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  1. what sort of thing? Articifical insemination?
  2. EDIT: It's not hard for me, it's the same rights for everyone, popular speech never needs defended. This isn't a case of intolerance though. It's about a court ruling context is irrelevant therefore you can be jailed for joking. Being prosecuted by the state for what you say is the kernel of free speech. The cartoon fails to appreciate that Popper was talking about a society with tolerance "without limit" I'm suggesting that making a shitty joke on youtube with your pug hasn't yet reached the level we need to intercede. I doubt allowing shitty jokes will bring society down.
  3. It's either that or a tiny community of mentalists.
  4. I always just assume it's someone on the wind-up when i read stuff like that. Poe's Law and all that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe's_law
  5. CAMPAIGNERS have criticised plans to push forward with an “experimental” cull of hundreds of ravens. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) have granted a group of farmers and gamekeepers a five-year licence to kill 300 birds in Perthshire. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16177825.Plans_to_cull_hundreds_of_ravens_in_Perthshire_slammed_by_campaigners/ Perthshire is like some parochial western frontier type village in the context of the estates. There doesn't seem to be much more scientific inquiry as to say "what happens" to Wader populations if less Ravens. Although it's probably really so they can get more grouse on the land. Killing off a highly intelligent social animal so humans can better shoot Grouse.
  6. Ofc but not by anyone worth listening too
  7. The state shouldn't be interfering at all. He's just a fanny who made a shit joke and put it on youtube.
  8. It would be a personal purgatory for me to have an events diary full 6 months in advance go out and meet random folk , watch them make jam in Kenya as part of a Royal Visit. Told what to wear, where to go, when to go. Fuck that.
  9. Their culture is to not shirk responsibility. Donny says Duty, and it's a good approximation of what i mean. Separate the individuals from the institution. I'm not commenting on the institution but the figureheads born into it.
  10. Some choice, maybe not a complete choice? you don't choose who you fall in love with. The whole concept i hate, but the folk born into it are sort of in a weird position. I'm no royalist , just have a sense of pity for the them born into this weird existence like the most well cared for slaves. Lives of luxury but loads of boring mundane tasks. I'd rather have my freedom to do what the fuck i want.
  11. My Gran is convinced Diana was assassinated. Think on the other side though, they never asked to be Royal's your whole life planned out for you. I'd fucking hate it, it'smy worst nightmare being tied to a routine not of my choosing. As usual a stewart lee song will help everyone understand.
  12. Grebnered on April fool's day.. lol Feck. Well 800 pound fine for being offensive. Scotland led the enlightenment now it's judicial system is deciding to drag it back.
  13. Saudi's bomb a wedding and petrol station killing over 20 children. Not a peep.
  14. Social media has emerged as a key battleground in the U.S. and Russian media campaign to promote their sharply divergent accounts of chemical weapons in Syria. The intelligence assessments presented over the weekend by the United States and France to justify missiles strikes against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons in a Damascus suburb relied to an unusual degree on information gleaned from open source material and social media. Russia, meanwhile, is mustering an army of internet trolls to shift blame for the chemical weapons attack. The development reflects the evolution of social media as a key source of propaganda on Syria but also as a critical source of evidence in building a case for airstrikes. “I can’t think of any other examples where so quickly online footage has been used as one of the main justifications for military action,” says Ben Nimmo, who studies disinformation as a fellow at the Atlantic Council. http://foreignpolicy.com/2018/04/17/how-social-media-built-the-case-for-trumps-strike-on-syria/