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  1. Exglasgowasc

    Europa league qualifiers

    Good good. Sorted anyway. Train down to Burnley early Thursday morning. Last train back to Preston after the game. Bide the night there and train up the road on Friday £38. Cheapest Euro trip ever. I'm more concerned about getting a ticket.
  2. Exglasgowasc

    Europa league qualifiers

    I'm pretty sure that after some of my recent trips with the Dons I'll be fine.
  3. Exglasgowasc

    Dons V Baggies

    I'll be up for this one. Does nobody use this site anymore?
  4. Exglasgowasc

    WESTA 20th Anniversary Party

    Good wee night and a great catch up with some old pals. Well done to the committee again. Here's to the next 20!!!
  5. Also both clubs were given the option of selling tickets on the day and turned it down. Madness.
  6. As far as I know we have only sold 11000. For me it's still a decent number given the shitty venue and kick off time. £30 for a North Stand ticket with a ridiculous £7 postage charge because our "national" stadium is so out of touch with the real world (no electronic turnstiles etc). We have been shafted so often over semi final kick off times many fans are so fed up they have just chucked it. Plus live on bbc and sky. Too easy not to go.
  7. Exglasgowasc

    ID for Ticket pick up

    I know someone who didn't have enough points for a ticket who used someone elses passport and SSC card for a ticket. Apparently not an eyelid batted when he picked up the ticket.
  8. I used to call him Tommy crossbar. Never seen a player hit so many shots that hit the bar.
  9. Exglasgowasc

    SFA organisation shocking.

    New stadium. Pie in the sky.
  10. Exglasgowasc

    Barca v Real Tickets?

    I used Live Football Tickets website to order a ticket for Valencia v Girona in January. Very safe and genuine although you'll pay more as they charge a handling and delivery fee. I could actually have got one on the day for 27 Euros as they were selling them at the ground. I ended up paying £45 for said 27 Euros ticket.
  11. Massive game tonight for Aberdeen. Been terrible since Hibs away and McInnes simply has to get it right. Keep it fecking simple. Play two wingers and Rooney in the middle. Good to see the Killie fans turning out tonight. No idea how many we will have after recent performances and the lack of belief amongst our own support. COYR
  12. Exglasgowasc

    Mcleishs management team

    Aye good een aaid. You ever listened to that pathetically inept clown on the Peter and Roughie show?
  13. Heard a fee had been agreed and he was there this morning for a medical. I assume he passed his medical then?