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  1. Hey one step at a time, least some improvement.
  2. It's a numpty with a hundred followers posting a video online. I'm half convinced it's satire anyway.
  3. Some hibee had a Israeli flag with them too. I'm sure Trump is listening.
  4. So everyone ran with a huge "scoop" on a wikileaks story, some CNN journo had multiple sources feeding him the wrong date, no one checked properly in their haste to put the smoking gun against Trumps head, and it was all nonsense. Therefore ostensibly giving Trump some credibility. That's why it's so important to get it right, cause even if it's just one mistake in isolation it's a bad look and gives him undeserved credibility. Although MSM losing credibility is always good in my mind.
  5. These facebook things with 20 names on it then, top 20 names to have a baby next year, then everyone tags people they know with the same name. Then do this for weeks and never stop. Last one was "who is going to have 2 babies in year"
  6. Is it me or does Mcinnes look like Lord Littlefinger from GoT in some pictures?
  7. Damn just as we had decided that he had ran his course at Aberdeen anyway.
  8. Well i'm never listening to Parkie again.
  9. Foreign policy has been affected with who had the president's Ear. Zbigniew Brzezinski was in Obama's and Jimmy Carter's hence more focus on the old Soviet Bloc, cause that was where he believed they had to engage to maintain American dominance. Trump and Bush jr. had a bunch of Zionists/far-right Christians (as you point out) so America foreign policy dealt with Zionist concerns. Which are destablising/the balkanization of the middle-East with no regional competitors, maintaining their hegemony over oil pipelines. The eventual establishment of Greater Israel. Which fecks up the secular angle since some claims are re-inforced by claiming god said it was OK.
  10. Also "Russia-gate" is turning into "Israeli-gate" as Comney investigation goes deeper. Kushner involved in settlements, with the above deceleration legitimizing them, in the sense that the US recognizing Jerusalem tacitly recognises the illegal settlements as well. This gives zero political solutions for Palestine either. So eventually someone will fire a rocket which will get a massive response and ignite something in the region again.
  11. Compliant media can kill you as well though, off the radar wealth and all that. Keith Jackson being able to be a paid journalist in Scotland is as embarrassing as any appointment internationally.
  12. Perseid

    Good shout last night, I came on and saw your post so reminded me to go and have a look. Atmospheric refraction. As you say if you don't know of the phenomenon it produces some wild sights.
  13. Zimbabwe

    Not been following any news for a while now. What puzzles me is how a court can deem it "legal" for the military to take over a country.
  14. Started reading it " ...the collected documents have been examined and analysed by a Dutch dentist (who likes to stay anonymous)... " None of the information offered here constitutes "proof". " ...for the first time in history, are published all together. These are rare documents from world’s darkest crypts... "
  15. Loads of intelligence agencies had documents with reports of Hitler in various places but nothing concrete and a lot contradicting. Hundreds of Nazi's escaped to South America after the war. Eichmann got captured and Mengele got away. If you got to the source document it's an informant giving them a picture of someone who is meant to be Hitler. It's also in Colombia in 1955 i believe, that's it really a shitty photograph and some speculation.