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    If you think the Scottish are bad, you should see those Irish mob that turn up for Scottish league games... 😛
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    Going to watch a major tournament we are not in is one thing......but cunts that rock up at them wearing kilts and waving saltires are worth the watching imo 😏
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    That's the worst spelling of his name yet! Thank fvck youse didn't appoint Oleksiy Mykhaylychenko as manager. Aye, I copied and pasted that.
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    Had a belter of a DIY faux pas yesterday. We are bricking up our side door, so my wife took the kids out the road and I stayed as a labourer. As we were towards back of house; for security, I locked the front door, then left the house through the side door we were about to brick up, as my family arrived home we had bricked up 75% of the door and only then realised we were locked out. Had to lift my 4 year old through the gap in the blocked up doorway to unlock the door and let us in. If they’d arrived home 30 minutes later we’d have bricked up the door completely. 😂
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    Aye, you keep them good for christenings, communions and court appearances. 😛
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    I got a key ring and a voucher for one of Robert McDermott's Tel Aviv buses.
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    A fantastic post from of all places Rangers meeja. Essay of a rant coming up but i don't give a fuck. They are fucking horrible dogs, I know a cunt who used to love American Bulldogs and claimed they're all soft and gentle, until his supposed family-friendly one ripped his hands to shreds and mangled three of his fingers and needed neutralised. It was a bastard, mind you he is a total cunt who idolises the likes of top-level wank rags like Calum Best. Anyway that's a personal opinion re: the dogs. My hatred for Tav in this instance stems from the fact that i fucking despise everything about the modern day instagram obsessed culture whereby cunts like Tavernier fit every single fucking stereotype going, and splash it all over social networks and in doing so making themselves look every bit the fucking idiot, opening themselves to shite like this, instead of getting his fucking head down and focusing on being the best professional athlete he can be for the rest of his short and privileged career. footballers are braindead fuckwits for the most part, and more often than not conform to every BBC radio-1 airplay related social stereotype in the modern day. It's almost like becoming a professional athlete means that you are obliged to throw pseudo fucking gang signs, wear over sized starched nike caps with the solid perfectly straight skip, and throw gun fingers "in tha club" whilst enjoying the delights of horrendous holidays in dogshit locations scattered throughout Dubai and / or Ibiza, surrounded by hing-oot nae mark arseholes who are a mix of cunts like Barry Hughes and Jamie O'Hara. The vacuous, often lonely career lends itself to a lifestyle that is learned and implemented through watching what others do and following like sheep, having had their arses wiped for them since an early age and being incapable of making individual lifestyle choices on their own. From the sudden fascination with one-session full sleeve tattoos, to the mental haircuts, to the adoption of multicultural london-english slang including frequent use of the term "man dem" and "peng", bastardising Jamaican patois for the benefit of self promotion and to portray some sort of fucking weird gangsta lifestyle, minus the gangs. As mental as Neymar's hair is, as overt as Nainggolan's tattoos are, or as well 'ard Tav (tries) to look in solemn-faced pictures holding back an aggressive dog, none of it is individual and is borne, quite simply, out of having too much money and too much time on their hands. I fucking hate footballers, i fucking hate them, together with the wrath of hing-oot cunts that cling on in their wake and lead them to make poor decisions. This particular instance of off-season journalism admittedly being less of a stick to beat Tavernier with, however it still sticks in my beak that this cunt is making the papers for the wrong reasons, and therefore opens him up to a verbal 20 rapid to the dial in this pointless as fuck rant. Kevin De Bruyne used to have an instagram account littered with HORRENDOUS as fuck posts, one of which was him putting up gun fingers in a music studio, with the tag line "chillings with this dope rapper" - he was unsurprisingly made to purge his instagram of all such inane fucking pish when he signed for City, including his extensive photo collection of him "living the life" in los angeles with some bint who clearly offered out rimjobs at an hourly rate. That said, at least he has the talent to back up his overt displays of vile modern wealth online, so he gets a pass, even though he's a fuckin torn faced ginger cunt and i'd love to see him snapped. "designer bullies UK". away and shite, James. Fuck off and focus on how you are going to impress the new manager before you end up shipped out and find yourself stagnating in league 2 mediocrity. Hope one of the dogs bites your cock off.
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    I love seeing all this moon stuff. Read a couple of books on the 12 men who went. Sad to see them start to die off. To think that humankind has looked up to that object in the sky for hundreds of thousands of years and then these guys had the opportunity to walk on the surface. What an experience! Mankind's greatest achievement and a signifier of our potential. Would be great to get back on topic. Can Huddersfield et al continue posting their memories and sharing the images they find and stop wasting the thread arguing with crazy folk? 😃 I was just too young to experience the excitement of watching the missions at the time. Great stuff.
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    And what exactly is your works policy on drug testing?
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    You’re not going there to enjoy yourself, you’re going there to support Scotland!
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    Gutted by this. Brilliant player and a very funny guy. A proper character. A big part of a massive achievement by a team like Aberdeen. I mean they beat Real Madrid FFS! Played for a brilliant Aberdeen team who serially gubbed the Murn despite being probably the best era in our history. We were good. We could beat everyone else but seldom those effers! 😁 RIP big man.A genuine legend in a time when that title gets dished out all too readily.
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    The wean seemed to get through the small space too easily. I think the ’F’ in his username is for Fagan.
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    Jees can you not shut the f@ck up about rangers - even on a Liverpool/ real thread. You go on about them more than I do FFS.
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    I know that at the end of the day this will most likely be a financial decision for Jack, but if he continues to improve as a manager then that day will come sooner rather than later - no need to drop down to essentially division 3 in England for a pay rise, even if it is a 'sleeping giant' of a club. Why not stay and see what comes of managing a team in the top flight of Scotland??
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    Folk who call in sick on a Monday - 1-2 times a month when you seen them on the piss on the Sunday night in the local pub
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    Yeah, I have recently become a guardian of a rabbit through circumstances which I won't go through and have become somewhat attached to the animal.I have spent a fair few quid buying Kail cos that's his favourite,, its not, he likes doken leaves and nettles and green shit.Oh, and newspaper, he absolutely loves his newspaper, obviously he doesn't read it but he eats it and throws it about and buries his head underneath it. We'd probably be better off if we did the same.
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    Threaten us with no Masterchef no doubt.
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    But then you would be English.
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    Willie Miller is as good a commentator as he was at running businesses.
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    Look at you with your hornet chat! You’re fae Paisley, it’s wasps.
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    Looks like we need to start a second bingo card.
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    They already have. It's funny. When Hibs cut Rangers allocation a few weeks ago the theme on here was well done for standing up for your own fans. Now when Rangers do virtually the same thing, it's the guff posted over the last few hours. Anyone would think the posters on here were hypocritical twats, if they didn't know any better. 🤔