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    Out of the door with socks after Christmas where people had obviously felt I warranted a gift but not any thought. A bizarre set I got included a pair for each day of the week with the day stated on the sole - as I have no intention of taking my shoes off in the office to utilise my feet as a diary system saw no benefit in maintaining these in pairs post first wear. Last week the boiler was on the blink so the house was freezing and my good wife was pure ganting for a heaty up to the point relations were permissible on a week night. I got to the bedroom to find the old nighty top still fully buttoned, woolly socks left on and granny belly snapping pants pulled to one side. It had been a fortnight so I wasn’t complaining and thought I too would get away with wearing socks for the forthcoming activity. Unfortunately my wife takes one look and flaps the Bridget pants back in to position ‘What are you doing?’ I was about to protest about her attire when she threw me off guard by jumping out of bed and rummaging in my sock drawer. ‘You know I’m OCD and your trying to sh@g me wearing a Monday sock and a Saturday sock on a Thursday – how did you ever think that was going happen!’ My hopes were momentarily raised when she found the second Saturday sock but it was paired with a Christmas tree. Knowing I’d put a Thursday in the wash on Wednesday I decided to just go sleep as it’d be a good hour before my sock drawer was in order.
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    Well i may as well stick in a two footed tackle as that fucking religious nutter is putting me off this board completely with his utter pish. Meanwhile you as a ref let his shyte go unchecked ..so fuck that arsehole im having an early bath.
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    The cut & paste ace returns to tell us all we can't think for ourselves.
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    Go on then, we all know you want to........
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    I thought he was chucking it if Strachan went anyway? Seriously sick of this mouthpiece. If he was half as good at football as he was playing the big man he might've actually captained us to one of these tournaments.
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    RB/ Ally, I doubt I am going to be popular but I think both of you are being a tad melodramatic. RB, I think you are a good balanced poster, and your social conscience is indisputable, from what I have read on here you put your time and effort where your mouth is, so I think your concerns should not be dismissed. But if you are making sweeping statements about children dying you need to provide some examples of why this could happen . Do you have any links to information gathered by the campaign that were opposing the closure ? Saying that a child will die if they need to travel to Edinburgh isnt completely true. Do you have any costings that show that it would be possible to keep the RAH ward open ? I know there is no price too high to pay to save a childs life but everyone is looking for money. Cancer victims/ Alzheimers/ Mental Health to name a few. I would be very interested if you could provide any kind of information to support your concerns. You may feel the monent has gone but things can be reveresed. Ally, it is possible for the SNP to make a wrong decison. I have no idea if they have on this, as has been mentioned they seem to have taken the ‘experts’ decision, but experts can get it wrong too. Throwing the rattles out the pram as PIAK demonstrated does not really help.
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    https://m.facebook.com/mctartanface/ He has his own FB group now where he is telling eejits that Peru and Senegal are officially confirmed. When questioned on his sources he states he ‘Can’t reveal his sources’. What’s funny is he hides behind his FB mask then comes on as himself to back up points.
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    An example is good and only someone with a heart of stone would not be concerned for this child and their parents. Would the new hospital not be able to deal with an emergency like this rather than have the child ( or another like them)sent to Edinburgh? Or would cases like this not still be seen as emergency at the RAH , their A&E is still open. Or is it possible that cases have recently been sent to the RAH as they know it is there for the time being but if it wasnt then there would need to be accommodative measures in place at the new hospital ? I am just asking all these questions as I dont know what all the arguments from each side are. Do you know what numbers they are looking at to keep it open? You mentioned a few quid ( I know you are not talking literally a frw quid but a few quid in the grand scheme ot things) , I have heard £69 mio mentioned , is this the figure the health board is trying to save in total, the RAH being part of that ? I am happy to question any Snp decisions . I joined the party after the referendum as a sort of solidarity, not because I am massively interested in politics or an snp fanboy ( girl) . There are a few good people locally however like every party there are weaknesses , Snp are no different in that respect.
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    They don't know they're born. I'll happily only have 6 days holiday per annum but at the same time enjoy several all expenses paid trips abroad to play football.... and rake in thousands of pounds every week for the privilege and have half days most of the time Meanwhile Scotty Broon and the greatest young full Back in the history of world football can get up at 4:20 every morning and often work 10-12 hour shifts just so they can travel the length and breadth of Europe and beyond to support me playing football
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    I’ll be wanting a lot more than £2.50 to renew...
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    Brown is correct to complain about a lack of rest time but the national team organising fixtures is the wrong target. If we qualified he'd be playing 3 or 4 friendlies in June plus the World Cup. His target should be UEFA for having a ridiculous qualifying schedule for Champions League and Europa League or the SPFL/SFA for not changing the club season to maybe introduce a proper 4 week rest break in the winter.
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    What, exactly, has Stewart Regan (or 'Lurch' Doncaster, for that matter) achieved while in post? How have they made Scottish football better? In any way? I don't blame O'Neill - it's not 'Why didn't he come?' because I always wondered why should he? Are Scotland such a step up from the current NI scene? His tenure there has been good for Scottish football in giving players in a variety of Scottish clubs an international profile and even the chance to play in tournaments. No, the blame is with the SFA and their incompetent head-hunt. They have to now invite applications. It's the only way to avoid head-hunting someone who know's he wasn't the first choice. And who might also turn the job down. Though I fear the first CV in the post will be Eck's. He must be gutted that Moyes and Lambert have managed to get aff the broo but he's still there touting himself for every job that comes up.
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    If MacKay gets the job at least I won't have to put too much thought into whether I renew my SSC membership or not.
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    Never wanted him.My gut feeling is he's had 2 very good groups in a row, set is team up well in those obviously but he would never have qualified that NI team from our euro 2016 group or gotten top 2 in our last campaign. Step up in class between both groups and know one would be talking about him now.
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    For me it’s children in pubs,/cafes,/restaurants, especially ones still in nappies. Why people think it’s okay to take things that literally shit and pee themselves whenever they feel like it out where food and drink is served is disgusting. Don’t mind those microwave food pub places with play park outside as you know what you’re getting if daft enough to go when childless but shouldn’t be allowed otherwise. Maybe a couple of hours early morning or after lunch for training of children until they’re 18 and allowed in properly .
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    STOP!!! I can only get so hard!!!
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    Christian and religious crackpots polluting football message boards with tedious cuntishness.
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    Couldn't be easier...
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    at this rate I'll be expecting a reduction, as I'll only get a 23 month membership instead of 24!!
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    Senegal was sooooooo start of the week. Costa Rica is the new Senegal. Get with the times girlfriend.
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    Wimps , the lot of you. Try going through the menopause on a memory foam mattress.
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    Maybe you’d understand my post if you weren’t blinked by “independence”
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    Hiddink. I wonder why McLeish has been unemployed for so long?
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    Motherwell sign Peter Hartley on a permanent deal and produce this cracking video. (you need to have seen the alexis Sanchez one 1st)
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    Said mcleish would be fab as soon as oneil said no. Kris Boyd thinks Billy Davies should be in with a shout 😂
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    I do understand how it works but you also have to understand that the normal voter probably doesn't quite get it. They see Westminster as an excuse especially as the MSM keep pointing out that it is. Facts need not apply. Also the A+E figures recently haven't helped. Then add in decisions like this that, whether they actually are or not, look like money over lives and its a total mess for the SNP. If we want to keep Independence on the agenda for anytime soon we need to try and make sure that things like this happen less often.
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    You are not telling it right "Did you hear that Ken Dodd died" "Did he ?" "No .. Doddy"
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    I wasn't intending to mean ditch all of the last group of older players. My point was strachan was selecting players from the eng leagues who were not in much form but recieved large pay checks. He rarely was up here watching spl scot cup games. Thus, griffiths is in the form of his life but wasn't picked. Want to avoid this situation. That's why i was for mon, because he seemed to enjoy the scottish game and understand who was playing in which system and in form.
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    A good firm slap then put in the car and told the big bad man is coming to take them to a wee island where they only get bread and butter to eat and battered awake every morning is what they need. If parents no longer do that then just feck off until your wean is old enough to drink cider and fall asleep under the table. I’d never criticise parents giving children tablets, rohypnol would be my advice.
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    You’re correct but we both know it won’t happen.
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    You need to take the batteries out that thing or it'll crack yer teeth
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    He doesn’t reveal his sources mind - obviously because they talk complete guff 😏
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    Wed and Thurs night I actually got home quicker than usual from work, I'm assuming due to the number of folk who didn't go out in their cars. The authorities can't win with this. They say don't travel and folk travel anyway and then complain when their route isn't snow free. Check out social media from the last week. Folk moaning that the B123 or the moor road needs gritted. The gritters were flat out covering the main routes! As mentioned above a lot of crap drivers don't help and the modern trend to have 19" wheels with big fat summer tyres something like a 1.2 Corsa results in cars getting stuck and blocking the roads. This cycle happens every 5 years or so. We get some snow, the country grinds to a halt. Everybody complains "something must be done about this", we then have a few snow free winters and everybody forgets about. Rinse and repeat.
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    What about on an ironing board? https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Malibu Wave Rider
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    Once again, I am not denying that the way the UK government's position was reported was scaremongering - but Osbourne in that speech made it clear that he was ruling out currency union ... which is precisely my point. He couched it in language that made it seem risky, but of course he did - he was against independence. Again, the YES campaign made no effort to clarify what the situation actually was because they knew as well as their opponents that voters were less likely to go for Scottish Sterling if it didn't have UK backing. Instead they stuck to the unsustainable argument that they could leave the club but retain the benefits - remind you of anything?
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    Us Scots just aren't built for that kind of heat
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    Today (that is what everyone else is reporting)
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    The more pressing question is did Parkie really use the term “bro” ??
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    Fuck, Mad Rab has it on his page that the friendly rumours are all officially confirmed and the stupid sheep are lapping it up!
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    If people are stupid enough to book flights on the basis of a media report abroad then that's they're problem
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    Depends how you want to define "secret" since the biggest ever undeveloped oil field was "discovered" less than a year ago 60 miles west of Shetland This is 2 years after the Unionist rags said that those on the Yes side that suggested there were undiscovered fields off Shetland that the Govt were keeping secret were conspiracy theory loonies. This is the same Govt that asked every leader of the free world along with businesses to come out against Independence and more or less banned Outlander from being shown on mainstream UK television for fear of influencing the vote I guess when you are on your knees you dont see this
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    based on your judgement of players, I will reserve judgment until we see him in a Scotland shirt. Some players adapt well to international football and some don't......................like James Forrest. Great for his club but beyond shite for Scotland.
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    McMafia is worth a watch on iplayer Thats my Barry Norman esque review
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    I admire your persistence with Forrest, I really do but as much as he is often the star or one of the stars at celtic he isn't cutting it with Scotland.