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    The only thing I hear rattling is your cage. 🙄
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    Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal – 15th Anniversary Hoody (Pullover or Zipper style) * To commemorate our upcoming 15th anniversary, we’ve commissioned this exclusive design, which incorporates the iconic number 15 – with the number containing the details of each donation that’s been made since that first one in Lithuania, back in March 2003, all 65 of them! *NOTE – We are taking pre-orders for these tops, with delivery being estimated at around 3 to 4 weeks. DESIGN DETAILS Our logo with ‘Est. 2003’ underneath it, is embroidered on the left chest (100mm approx.), with the number 15 and all the donation details inside it printed on the rear, and with “SCOTLAND” printed above it. These hoodies are available in a choice of either pullover or zipper style, produced in a quality dark blue heavyweight material (Fabric is 80% Ringspun cotton, 20% Polyester and weight is 280GSM) SIZES Small 36", Medium - 40", Large - 44", XLarge - 48" - XXLarge - 52“ COSTS We have tried to keep the costs down due to these items being very bulky, meaning the P&P cost makes up £5.00 of the total cost. - Pullover Style will cost £24.13 inclusive of standard P&P - Zipper Style will cost £27.97 inclusive of standard P&P There's even the option to add some personalisation and to see what this and how to place your order, please visit our online shop. WHERE TO ORDER: The first batch will be with us before Christmas, so would make an ideal present PULLOVER STYLE http://tartanarmysunshineappeal.moonfruit.com/?use_flash=1#/shop/4590985127/15th-anniversary-hoody-(pullover-style)---tartan-army-sunshine-appeal/10674783 ZIPPER STYLE http://tartanarmysunshineappeal.moonfruit.com/?use_flash=1#/shop/4590985127/15th-anniversary-hoody-(zipper-style)---tartan-army-sunshine-appeal/11247700 When you're wearing your hoodie, its not just Everywhere We Go but its also Everywhere YOU Go
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    Got be honest, I'm not a cynical individual but I struggle with the celebrity begging bowl on this one too. Two schemes that HMRC have rumbled has cost about £1bn in tax and they're getting excited about raising 5%-7% of this for good causes that their avoidance/evasion has effectively stolen from in the first place. The fact that it is all UK based work, things that should come from tax revenue, strengthens the point too as the hypocrisy is staggering - they're culpable in the suffering of these kids then come on the screen demanding we help fix it by effectively paying some of their tax really; it baffles me people don't get angry at it:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40120027 For me I earn x means I pay y in tax - I lead a moderate lifestyle (1 house, 1 car, 1 dog, 1 holiday) and have money left over each month and if I get promoted again any extra spending will just be frivolous. I'm not interested in saving a bit here from saving off the top line or changing pension contributions to rob money off of Nation Insurance; the present culture of pure greed, look after number 1, needs fixed for me and that isn't going to happen with Doctor Who sitting in a bath of beans with the John Lewis monster hilariously washing his back or some other shite. Personally I don't donate to it as I think it is a charade and a farce. I wrestled with it for a while as wandered if I was turning in to a cynical miserable old bastard but on watching again a few years back decided on a different path. Personal choice, and my wife was getting sick of sh@gging me, so we're trying to adopt and, currently in the process, on seeing the inadequacy of social work facility and resource in the public sector it made me even more fukking livid at these bastards dodging their tax responsibilities.
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    You can see others people's (a heart at the bottom right of their posts) but not for yourself. Hover you mouse over the heart and there are various options e.g. like, laugh etc
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    Which half are you in?
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    I know, imagine a team that pay 1 player more per week than their entire opposition struggling to a 1-0 win. Terrible performance.
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    Tax dodging millionaires telling the working man to donate there last pound so junkies bairns are looked after. Terry Wogan would plead for yer hard earned all the while he was taking a fee for presenting the fucking thing The jaikey bastards can't afford to feed their bairns or heat the hoose but they can always afford 20 Mayfair and a bottle of Grants Every year it's the same scenario in the office. The same workshy, lazy, arse licking, crawling bastards spend weeks organising raffles, selling cakes, putting red noses and teddys up and fuck knows what else so they can get time away from their desks and avoid doing a bit of work. The same fly cunts that love folk retiring and milestone birthdays so they can nip away to John Lewis and spend the collection on a present, on business time I must add The best of it is it's the BBC! The same fuckers who hid the peadophile scandal are now wanting to save the children. You couldn't make it up
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    Because it's meant to be about the football. Too many folk care more about having a party.
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    I couldn't think of anything more apt than a "World Cup of Losers" for half of our fans, to be honest.
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    Done my dissertation on the PFI rip-off circa 10 years ago at Uni. It still amazes me that general public are so unaware of just how much these projects have shafted us. A national scandal.
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    If it was up to me it would be Hiddink without a doubt,he's produced it virtually in all occasions,the problem being there's no way the sfa will fork out for the guy I believe would do a job. And that is how we end up back at Michael O,Neill a candidate that they can just about afford and thats what it all comes down to Money! If he gets the job ill fully support him,however the sfa,s lack of ambition doesn't supprise me,it seems Regan has only him in his sights I don't think he has even considered anybody else,I also think Regan has already decided to leave Hampden_too many stories in the press for it not to be true.If hampden goes I will be absolutely gutted_thats another story. Back to the manager,Regan is the problem to me,he seems to be making all the decisions,pulling the strings inside Hampden.I would liked to have seen a few more candidates being interviewed.I honestly wish a big name like Hiddink would come forward and say its not about the money its about taking the challenge and taking a team that should be doing better back to major championships.
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    Have you been practising now ?
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    A. it gave us a game to watch which is always better than watching other teams playing because we've chosen not to B. it's really important for every player who took part - they have a first or another cap to their name against a famous international side and are now a little more familiar and comfortable with being part of the side. I really can't fathom anyone who would want us to not play. Maybe Dodge the odd friendly if we're teetering between rankings pots at a critical time before a draw, or if we're really low in confidence and can't find a side we're likely to be able to match up to... But in every other scenario, play - every date that is available. Passing up dates is like being a wee kid hiding on the wing because they're too scared to get involved.
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    When poo sticks no longer have anything to do with a bridge and a bear.
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    Torquil, Mungo and Rupert.
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    I had to laugh when I saw a bbc article titled 'O'Neill a good fit for Scotland', which went on to say that Northern Ireland 'narrowly missed out on World Cup qualification after a play-off loss to Switzerland.' Seems like the perfect candidate to continue our run of almost qualifying!
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    Except that this is a forum about the Scotland football team rather than about the culinary appeal of pet shit. You could always open a thread in Anything Goes ...
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    They were both terrible but I would go for Levein as being the worst, superior win ratio or not. Did Burley start a game with no strikers? Or was he manager when we were the first team eliminated from the World Cup qualifiers? Does it really matter though? Arguing over which of those two was the worst Scotland manager is like arguing about whether you would prefer to eat dog shite or cat shite.
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    Aye, I've still no forgiven the cunt for cheating Gareth Gates out of winning the Xfactor
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    The OP sounds like a selection from other social media crap
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    It would be a fine change if we actually played games for a change. Im for it if we continue down the path of the Holland game & draft in some more youth like McCrorie & McKenna.
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    I think that too many folk care about other folk having a party. When it's really none of their business what those other folk do.
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    Jings! The things you learn when you turn erm..... 50!
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    I watched it twice, few months apart, couldn’t get my head around it first time but sort of liked it second time round. I watched it on my own 2nd time and without a constant “wtf is this sheite.” I saw something different in it. I wouldn’t go out my way to see it again but I know if I ever see it on tv I’ll end up watching it again.
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    Not content with that hes just named his baby "Wolf Nine Carroll" its been suggested that "Calf Strain Carroll" would be more appropriate
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    Plenty more things to complain about about Twickenham than the transport links, place is full of cunts.
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    Someone should tell him to stop waving his right hand around so much.
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    Oh right,thanks I have but not sure if i,ve got the jist yet
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    Don't disagree about the SFA - I would spread the net far wider and invite applications rather than jumping at best candidate that looks like he might be available.
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    People are being overly critical of Hampden. It certainly is NOT a shitehole. It is on FIFA list of premier stadiums hence it has hosted Champions League and other European club finals. Those awards don't come to shitehole of stadiums. This is the chief reason why I cannot see money being iinvested in it as - to outside observers it doesn't need or merit spending on it. Now to us, the fans that go to the matches there we crave a slightly bigger capacity and stands nearer to the pitch but for the reasons I stated above that just is not going to happen unless external funding comes and if the SFA were to buy Hampden.
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    A million a year ??? With his drink problem he would be in rehab in months .........
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    I think you should read the thread very close to yours titled "Michael O Neill"
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    Just running thru the players that played i'm not sure we really made good use of the fixture. Gordon - Very much a known quantity and did everything you'd expect of him. Zero change for the goal, but otherwise solid. Jack - Was ok defensively, tho his lack of pace showed a couple of times. Offered virtually nothing going forward tho. Very much a 2nd place to Paterson and on that showing I'm not convinced he's a better option at right back than Ralston or Palmer. We sort of knew that already tho. Berra - Not the best game from him. The headbutt on Tierney was kind of embarrassing. He's still one of our pool for the next squad tho. Tierney - Solid defensively and did what he could with the ball when he had it. Still felt like a waste watching him at centerback compared to how he can play on the left, but he's an option if needed. Which we knew. Robertson - Decent game. Did exactly what we expected and knew he could do. Did enough in defense and threatened in attack. Forrest - The standard international Forrest. Worked hard. Made nothing. Wasted what he had. He really can't be our first choice on the right going forward. McLean - Stood around. Pointed a lot (often at the wrong pass). Wiped sweat off his brow (the flood lights must have been hot). Really unimpressed by him, wanted to be our Blind, but was too deep, refused the ball and didnt get involved further forward. So he was sort of an anti-Blind. Annoyed that he gave up chasing Depay for the goal.. stupidly went to ground to left Depay go past him, but had the time to make up the ground, but you can see him just slow down and not actually try and get back. I'd be happy for him to retire on 2 caps at this point. McGinn - Energetic, some really good passes, but drifted in and out a bit. Will almost certainly be a regular in a few years (which we knew). Was a little reckless at times tho.. a stricter ref would have given him at least a yellow for kicking the guy on the ground. McGregor - Looked decent, active and inventive in the first half.. drifted out of it a bit in the 2nd. Probably our 3rd choice in this role, just about what we thought he was. Christie - Did alright. Good feet. Drew a few fouls, but did little in terms of creating chances, despite some good runs off the ball. Put in, I think, just 2 crosses all game. Looks like he might be an option in a couple of years.. which is kinda evidenced by Celtic having loaned him out. Promising, but not there yet. Phillips - While some seem to relish it, I find it hard to berate him tbh. He did what was asked of him, he worked hard and he tried. Players can't help not being more than they are, all you can ask of them is they put the effort in and Phillips did that. He ran, he hassled, he made chances for himself, he worked back and helped retrieve the ball (for example on the right before he slipped in Cummings). But.. he's in no way, shape or form a center forward. He doesn't have the instincts for it. His movement isn't good enough, he doesn't anticipate where the ball will come and he's not particularly good at holding it up. None of that's his fault tho.. so if you want to blame someone, blame the manager who asked him to play that role. Mulgrew - Was solid when he came on, I actually think he's our best centerback right now. Fraser - Looked lively when given the opportunity, but supply to him was poor. Jack didn't really distribute forward or overlap, and McLean was playing more as a sweeper than the right side center mid that he was supposed to be. Looks like he can do things if we give him the ball, but we didn't find out if that's true or not because we persisted with Forrest. Cummings - Barely got any time. Should have done better with his chance, but it can be hard when you've just come on and are still a bit cold to the game. Didn't have time to really tell us anything about himself at this level. So overall I don't feel like we learnt anything much at all. From a squad with 8 potential debutants, we played just 3 of them. There was opportunity to learn things.. to give players more opportunity.. See if Archer can handle internationals. Give game time to Cooper or Hanlon to see if we have capable back ups in central defense. See how Tierney and Robertson interact on the flank together. See what Shinnie can do (would have been a natural sub at half time or on the hour for McLean). See what Fraser can do over 90 minutes. See what Cummings is like as a lone forward. None of these got answered and instead we just learnt things we already knew, like Phillips isn't a striker. So overall it was a pretty disappointing game for me. We learnt little and did ok-ish against a poor, 2nd gear Dutch side. For me, the best thing we learnt last night was that Mackay won't be the next manager.
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    Dunno if rainbow laces will do any actual good but it can't hurt. I'll say one thing though, its high time we had some female officials in the game..........they cannae possibly be any worse than the men! 👍
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    Tried to tell a new player at 7s tonight that there was no pass back rule, then realised he was young enough that he wouldn’t really know what I meant, as that’s just the rules...
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    Aye, that’s our fault for having the stupidity to form a club in a small city/town right enough. What we should do is build a 20,000 plus then just so we might get a chunk of the SFA’s cash. God forbid the National team and any fortunes that may come with it come to any team out of the top 5 big boys. The cheek of us diddy clubs at times not knowing our place.
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    Oh Dear.......looks like I upset the native weegie. Superior knowledge of train stations in Glasgow, just what I always wanted to know zzzzz. Hampden still a shithole no matter how many stations people reckon are nearby and you will be saying next that all trains go directly into the centre in 5 minutes. Oh dear just because I dared to disagree.
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    You don't need to make up words now that the swear filter has been turned off.
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    She is just a young girl , hopefully she changes her mind as she gets older. As sbcmfc said, its a misguided herd instinct, not a phrase that can be associated with you RB 👍
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    Hope we call them up and they then tell us to f*ck off.
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    That is a nice story, was terrific sportsmanship at the end between the two fighters. I wrote up a ringside report which my editor published while he was working the fights in Long Island overnight. Here it is for anyone who is interested http://nyfights.com/latest-boxing-news/taylor-masters-puppet/
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    It can be dressed up, excused, called "understandable" or minimalised in any way folk like, but cutting away all the periphrastic commentaries ,one thing that is true is this:- Scotland fans booed a Scotland player, on his international debut, because of club-related issues. I don't think that's acceptable in any way, shape or form. Whether or not it has happened in days of yore or not. It was unacceptable then, and it's unacceptable now.
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    Nacho Novo has put his name forward.
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    Try not using your toes for sex for the rest of the month.
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    Three stars of Mrs Browns Boys put £2million into offshore scheme http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41886608 The real scandal here is how they get paid that amount for the pile of shite that is Mrs Browns Boys.