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  1. I don't get any adds popping up, never have I actually hate people that leave voicemails, hang up and text me, hate listening through the shite as you say. I dont get wishing dead folk happy birthday online, who's benefit is that for apart from the attention seeking scrotum face posting it
  2. Jack aimed his foot it was no accident.
  3. I hate that when it's a rule and even worse when it's not and teams agree to it anyway
  4. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Moreno maybe coming off injured Robbo not even on bench
  5. Managers don't care they get paid anyway
  6. SSC Renewals

    I'll probs renew as I still have a few points and may go away again after a year or so off
  7. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Apparently Robbo shagged his mrs
  8. No chance it'll be rescinded was a shocking tackle
  9. GMS is so much of a shitebag it's no even funny, what a terrible player
  10. That was offside ffs so obvious
  11. Aberdeen are awful, ref also awful
  12. Yeah it went showing anywhere and commentators had no idea. It was soft regardless.
  13. Thought the ref in the Killie game was pretty shocking yesterday too. Lots of poor decisions all round
  14. Killie not doing the best here, broadfoot daft free kick to give away for the second