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    Not this pish again . The only 'enemy of the cross' we should be talking about on here is James Forrest in a Scotland shirt.
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    I seriously doubt he's getting "gash"
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    Looks like two words to me.
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    People's perceptions of teams are based on the minority of idiots each team has and people unfairly judge everyone who supports the same team to be one of these idiots. People get defensive because their perception of the club they support is entirely different and based on years following the team and imo gives a more accurate reflection of the support as a whole. I've heard stories of away fans being shouted at, spat at, had things thrown at when they come to Ibrox but personally I have never seen this happen (not saying it hasn't happened) and I've seen many fans walk through the rangers fans pre and post match without issue. Hell there was even a Celtic fan walking amongst the Rangers fans on the way to Hampden last weekend and nothing happened. When my cousin played for Dunfermline I would go to as many games as I could when they didn't clash with Rangers games and the fans were fantastic. For one of the games Rangers played there I was right on the divide between the fans in the stand opposite the tunnel and most of the fans stood and shouted abuse, spat at, threw bits of pie and cups of juice into the Rangers fans. I know Rangers fans have a bad name amongst the rest of Scottish football but I guarantee if anyone met anyone on the supporters bus I get they would probably see that they are genuinely nice people that look out for each other and just want to go and support their team. I agree with Ormond that respect has to be earned but I think the starting position should be from a neutral view and the person should be judged on their personality, contribution to the forum etc rather than the team they support
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    Hooray ! I’m a skier ! ⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷ Well, to be more accurate, I have had one lesson and didnae kill myself. I loved it. And I loved it even more that Mr Tidier was pure sheite 😬 It is the first time ever I have picked a sport up quicker than him. Nobody told me though that I would need to trudge up the snow on skis sideaways for 2 hours, it was exhausting. Particularly when, unbeknown to me at the time, I was handicapped. The snow boot on my left leg was so tight the whole lesson , it was agony , digging into the back of my calf, but I kept going. When I took the boot off at the end of the lesson my leg was throbbing, I couldnt walk properly, I had to limp all the way to the car. When I got to my mums afterwards it was still killing me . I touched the back of my calf and found a big lump but it didnt feel part of my leg. I tried to get my hand up the leg of my jeans but they were too tight so I asked my sistet to help. She stuck her hand up and pulled out a pair of knickers 😳 They were rolled up into a ball, they must have got stuck in the leg of my jeans and were pressing into my calf 😢 I still cant walj properly and that was on Sunday. Anyway thanks everyone for encouraging me to go, I really enjoyed it and have booked up for another lesson👍
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    Let's look a bit further back to the dozen or so years that Aberdeen were at all relevant - for the only sustained period in their history - where they just happened to have someone at the helm who would go on to become one of the greatest managers ever and pretend that at some point they were a "big" club We could then talk about the decades of underachievement that Aberdeen have had since then or we could accept the fact that Aberdeen are nothing more than a provincial team that will pick up a trophy every couple of decades or so.
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    Have you considered the possibility that she simply finds you very annoying?
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    I'm sorry but I hate Rangers. I loved them going bust. I grew up with endless gloating and slaggings from their fans. I'll laugh at all misfortune they have. I'd expect the same from their fans if the roles were reversed. Sorru that's hatred of a football team upsets you so much. And just for the record, I slag my hun pals on Scotland trips too. Are you one of these folk who hate folk taking about football on football trips?
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    In my opinion the TAMB needs to go back to what it says on the can. Too many people use it as a way of spouting hatred about other clubs and fans. Is this a Scotland thing or a medium to let small minded people the likes of yon parklife fella just spout his hatred of rangers? When you get rid of the likes of that hatred stuff and tell them to f off and go to their own club websites this could be a place for Scotland supporters again. I only watch it now and again and so sad to see the hatred that arises from the same folk on here. If they were at a Scotland trip they would not have the guts to spout out. But as WGS says 'keyboard warriors with two cans of kestrel and a whippet'. Scotland fans my erse.
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    Fuck Superman and Spiderman, THAT'S the comic book superhero i want to be!!
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    Be funny if this one is brown
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    I much prefer this one, it has to be watched until the end
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    The best TA select story I have heard is from (I think) Belarus where the organiser misunderstood the "amateur" part and the guys ended up playing some mob who had competed in the Intertoto Cup the year before and only lost 2-0 on aggregate to Schalke.
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    Because as a club they stand for religious intolerance. An intolerance they spent decades wearing as a badge of honour. An intolerance that they've refused to take the steps required to stamp out amongst a section of their support. A disgusting organisation.
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    Which is really what i should have typed in response to Craig instead of going into great detail It would seem at the moment the SNP are doing nothing and relying on the Tories to fuck everything up whilst becoming awfully establishment with them on foreign policy
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    Weegies. Hunners o’ the fuckers. The full kit wankers tae.
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    I've never understood the hatred for Wenger, it's bizzare. Show me a good loser and I'll show you a liar.
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    I assume by the way you have intimated they were :-
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    Davy, Just transferred £10 through PayPal. Cheers
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    Yeah, I think he's now the kitman at Rangers actually.
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    The runners and riders are mounted and they're off. clean start for everyone except for Common Sense who won't leave the stalls and doesn't look interested. It's Numerology for Dummies, followed by Conspiracy Allowed, followed by Bold Prediction with You're a Fecking Mentalist tucked in behind the leaders, followed by Hitachi Video Recorder the II and then the field. Over the first and You're a Fucking Mentalist unseats his rider, the loose horse is guided down the escape track
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    At £ 6k a night for the maternity suite she can probably choose any colour she wants .
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    When I was an apprentice there was an auld guy(deid noo) that would hop around to this song singing “We sucked her titties and fucked her hole!” Immature I know, but if you had seen the wee, wrinkly bugger rocking away singing that.
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    The whole of history, with a quick wiki search says, Rangers 115 Celtic 103 Aberdeen 19 I feel I’ve started a whole new war here
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    I never knew she was pregnant. That’ll be another scrounging little bastard we’re going to have to pay for
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    It's past its use by date. Bin it.
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    Utter pish Really? I genuinely think he is fucking awful, just not funny at all
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    They spent more time talking about African poverty. I don't even even think they knew what city they were in. I remember leaving that gig raging! 😣
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    That’s very Ormondesque of you DTS. Standards slipping.
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    for guiding arguably the 6th biggest team in Scotland to 5th or 6th, really? whoever wins the Scottish cup should get it, Rodgers for winning a double treble or Robinson for winning Motherwells first trophy in nearly 30 years for me it would be Levein, all my favourite games have involved him more of the same please
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    FFS all I said was FFS! Jude, if it's all written before then you know better than me! I'm a big fan of Jesus btw but don't need to spout shite about it. I'm sure that would be his preferred choice.
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    Clarke must go. Not good enough.
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    Do you not remember '79? This malaise is starting from a much better position. Don't let the bastards grind you down!
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    Oh, I think it's always been like that. It's the spelling and grammar that's seriously going downhill.
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    No way! If he tried to poison anyone he'd lick his fingers afterwards... Happy birthday raymondo ... 'mon the hibees 😉
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    A wee bit late with this but well done to the wee team from Larky, Royal Albert who gained their first promotion in 81 years on Saturday. Could be the first league derby for years if the Thistle get relegated.
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    Lindsay is left footed and, according to McFadden, that’s why he wasn’t called up - too many left footers.
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    The Union Bears statement regarding planned action against the current Rangers board was posted on our forum this evening. ( 17/04/18 ) Every single Bear on VB fully supports the actions of the Union Bears this coming Sunday. Dave King’s board were welcomed by just about every fan up and down the land and like everyone else, we at VB had high hopes for the future under the new board. Our members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the King consortium taking control. Unfortunately, the Gers support has been badly let down by the present board of directors. From poor managerial appointments, to playing the best part of a season with an under 20 coach in charge, to ignoring the Rangers hating media and political elite, the current board have been nothing short of negligent. Vanguardbears calls on the board to start living up to the promises they made before taking control of our club. If these promises cannot be met, sell up to those who can take the club back to the top again. The present malaise is not acceptable. The fans are not prepared to sit back and allow our club to be humiliated any longer. The choice is yours Mr King.
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    As I see it we are somewhat stuck. People in Scotland have got comfortable with devolution and recently with a SNP government in Holyrood. Too many are content in the knowledge that the Tories won't be governing Scotland from Holyrood and that is enough for them. We need to be more forceful. Let people know that Westminster-rule is odious, is morally-wrong and is of no benefit to Scotland whatsoever. I am sat here now thinking that May is the most calamitous PM ever yet she is in power. Labour may or may not unseat her in the next election and that just shows what a pathetic choice you have when it comes to who governs us as things stand. Now is the time to stand tall and cut the ties to a crumbling union.
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    Rumours Murty was bitten during a scuffle! Got to be a wind up......surely
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    Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace suspended by rangers
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    Wasn't even close. However not to worry just more God bothering nonsense.Whats the recommended staring time for that pic.
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    'Andrew' just sounds more Protestant
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    I think they paid out, I’m sure interim is settled after 10 matches.
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    They should speak to Hearts to get tips on how to get approval to play games in unfit, unsafe and unfinished stadiums.
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    Of Elbasan and Shkoder, what do you think is more likely?