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  1. Booing your own players

    Plenty more things to complain about about Twickenham than the transport links, place is full of cunts.
  2. Booing your own players

    Ditto, agree 100% (and funnily enough do exactly the same post match if Im no on a coach) I can understand fowk wanting the game closer to them/their home patch etc but Hampden's our home, it's magic when it's bouncing. I quite enjoy a day out in the Weej, despite the fitba lol
  3. Hampden - stay or go?

    Stay, rebuild, upgrade transport links all good. Understand that people want to walk to the ground in 2 mins but mon te fk! makin a mountain out of a molehill. Sno that difficult te get to! getting away is a bit of a pain but these things can be addressed. Hampden is our home and I love it but would just like to upgrade the stadium to a decent purpose built fitba stadium that would suit us better. Something a lot closer to the pitch, if we pushed the stands in closer we'd have a mad atmosphere! I think something along the lines of Tynecastle but bigger obviously. If it wasn't for the b*****d unionists we might have had a chance of hosting a tournament in the recent past and we'd have had a hefty stadia and transport link upgrade already.
  4. Netherlands match thread

    Every cloud... Reasonably decent performance all in all, would have preferred to have seen Cummings starting or at least a striker. Phillips did his best but he's no a striker.
  5. Netherlands match thread

    It would be beyond ridiculous to start a friendly with no striker. If this does happen then that should be him out of the running for the managers position.
  6. New jerseys?

    I'd take our version of the N Ire jersey! it's braw! no stupit massive collars or pash on it, nice and straight forward on no fkin white sleeves! Be even better if they dumped the collar but as far as collars go sno bad....
  7. Hey, the 86 jersey a new version?

    1. Bzzzz


      Just re-read your ad and it's from March! lol.. 

      Well.. if you still have it for sale.. lol

  8. The Two Mikes

    English pish. No interested.
  9. Will it really take 8 months?

    Can we just take 8 minutes to get rid of Regan and Doncaster?
  10. New jerseys?

    The new Brexit era England jersey...
  11. BBC "Scotland"/STV

    Yet another reason to tell them they can ram their license fee.
  12. 5 in midfield name them

  13. To stay or go?

    Thanks but bye, time for David Moyes to step in.
  14. 5 in midfield name them

    This like a new festive period but for TA?
  15. Fingers crossed that'll be Wales out then.