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  1. No, you mention it more often than that. Mebbes all that drink fecking with yer heid?
  2. No you don’t, stick with the program, you often bring it up when I’m nowhere to be seen. It’s what you do, bore cants to death.
  3. Oh right. I’m not denying that. You mention it every month or so and if I’m around I normally say something. My post was aimed at you saying I was upset. I don’t recall saying that.
  4. I admitted that Parkie ‘upset’ me? I don’t recall that, but will take your word for it. Bit embarrassed I used that word.
  5. upset? With Walters on TAMB? Come on, behave. You on the juice again?
  6. of course you do. Your first answer was more accurate, no need to change it according to the bandwagon. Be yourself.
  7. Yet you won't explain it? I know why you won't explain it, because as I said before, you're full of shite. If you feel abused, I'm not surprised.
  8. You are so full of shite, you jump in like a fecking idiot, to a simple conversation, then just become a nob. Adios amigo.
  9. You're just regurgitating the same stuff that SOME non OF fans continue to do. We know you don't like the baggage, we know you can't stand it. I just asked him a very simple question, as a regular on a non OF board, why he feels the need to do it. Still waiting for the irony explanation regarding myself. Or have we moved on from that now and me asking SQ that question really isn't ironic, but you felt the need to interject and that was your angle?
  10. Very serious. I questioned SQ on his constant need to let us all know his persuasion regarding the OF when discussing any of their players, I never do that or ask it of anyone. I don't do it on the odd occasion I might discuss St J versus Hamilton. "I'm not really a Hamilton fan, but really like their keeper"
  11. Who do I tar Parkie and VDA with then? They haven't let their allegiances slip yet - do you know? Are they Tims or Huns?
  12. I like KT too. Be good for you to show me where I have been ironic? Just saying ....
  13. Genuine question, why do so many of you feel the need to explain yourself when it comes to the OF, when you support a different team? I know its Scotland, but you are allowed to like players from other teams - you won't get in trouble.
  14. Which is my point. No one goes to see quality and haven’t done for some time, because there isn’t any, or it’s rare at best. Regardless of where you are in league compared to ten years ago. Sometimes you get treated, but not often.
  15. I don't remember any concerns then either. I don't have concerns now either, as I said, it is what it is, enjoy the competitiveness of the league, or don't bother going - easy choice. All I did was say it was a shite standard, then change that to low quality. I don't care or know what the majority of Rangers fans think, you need to speak to Ormond on that front, he knows. I would be interested to hear from any Scottish football fans who go to the games each week because they love to watch the quality on display.