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    7, it was in my mince at tatties, probably my maws.
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    It can be dressed up, excused, called "understandable" or minimalised in any way folk like, but cutting away all the periphrastic commentaries ,one thing that is true is this:- Scotland fans booed a Scotland player, on his international debut, because of club-related issues. I don't think that's acceptable in any way, shape or form. Whether or not it has happened in days of yore or not. It was unacceptable then, and it's unacceptable now.
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    The only thing I hear rattling is your cage. 🙄
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    when you're watching a porno and think, that's a nice bed.
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    On the same day they get fined for their fans behavior http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41720941 Should have gone to the Dortmund fans for opening up their flats, houses, etc to take in the Monaco fans after the terrorist stuff last year.
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    How petty. What are you, 12 years old or something?
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    I've said it before, there's no moral high ground for any of us. Just leave the club shite at home. Down the years I've backed them all from super Ally to Lee Wallace. What happened to we're all Jock Tamsons bairns?
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    We'd be better with Shirley McLean
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    Three stars of Mrs Browns Boys put £2million into offshore scheme http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41886608 The real scandal here is how they get paid that amount for the pile of shite that is Mrs Browns Boys.
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    Good to see Celtic bottle it as usual.
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    Don't you ever tire of coming across like a tube? Your opinions are fine, sometimes laudable, you just seem incapable of expressing them without at the same time imputing views onto fellow posters that they clearly do not hold. It's a weird defensive tic, and rather unbecoming. No need to thank me ...
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    So are your posts............
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    Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal – 15th Anniversary Hoody (Pullover or Zipper style) * To commemorate our upcoming 15th anniversary, we’ve commissioned this exclusive design, which incorporates the iconic number 15 – with the number containing the details of each donation that’s been made since that first one in Lithuania, back in March 2003, all 65 of them! *NOTE – We are taking pre-orders for these tops, with delivery being estimated at around 3 to 4 weeks. DESIGN DETAILS Our logo with ‘Est. 2003’ underneath it, is embroidered on the left chest (100mm approx.), with the number 15 and all the donation details inside it printed on the rear, and with “SCOTLAND” printed above it. These hoodies are available in a choice of either pullover or zipper style, produced in a quality dark blue heavyweight material (Fabric is 80% Ringspun cotton, 20% Polyester and weight is 280GSM) SIZES Small 36", Medium - 40", Large - 44", XLarge - 48" - XXLarge - 52“ COSTS We have tried to keep the costs down due to these items being very bulky, meaning the P&P cost makes up £5.00 of the total cost. - Pullover Style will cost £24.13 inclusive of standard P&P - Zipper Style will cost £27.97 inclusive of standard P&P There's even the option to add some personalisation and to see what this and how to place your order, please visit our online shop. WHERE TO ORDER: The first batch will be with us before Christmas, so would make an ideal present PULLOVER STYLE http://tartanarmysunshineappeal.moonfruit.com/?use_flash=1#/shop/4590985127/15th-anniversary-hoody-(pullover-style)---tartan-army-sunshine-appeal/10674783 ZIPPER STYLE http://tartanarmysunshineappeal.moonfruit.com/?use_flash=1#/shop/4590985127/15th-anniversary-hoody-(zipper-style)---tartan-army-sunshine-appeal/11247700 When you're wearing your hoodie, its not just Everywhere We Go but its also Everywhere YOU Go
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    Got be honest, I'm not a cynical individual but I struggle with the celebrity begging bowl on this one too. Two schemes that HMRC have rumbled has cost about £1bn in tax and they're getting excited about raising 5%-7% of this for good causes that their avoidance/evasion has effectively stolen from in the first place. The fact that it is all UK based work, things that should come from tax revenue, strengthens the point too as the hypocrisy is staggering - they're culpable in the suffering of these kids then come on the screen demanding we help fix it by effectively paying some of their tax really; it baffles me people don't get angry at it:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40120027 For me I earn x means I pay y in tax - I lead a moderate lifestyle (1 house, 1 car, 1 dog, 1 holiday) and have money left over each month and if I get promoted again any extra spending will just be frivolous. I'm not interested in saving a bit here from saving off the top line or changing pension contributions to rob money off of Nation Insurance; the present culture of pure greed, look after number 1, needs fixed for me and that isn't going to happen with Doctor Who sitting in a bath of beans with the John Lewis monster hilariously washing his back or some other shite. Personally I don't donate to it as I think it is a charade and a farce. I wrestled with it for a while as wandered if I was turning in to a cynical miserable old bastard but on watching again a few years back decided on a different path. Personal choice, and my wife was getting sick of sh@gging me, so we're trying to adopt and, currently in the process, on seeing the inadequacy of social work facility and resource in the public sector it made me even more fukking livid at these bastards dodging their tax responsibilities.
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    You can see others people's (a heart at the bottom right of their posts) but not for yourself. Hover you mouse over the heart and there are various options e.g. like, laugh etc
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    You don't need to make up words now that the swear filter has been turned off.
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    "Supporters" like you, we can do without. Maybe you should just stay away in case he gets selected again. If you have been going for 3 decades, I would have thought you would have grown out of that sort of childish behaviour by now.
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    Atmosphere is made by the people within the stadium, not the other way round.
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    Nacho Novo has put his name forward.
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    My wife of 10 years, despite having sex already this month, misreads the contortions in my face as orgasmic ecstasy rather than a cocktail of pain and confusion as cramp struck 3, possibly 4, of my toes at the point the ejaculate was alighting Thistle Express from Love Town. She even praised my stuttering technique and now wants a repeat that I am not entirely sure how to accomplish without the aid of a tazering.
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    A good demonstration on the thread of the way modern society has now defined wrong to mean illegal, ignoring the concept of something being morally wrong. That's the real effect of the last 30 or forty years of free market capitalism and Thatcherite / Reaganite socio-economic hegemony.
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    That escalated quickly.... can we have a poll on which of these two is the biggest fanny? Or is that inappropriate these days?
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    Very fair minded article. We had a friendly against Switzerland and 1916 was sown into our crest as the friendly fell on the 100th anniversary. Apparently we got clearance from UEFA initially but were fined after some Tory MP scrote kicked up a fuss. We shouldn't have worn it in any case. I don't think any political symbol/events such as the Easter Lilly or Poppy should be brought into international football and I don't blame UEFA for cracking down on it. Could you imagine Serbia wanting to wear something in honour of their armed forces who committed mass murders in the Yugoslavian civil war?! It's best to avoid any of these political commemorations in international football matches no matter how passionate you feel about about a given symbol event. As the legend that is George Carlin once remarked: "I leave symbols to the symbol-minded"
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    I wasn't in Slovenia, don't know any of the people involved and have no dog in the fight. Something doesn't ring true for me here though. If something was said before the incident by a third party then I'd have thought you would have taken it up with them at the time and not take it out on someone you think is there mate when they turn up at the pub later. It looks to me as if there's a bit of whataboutery here looking to deflect from the original incident.
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    Not a fan of the 'likes' function as I may have mentioned elsewhere, and I agree with iainmac1 that there's probably no need (and too much potential crossover) for a separate politics forum in Anything Goes. Still, it's good to see the board trying new things - it's certainly a breath of fresh air after years of neglect. Well done to all involved. I hope the TAMB archive can be retrieved and saved. I see that it's listed under the Pages tab at the top of the page, but I'm just getting an error message when I click it. It contains pretty much everything from the pre-2014 board (tamb.com) back to 2009, as well as some earlier significant stuff like the Kraigh [never can spell it] thread in its own 'Archive' section.
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    PIAK won't be happy. He put a lot of effort into getting that +82.
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    Can this be done for our warning points? I've got a big night out at the weekend and everyone else smokes so when they go for a fag I'll be on my phone trying not to look awkward. By the end of the night I'll no doubt be on the rampage
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    Because it's meant to be about the football. Too many folk care more about having a party.
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    Done my dissertation on the PFI rip-off circa 10 years ago at Uni. It still amazes me that general public are so unaware of just how much these projects have shafted us. A national scandal.
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    Was at Croatia`s WC Play Off home match against Greece on Thursday past. Met with Dejan who is the secretary of the Croatian TA . Sporting his kilt and other Scottish paraphernalia he asked that his regards be passed to all troops. Also met up with other Croatian fans. All of them take a keen interest in Scotland and were very disappointed re Slovenia game. Their hospitality was something else. As for Greece game. Croatia won in canter . Greece are hopeless. I`m sure we would have given the Croats a better game.
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    When poo sticks no longer have anything to do with a bridge and a bear.
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    I should also add I think she looks good in that outfit, plus she has the confidence to carry it off , I dont prescribe to the notion that women over a certain age should be subjected to elasticated waisted trousers and blouses from M&S classic range. Not that I think you were meaning that Bobster , I just thought I would stick in my tuppence worth as it is preferable to cleaning the toilet at this particular moment.🙂
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    Nail firmly struck right on its head. Totally agree with you on this @slasher. There's no real excuse for booing a Scotland player on their debut. It's not going to do anything positive for the team.
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    Torquil, Mungo and Rupert.
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    Where’s was scottyCTA on the night in question only asking ?
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    Smutty minds and all that!
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    Reading between the lines it sounds like it.
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    A bit different from some of my posts.....stumbled across this tonight on youtube
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    Hun media tell McInnes to stop leading sheep. You herd us here first.
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    no matter how much you give your tadger a shake after a pish you still get dribbles
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    During Desert Storm, an American Air Force officer met a Saudi Air Force officer. Their love of flying bonded them together and soon they became friends. One day, while making small talk, the discussion turned to family. Each expressed how much they missed their wives and children. The Saudi officer decided to pull out his wallet and show pictures of his family to the American. When the American saw the picture of the Saudi's family, he was shocked. "Hey, that looks like my son," he said, referring to one of the Saudi officer's children. "That looks just like my Juan!" The Saudi officer explained. "About 15 years ago, I went to Mexico to drill for oil. While I was there, my wife and I decided to adopt a young boy. We named him Amal and he has grown up with us." The American said, "Well, about 15 years ago, my wife and I were stationed at the American embassy in Mexico City. We adopted Juan and now he is in high school. I wonder if your boy and mine are twins!" Excitedly, both officers compared the boys’ birthdays, and sure enough, the boys shared the same day. They agreed that the two boys must be twins. Immediately, they vowed that after the war ended they would meet in Los Angeles and have a big reunion to unite the two long lost brothers. When the news media received word of this, they created a media frenzy as they eagerly promoted the day when the boys would meet. Eventually, the big day arrived and local, national and international news outlets, as well as several hundred onlookers, descended on LAX airport. There was a festive mood in the air, and representatives from the Mexican, U.S., and Saudi Arabian governments attended. However, to the disappointment of the assembled crowd, a representative from Saudi Arabian Airline announced that the plane had been delayed and would be over six hours late. Juan's mother took the podium and addressed the crowd saying, "You might as well go home. There's no point in waiting here." "Why would we want to do that?" asked a reporter. "Well," she replied, "they're identical twins. If you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal."
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    Barry Ferguson also claims he’s no money... His wife must be richer than Harry Redknapps dog!
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    When you do that funny walk when its icey or there is a slippy floor.
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    ...when you no longer fall, but have a fall.
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    Just thought I'd highlight this as it now appears as a main forum/sub thread on the main screen. May be an insight into the background of the new custodians. I think the history of this board proves that the folks who like to discuss betting are more than capable of creating their own threads etc. The fact that this has been manufactured quickly under the new regime has me asking some questions. We are bombarded by gambling advertising every time we watch a sporting event - those that want to seek it out on here can do so by creating/visiting the "coupon" thread or whatever. We don't need a separate space highlighted on the homepage for this. For me it cheapens the TAMB experience
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    This will have been screenshotted for future reference and passed onto the SSC. Think yourself lucky you haven't been threatened with a liable suit yet
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    I like the laughy face aka Orra shieiting himself face. I’m using the heart for ‘love’ rather than like so all Tom Cruise lookalikes are getting one. (Open goal for you doon the slope.) Not sure what the arrow is to be used for.
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    PS, I like the Recent or Popular Post bits down the right hand side.