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    Would fucking love it if Aberdeen put them out.
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    Not as precious as thinking that the England fans would see you as something other than a clown Behind their smiles, deep down they would despise you more than Scotland fans
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    And during the Coupe De Monde There was the chance for two hearts to bond A lassie whose marriage was in trouble Fancied getting re-pumped by Barney Rubble He thought it was all a farce Until his balls were thunder-clapping off her arse Oh Iceland is a nice land
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    It's a good job the pub put on free kebabs tonight otherwise that would have been a complete waste of beer money. The casual racism from the back bar was marginally more entertaining than the football - I tried to explain that Tunisia is only slightly closer to Pakistan than we are, but it was lost on our village idiot.
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    Good idea ! Oh well........🙂
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    Certainly can’t be accused of not doing it at the highest level. Unlike Messi who can’t seem to do it with better players around him for Argentina...
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    We weren't even close to getting INTO a group so it's hardly surprising that we would have struggled to get out of one.
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    Known suggested in the first 25 mins that England's performance was the best so far at the tournament. Obviously he never repeated that assessment again at any other point during the match but then I heard someone else come away with that assessment on the radio this morning. There is delusion and there is insanity. I blame the Brexit culture - if you want something to be the case and say something once and then repeat it, regardless of all other evidence to suggest otherwise, it will start to stick.....
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    Switzerland game is at St Mirren.
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    Isn't that just one of the classic football roles you need, like midfield dynamo, prima donna, wise old head, talisman, hatchet man, etc.
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    The Swiss are nae mugs Seemingly the ITV boys werent aware of this (Cue final score 5-1)
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    The Nigels only taking 2500 to tomorrows game. Shitebags
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    Happy Father’s Day to all the single mummy’s out there.... aw fuck off
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    Yes he does, he has you unfortunately. Now why dont you fuck off back to some UKIP site, and do us all a favour.
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    Fucking UKIP voter thinks the SNP are embarrassing, good one ya nugget.
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    You could of course watch the Champions' League Final and make a cheap comment about make goalkeepers. Anyway, I've sen loads of escaped free kicks go in in the men's game, just like Scotland's first.
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    And the acne-ridden halfwits with their Palestine flags.
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    Mid-table EPL sides are quite shite. Matt Ritchie plays every game for one of them ffs
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    Watched it. Liked it. He is funny your no!!
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    You are a tit. I haven't said I support the royals in any way. You've assumed that from the team I support. I bend my knee to no one and any respect I give people has been earned. Having said that I have more respect for Kenny than the vast majority of people because of the work he's done for people less fortunate and in terrible suffering. Whoever chooses to reward the man, I wouldn't slag it off because at least he's being recognised. You on the other hand, show the dignity of a slavering clown by suggesting he deserves a bullet. Do us all a favour and either grow up or fuck off.
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    😀 He was wearing a shirt with birds on it the other night. We were disagreeing about what species of birds they were. After 37 years together, and on day 5 of being 24/7 on holiday , conversation sinks to a new low. When I got bored of this debate I started a competition to guess how many birds were on the shirt. I got fed up counting at 1,847 then fell asleep 🙂
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    You can bet yer forseskin on that..