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  1. Absolutely no loss whatsoever. And to think he was a replacement for Ryan Rat.
  2. I just clicked on the link and watched it on iplayer. Dearie dearie dearie me. Complete and utter drivel from start to end. Truly abysmal and made me realise why I've not watched it for years. Not one thing remotely funny or comical about it.
  3. Was that not a Scottish cup tie. I was at that! There were certainly a good few casuals there that day
  4. Villarreal/Valencia

    Heard nothing but good reports about Valencia. Heading over at the start of January and really looking forward to it. Enjoy.
  5. Should We Don Poppies On Our Kits vs The Netherlands

    Jesus Christ here we fecking go again. Personal choice. Each to their own. End of. Move on.
  6. Freiburg

    How are you these days Flora?
  7. Score Predictions

    1 - 1
  8. Not confident tonight. Aberdeen half time Motherwell full time might be worth a shout. Big Dons support again tonight. I fear another let down. Not played consistently well this season and after the first twenty five minutes last week we went into our shell and produced a very flat performance with no urgency, flair or penetration. Killie did however play well in the second half and a better side would have beaten us. Rode our luck at Murrayfield the week before too.
  9. Is it just me?

    Yes I have Tartan Ramy Message board too
  10. Slovakia sell out

    Given that flights from there to London are more plentiful it's hardly surprising.
  11. Am with Parkie and squirrel. I just booked Ryanair flights to Valencia last night. £60 return from Glasgow. Never been and always fancied going.
  12. Celtic v PSG

    Drew at home to Lyon. I thought they were a very good side indeed when we played them. Cypriot football is an awful lot stronger than you would appear to give it credit for.
  13. Murrayfield

    And I believe hearts are charging St. Johnstone fans a tenner less than Aberdeen fans. Total disgrace.
  14. Murrayfield

    Stuff that i'm not paying that money to farts. I've got a comp Redz. The SLO was astonished to see me in the players lounge at the Dundee game Redz. She nearly fell over.