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  1. ThistleWhistle

    Who do you think will win world cup?

    Wowers that's 1000 packets or 5000 stickers. If the Kolarov Ratio remains consistent I'll get 197 more of him at cost of 40 quid. Fucker could at least smile instead of looking at me like I'd wiped my arse on his dog. Hopefully by the Euros my nephew will be getting sticky fingers by other means and have grown out of this.
  2. ThistleWhistle

    Who do you think will win world cup?

    Bought the Panini album for my nephew and the French squad looks the best on empty numbered rectangles. I have three of the same Serbian fella out of 14 packs so already pissed off with it but nephew's well excited. Might tell him it'll be cancelled anyway because we're all about to die of nuclear Armageddon so we're unlikely to complete the set in the hope it saves me having to add further to my collection of Victor Kolarovs.
  3. ThistleWhistle

    russia poisioning

    Can't believe it makes specific reference to door handles. Instead of breaking in to his house and applying it to his lavy seat or toothbrush where he'd die inside unseen they KGB shady types decided it was best to stand outside in some form of protective gear looking dodgy ambivalent to the rain and paint it on something accessible to milk men and paperboys as per their crack training protocols. I was numb finishing reading 1984 - I'm scared sh!tless living what feels the genesis of it's reality.
  4. ThistleWhistle

    russia poisioning

    Pity Bob Hoskins has passed - it would have made a hell of a BT advert.
  5. ThistleWhistle


    Ah right - should have read the instructions. Probably explains why Veet did nothing for me either.
  6. ThistleWhistle


    You're ok I've got some. Set up our vanity mirror infront of the mirrored built-in wardrobes so I can see my anus going to infinity and beyond. How long does it take to work? After twenty minutes mine still looks like the entrance to Bugs Bunny's house and really don't want to have to do another dose because it tasted horrible!!
  7. ThistleWhistle


    Is that a picture of your new look anus taken in the current snowy backdrop! Hope you left a good review on Amazon. Got any left? I'll pay p&p.
  8. ThistleWhistle


    Under the new board regime if you get 50 likes on here a mod comes to your house and offers you a reach around if that's any consolation.
  9. I was struggling with the wars, and their implications, carried out under the variants of his name: I was even more concerned that someone who misuses their version of god for their own purpose which contributes to genocide, famine, etc can get to the gates and simply say 'Ok, hands up, I was a bit of a dick down there but here's my "get out of jail free card" because I believe in the big man' can therefore be granted eternal happiness. However, the final straw is you now telling me it is 'him', and not gravity, responsible for my wife's saggy tits! They bad boys used to be majestic but after childbirth we did the pencil test and lost a laptop under the good one and a Staples warehouse under the wee lass's go to teat. If you can prey for them to be returned to their former glory; my Mrs vagina to no longer resemble The Garden Tomb following my daughter's massive fucking bonce ruining it and; if he has time, do something about starving disease riddled kids and also all the knob heads claiming to be doing things in 'his' omniscient name when they have the IQ of a parrot that struggles to request crackers I'll reconsider thanks.
  10. ThistleWhistle

    Paul Lambert

    Bit like Stoke's first season - surprised a few in the early parts of the season but points got harder to come by as teams worked us out. We signed Etherington and Beattie which changed the dynamic of the side enough to keep us up. Couple of decent signings and you'll be orate. Stoke need 9 points from next 5 games at least because run-in is pretty tricky.
  11. Out of the door with socks after Christmas where people had obviously felt I warranted a gift but not any thought. A bizarre set I got included a pair for each day of the week with the day stated on the sole - as I have no intention of taking my shoes off in the office to utilise my feet as a diary system saw no benefit in maintaining these in pairs post first wear. Last week the boiler was on the blink so the house was freezing and my good wife was pure ganting for a heaty up to the point relations were permissible on a week night. I got to the bedroom to find the old nighty top still fully buttoned, woolly socks left on and granny belly snapping pants pulled to one side. It had been a fortnight so I wasn’t complaining and thought I too would get away with wearing socks for the forthcoming activity. Unfortunately my wife takes one look and flaps the Bridget pants back in to position ‘What are you doing?’ I was about to protest about her attire when she threw me off guard by jumping out of bed and rummaging in my sock drawer. ‘You know I’m OCD and your trying to sh@g me wearing a Monday sock and a Saturday sock on a Thursday – how did you ever think that was going happen!’ My hopes were momentarily raised when she found the second Saturday sock but it was paired with a Christmas tree. Knowing I’d put a Thursday in the wash on Wednesday I decided to just go sleep as it’d be a good hour before my sock drawer was in order.
  12. ThistleWhistle

    Paul Lambert

    The ground is on a soulless expanse of waste ground so nowt near by. Stoke town centre is rough but there is a Weatherspoons (Wheatsheaf) and will be busy with fans - no idea on colours though as still have the odd knob head, Hanley is the 'city' centre with couple of good bars but been a few years since I've been there and it was a bit like something out of a zombie movie last time - quite a few fans drink there and get taxi/bus in. Best bars are in Newcastle under Lyme and about 10 minutes in a taxi away but not sure if many fans drink there to be honest. Hope you enjoy it. From the training sessions Stoke are going press but haven't got the stamina for it - if we don't score within 60 minutes can see you winning it as we run out of steam. Atmosphere should be decent for the first time in years though at least.
  13. ThistleWhistle

    Paul Lambert

    Reckon the thinking is if he had a 6 month deal or even 18 month the perception would be he was a stopgap to the summer. The 2.5 year makes it look like he's long term and will be supported but on the other hand wouldn't cost a fortune if someone bigger came available in the summer. Weirdly I think his job is safer if we get relegated.
  14. ThistleWhistle

    Paul Lambert

    Head scratcher of an appointment and could go massively mammary glands skyward. Being 137th choice currently seems to almost galvanised the fans into getting behind him though so if we beat Huddersfield he might keep us up – if we lose can see it turning very quickly. Think managers that can get low 30% win ratios short term are ten a penny to be honest and currently that’s all we need. If he keeps us up can see him getting punted for a sexier name whereas we go down he’ll probably get until Christmas the following season. So long as he puts a team out that looks like it could win a 50/50 or second ball would do me at the moment.
  15. ThistleWhistle

    Just me?

    Defending was p!sh throughout but I readily admit I was watching it thinking I should feel excited but it just wasn't there. Maybe down to having the wee lass and having other things to do at weekends but it's weird that such a massive interest in my life seems to have disappeared.