 2nd string squad.
  4. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    It happens in sport all the time, teams or an individual sportsperson lose focus and become complacent. I, not dreading the game on Sunday for two reasons. 1. We are a much better side at Murrayfield. 2. Despite the above, the match at twickenham was bizarre, we lost a player due to poor discipline. We lost Hogg and his replacement in the first ten minutes. im not expecting a win but I’m not dreading it, I think we will run them close but they will have enough to overcome us late on.
  5. Wasnt Steve Lovell shagging Amy McDonald but now she's banging Ricky Foster?
  6. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    Whats the difference between Elise Christie and Scott Brown. One's reputation clearly precedes them, doesn't learn and thinks they're immune from punishment despite getting caught blatantly cheating time and time again. And the other is Scott Brown.
  7. Wigan v Man City

    unfortunately we have talksport on in our office but it has been entertaining today. Jim White doesn't like pitch invasions................I wonder why. A rangers fan calls in......................you can guess the rest.
  8. Celtic vs Zenit...

    I’ve lived in the south east for two years now, sometimes the odd word slips in to comversation when I’m home. It’s because I have to “speak posh” to clients, then again I had to speak posh in Aberdeen and that was only 40 miles south of Fraserburgh. If I spoke in my usual dialect, people down here would look at me is if I had two heads.
  9. People who can’t shut the feck up in a cinema. Please stay at home if you want to have a natter with your mates.
  10. Celtic’s record in the CL is terrible. Flat track bullies, nothing more than that.
  11. McLeish today

    Is there any actual evidence of Eck being on the sauce a bit too much? Pits a pretty sick rumour to start if it’s not true
  12. It’s definitely a ploy but my money is on Traynor being the architect of it.
  13. Dust settling

    Agree with that too, saturdays matches make it easy for most to get to, for me i can finish work on Friday then back on Sunday but not now.