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  1. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Just walked past a telly and it was showing an england player standing during a break of play. Man that guy looked so doped up it was unreal he had shoulders and traps like Brock Lesnar. Even through the shirt his traps were up at his ears, holy shit that was a surprise.
  2. No idea. The only reason it is still afloat is loans from Parent Company. Who knows what sort of accounting has gone on. I stated earlier everything is contingent on him not doing fancy accounting for whatever reason. The problem isn't so much has there been a boost, as what is the value of the boost. I'm not saying there hasn't been an increase, merely no one has demonstrated that there has been.
  3. I have no idea. That's why i'm asking you for the information that informs your view. How is it safe to say? You've just chastised Lamia " You've backed up none of your posts " then proceeded to do the exact same thing. and will get angry at me for your failing.
  4. I've spent time trying to evidence that, clearly you already have, can you pass that evidence on please. Since we're talking about backing up posts as well. Cheers in advance Trumps golf course was given a £110,000 tax rebate so mind and deduct that from any profits into the area as well. Or the £1.7 million corporation tax non-payment. I found out about the above after the posting last night as i kept researching. Yet the weird thing is the Scottish government had to operate a rebate service for the whole of Scotland with North East being the worst cause the area was suffering so badly. The Scottish rebate was announced in February after hoteliers and restaurant owners complained about a rise in property taxes of up to 400% that came into force this year. The complaints were most intense in north-east Scotland, a region hit hard by a slump in oil prices. Only available to firms in the hospitality sector, the rebate was put into effect Scotland-wide, and included companies making profits or those unaffected by the economic downturn.
  5. I only brought up the hotels cause others did earlier in the thread. I didn't note an objection at the time so used I assumed it was OK. Now it's Apples and Pears no one can use it.
  6. Well he is head of the council which everyone votes in as their representative. So he can't speak for everyone (that'd be daft and not what i suggested) but out of anyone they're the head of the representative local government, so it carries more weight than say you, who can only speak for yourself. Great i've been looking to get those figures myself, can you post them please since you'll have read them since your giving the council head a hard time for not reading them. I've been unable to access any of the accounts murcarlinks being the primary one, i spent 30 mins tonight looking for them to see if i could evidence your claim. Although as aside a couple of golf courses making a larger profit is hardly an economic boost to the area, and not a fair trade for the loss to science from the dunes being damaged. Let's reduce our collective scientific knowledge so a few golf courses can make a few more quid, that'll positively impact society. Ack well if you're out no worries on the accounts etc. I'm sure we both have much more important things to get on with
  7. Who is "they" in this context do these people have names? Do they exist?
  8. Yet i can get a hotel room in aberdeen no bother too. You've not put much thought into why you think this have you? The implication being Aberdeenshire should bear the cost of having the half finished resort, environmental problems, science problems, cause Aberdeen gets more money and i get to play golf. Sounds a shitty way to administrate a society. You haven't addressed the second point though.
  9. I understand it. I just don't understand why you think it is the case. The council cheerleader for the course has stated it " the economic benefit hasn't come through, " I'm not asking for your answer i'm asking to see your working.
  10. Local councillor Isobel Davidson said there was no evidence in the short term of Trump creating 6,000 jobs. “It might happen in the long term,” she said, speaking from her office in Aberdeenshire. “There are far more rooms available [in Aberdeenshire hotels] than there were five years ago.” Local councillor claiming hotels are less busy. The leader of Aberdeenshire Council, Jim Gifford, who has always supported the development, said it was not worth the environmental trade off. "For what is only there just now - no - because the economic benefit hasn't come through," he said. "But in the big picture that was put in front of us 10 years ago, it was worth doing."
  11. You've been provided with the actual accounts, yet still don't know if it's "haemerroging (sic) money". You can lead a horse to water... There's the problem identified right there. You've conflated my point with Lamia's in the post above. I would try and delineate our arguments for you but considering what you've just admitted above it would be empty labour by me. The suggestion is that while Trump runs at a £1.5 million a year loss, it attracts loads of folk not to Trumps but the area and that brings in lots of money. They go cause of Trump but don't go to Trumps?They go to Trumps and other places, the other places all profit but trump is a black-hole. I'm beginning to lose the thread of this reasoning.
  12. More secrecy and cover-ups. A top police chief has slammed "ineptitude" at Police Scotland which "prevented" him from carrying out a full-scale misconduct probe. Durham Constabulary was called in after Scottish officers were found to have obtained communications data without judicial permission during an inquiry. But Michael Barton said came up against a "culture of secrecy" in the force. The chief constable said he wanted "everybody put into a sack and shaken up and told, for heaven's sake fix it". Police Scotland said a full investigation had eventually been carried out, adding that there had been "significant organisational learning" from the case. Seven Police Scotland officers from the counter corruption unit (CCU) were cleared of misconduct in January following a lengthy investigation involving several police forces. Officers were found to have obtained communications data without judicial permission while trying to identify a journalist's sources, after information about the Emma Caldwell murder inquiry was leaked. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-43160133
  13. So i'm pretty puzzled how it can bring in so much money for the local area while being an absolute financial black hole for the owner. As much as "the boy doon the pub telt me" has advanced the collective knowledge base of our species. I think i'll put a wee bit more faith in the published accounts regardless of how good the course actually is.
  14. Just say a teacher goes on a rampage then? Best arm the pupils as well.
  15. Anecdotal evidence aside we have the accounts, which might be getting cooked for tax purposes but we sort of have to view them at face-value. The accounts say it's losing money at over a £1million each year, and only staying afloat by goodwill loans from it's parent companies. " The official accounts for Trump International Golf Course Scotland, the company that owns the site, show it owes Trump nearly £41m and has never yet made a profit. It lost nearly £1.2m last year. " https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/nov/08/trump-golf-course-has-ruined-dunes-habitat "Donald Trump’s loans to his golf resorts in Scotland have increased to more than £150m after their losses last year accelerated, partly because of the oil price crash and currency costs. The latest accounts for his network of Scottish companies show he had to plough another £1.3m into his debt-ridden resort in Aberdeenshire to keep it afloat after the North Sea crisis saw its popularity slump among local golfers. Trump International Golf Links Scotland lost nearly £1.2m in 2016, forcing Trump to increase his interest-free loans to the resort to nearly £41m ($54m) while he was campaigning for the presidency last year." https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/oct/08/donald-trump-scottish-golf-resorts-heavy-losses Trump’s other course near Aberdeen in north-east Scotland, which has been the cause of a spectacular argument between him and the Scottish government over offshore wind turbines that Trump says spoil the view, saw its loss widen by 28% to 1.4 million pounds on a 12% drop in revenue. http://fortune.com/2017/10/09/trump-golf-courses-scotland/