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  1. Because of the icardi shagging maxi Lopez missus the squad don't like him basically so that's why he's not there, but totally agree with you, he's a class striker and they're really missing that.
  2. Argentina are well past their best but agree about Dybala and Le celso, not sure bamega is playing all the time for Sevilla but he is a good player. Think Messi just trys too hard at times because he knows theyre shite. Icardi is a big miss but think the whole team hates him
  3. They're probably the same cunts that song about German bombers too 🙈
  4. Thought Vancouver might have got some games, sad they didn't. Has there ever been a mass shooting at the soccer ball cup?
  5. Pretty entertaining games so far and a few surprises, don't think many saw Russia going through, they've played no bad though.
  6. That's the first free kick I've seen Ronaldo score in absolutely donkeys. His conversion rate is shocking but that was no bad haha. Hopefully Messi scores about 6 tomorrow, canny see it though. Ronaldo showing his rat like cheating a few times, and why did the ref stop the game when he was down for cramp/timewasting nothing wrong with him and not a serious injury anyway. I'd shag iniesta
  7. Can you get pumped 0-0
  8. First dive of the tournament there 😂😂 or "made the most of it"
  9. Been a decent enough game so far
  10. Well we got a good deal between Van and seattle, cracking journey too
  11. Well I always did well flying internally in USA, got the train from Vancouver to Seattle and saved about 400 dollars going to Hawaii from there. That's decent, as above it's sometimes just about timing and spotting a good deal.
  12. I don't care when he's scoring freely, it's no secret he's a massive Hun and he still does a good job for Killie
  13. Wasn't sure if they had Megabus when I was over there. Some guy did get his head cut off on a greyhound though, happy days
  14. There's usually deals.to be found man, or you can always get a greyhound......think Megabus but sometimes shiter