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    Not this pish again . The only 'enemy of the cross' we should be talking about on here is James Forrest in a Scotland shirt.
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    I can understand her being a catholic may never have came up but how could you not know your wife is black?!
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    I seriously doubt he's getting "gash"
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    Looks like two words to me.
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    People's perceptions of teams are based on the minority of idiots each team has and people unfairly judge everyone who supports the same team to be one of these idiots. People get defensive because their perception of the club they support is entirely different and based on years following the team and imo gives a more accurate reflection of the support as a whole. I've heard stories of away fans being shouted at, spat at, had things thrown at when they come to Ibrox but personally I have never seen this happen (not saying it hasn't happened) and I've seen many fans walk through the rangers fans pre and post match without issue. Hell there was even a Celtic fan walking amongst the Rangers fans on the way to Hampden last weekend and nothing happened. When my cousin played for Dunfermline I would go to as many games as I could when they didn't clash with Rangers games and the fans were fantastic. For one of the games Rangers played there I was right on the divide between the fans in the stand opposite the tunnel and most of the fans stood and shouted abuse, spat at, threw bits of pie and cups of juice into the Rangers fans. I know Rangers fans have a bad name amongst the rest of Scottish football but I guarantee if anyone met anyone on the supporters bus I get they would probably see that they are genuinely nice people that look out for each other and just want to go and support their team. I agree with Ormond that respect has to be earned but I think the starting position should be from a neutral view and the person should be judged on their personality, contribution to the forum etc rather than the team they support
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    Hooray ! I’m a skier ! ⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷ Well, to be more accurate, I have had one lesson and didnae kill myself. I loved it. And I loved it even more that Mr Tidier was pure sheite 😬 It is the first time ever I have picked a sport up quicker than him. Nobody told me though that I would need to trudge up the snow on skis sideaways for 2 hours, it was exhausting. Particularly when, unbeknown to me at the time, I was handicapped. The snow boot on my left leg was so tight the whole lesson , it was agony , digging into the back of my calf, but I kept going. When I took the boot off at the end of the lesson my leg was throbbing, I couldnt walk properly, I had to limp all the way to the car. When I got to my mums afterwards it was still killing me . I touched the back of my calf and found a big lump but it didnt feel part of my leg. I tried to get my hand up the leg of my jeans but they were too tight so I asked my sistet to help. She stuck her hand up and pulled out a pair of knickers 😳 They were rolled up into a ball, they must have got stuck in the leg of my jeans and were pressing into my calf 😢 I still cant walj properly and that was on Sunday. Anyway thanks everyone for encouraging me to go, I really enjoyed it and have booked up for another lesson👍
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    why? messi is, and he isn't
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    Let's look a bit further back to the dozen or so years that Aberdeen were at all relevant - for the only sustained period in their history - where they just happened to have someone at the helm who would go on to become one of the greatest managers ever and pretend that at some point they were a "big" club We could then talk about the decades of underachievement that Aberdeen have had since then or we could accept the fact that Aberdeen are nothing more than a provincial team that will pick up a trophy every couple of decades or so.
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    Have you considered the possibility that she simply finds you very annoying?
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    I'm sorry but I hate Rangers. I loved them going bust. I grew up with endless gloating and slaggings from their fans. I'll laugh at all misfortune they have. I'd expect the same from their fans if the roles were reversed. Sorru that's hatred of a football team upsets you so much. And just for the record, I slag my hun pals on Scotland trips too. Are you one of these folk who hate folk taking about football on football trips?
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    In my opinion the TAMB needs to go back to what it says on the can. Too many people use it as a way of spouting hatred about other clubs and fans. Is this a Scotland thing or a medium to let small minded people the likes of yon parklife fella just spout his hatred of rangers? When you get rid of the likes of that hatred stuff and tell them to f off and go to their own club websites this could be a place for Scotland supporters again. I only watch it now and again and so sad to see the hatred that arises from the same folk on here. If they were at a Scotland trip they would not have the guts to spout out. But as WGS says 'keyboard warriors with two cans of kestrel and a whippet'. Scotland fans my erse.
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    I'm not sure he's that good but it is good to see another young Scottish player heading to Europe. I'm not sure whether European clubs are taking more notice of Scotland or our players are just starting to see beyond the English leagues. Either way, I for one thinks it's great.
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    I am fairly sure Italy won't win it.
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    Czechoslovakia or USSR for me
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    Reminds me of the - probably apocryphal - story of someone who asked the exiled heir to the Habsburg empire, did you see the Austria Hungary football match last night. The reply was "No, who were we playing?"
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    Just like his antics in Euro 2012 penalty shootout when he insisted on going last so he could grab the glory of scoring the winning spot kick. Didn’t turn out so well for him that day. He’s a fantastic player no question and one of the best ever, but also a preening, narcissistic, complete and utter bellend who sees himself as far more important than the team. And when things aren’t going his way he’s a whingeing, diving, play acting little tosser.
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    Edit - For relevance QPR should be before the 1hr 30 mins
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    I recall being in a hotel bar in Manachester with a group of mates all blethering about football. Unknown to us he was at a near by table with his back to us before he came over, bought a monster round of drinks and sat down for an hour with us shooting the shit about football. Clearly a bright guy and came across as a complete gent. One of the few players that really bucks the ‘thick footballer’ stereotype.
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    There is no place for Mulgrew with a fooking embarrassing man bun - get him tae fuck
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    I agree and don't understand why so many on here want him him out. I actually thought both he and Berra were pretty decent in the last campaign.
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    A good win tonight and importantly a performance with personnel much more suited to a high intensity style of play. While I still felt we looked a bit uncomfortable in the formation we settled into it a bit better in the second half. Encouragingly I feel we got answers to the conundrums of the back three, midfield and right wing back. At the back, Ted was man of the match, outstanding. Hendry showed a maturity beyond his years. Both were good readers of the game and physically battled very well. Mulgrew meanwhile looked disappointing for the second game in succession and is questionable moving forward. KT could well replace Mulgrew and if so, it would be deserved. At right wing back, Fraser did really well. He was defensively pretty sound, more sound than Paterson. Going forward while he wasn't as good as normal, his ball for the cross shows that he has quality when it matters. A much more assured display than "Dr Funk" and that should assure him of a place ahead of CP in the pecking order. The middle three of McGinn, Armstrong and McGregor was exactly the high energy, intense, assured combination that we need. McGinn was a lot more judicious in his tackling than before until the final 10 minutes and had a good night. Armstrong is just a class act in there and has to be a first choice. McGregor did a lot of off the ball work, tidy in possession and carried the ball well. McTominay v McGinn will be the one real battle moving forward, not a bad battle to have. While Phillips did well tonight, he's not a natural striker. Perhaps dropping Forrest for Griffiths and having Phillips doing the work around him pulling wide would work well. What I will say is Phillips showed a work rate and quality I haven't seen from him in a Scotland shirt before. Overall a good bit more encouragement than Friday, a step towards a starting team. Importantly plenty of youth there and also a good mix of home based and Anglo based players. Not the finished article but a good bit closer to it.
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    Fuck Superman and Spiderman, THAT'S the comic book superhero i want to be!!
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    Be funny if this one is brown
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    The best TA select story I have heard is from (I think) Belarus where the organiser misunderstood the "amateur" part and the guys ended up playing some mob who had competed in the Intertoto Cup the year before and only lost 2-0 on aggregate to Schalke.
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    Weegies. Hunners o’ the fuckers. The full kit wankers tae.
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    I assume by the way you have intimated they were :-
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    Davy, Just transferred £10 through PayPal. Cheers
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    Yeah, I think he's now the kitman at Rangers actually.
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    Is that before or after the nudey books ?
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    By a remarkable stroke of fortune I had hospitality on Saturday. Booked ages ago - couldn't have worked out any better. Sadly had to take my old boy up the road after they kicked us out of hospitality. He barely drinks these days and was struggling after the complimentary bar. Missed the celebrations in the Paisley pubs - but saw numerous videos getting posted online. Bankhouse especially looked fantastic.
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    It's a shame some 'fans' were unmoved enough to boo him in a Scotland shirt 😏
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    any male over the age of 21 that celebrates their birthday is for the watching they're for wee lassies and wimen
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    I never mentioned 12 points! Since being promoted in 93 we've never been relegated. How about The Murn?
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    From the Trump thread, posted by Phart: It reminded me of another quote from the great tactician's Scottish cousin: "When your enemy is in disarray, and the moment of victory is at hand: reverse your historical policy and place your faith in an ex-leader has-been and the narrow interest of an MP fearful of losing his seat" - Sonny McTzu. The Art of the Section 30 Order. Page 55.
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    Veterans today is claiming it has evidence that the chlorine gas was made in germany as Syrian Army managed to capture some of it. VT isn't exactly the most enlightened site though, they have pictures and serial numbers though. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/04/08/proof-intel-drop-trump-bolton-behind-syria-chemical-attacks-confirmed/
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    I am not sure Scotland's apathy (to a great degree) towards independence has nothing to do with Nicola Sturgeon. There are a heck of a lot, well the majority of Unionists who will never vote for independence. They are comfortable being someone else's plaything who feel that as long as they are financially well-off that is enough for them. Also ones that are truly petrified of change who have lived with the safety net of the union for too long and who'd mess themselves at the prospect of it not being there. They totally ignore the glorious benefits of independence such as being able to totally govern itself and stand, as a country, on its own two feet and breaking the shackles of being governed by the corrupt Westminster. Those are the reasons independence still seems a bit off at present and Nicola Sturgeon cannot be blamed for a section of Scots lacking ambition and confidence in Scotland.
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    Yes, that's certainly true. I always look to darts players to keep abreast of the current views on sociology,crime and morality. I'm only sorry he wasn't more vocal on string theory and cancer research.
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    Sneaking downstairs to turn sky onto Bravo every Sunday night for their “Sex on Sunday” film. Usually some awful 70’s effort. Then sneaking back upstairs to watch it on the TV in the room oh to be 28 again
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    the scud book demise is one reason you see so many fat kids these days. Every chance we got as kids we were away a walk or a bike ride for miles to find an abandoned quarry, disused factory or empty building. The holy grail on these trips was finding a 2nd hand scud book. Some of our trips were like Stand By Me the movie. These days kids and their phones can have an hd quality butchers shop window pose in 2 clicks whereas the best we could get was a ripped page of a readers wife with a big hairy minge.
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    Try posting on an iphone 5s. I almost bought one of those patchwork shirts by mistake .
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    On behalf of the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, I would like to thank Iain for his appearance at our 66th donation in Budapest earlier this week. Really heart warming the affection from Hungary we are getting over the last few days (I got stopped in the street once yesterday to ask if I was the guy from the charity, and even had a girl on the flight home last night ask me the same)
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    Would be great to have St Mirren & Morton in the Premiership
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    It’s probably in his wife’s name now.
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    Really? An embarrassment? Get out of the 1970s and 80s bubble you are trapped in eh? We have qualified for zilch for two decades now - that says it all on where we stand. Costa Rica were World Cup Quarter-Finalists in Brazil going out on penalties. What a gulf in class.
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    Tbh if we lose 6 in a row so be it, I'd rather our players were getting experience against better teams in these matches.
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    And when these attributes are not in huge abundance you need to look at other ways to bring success ., I dont think players singing the national anthem with gusto is going to win us games. But i do think you get a good insight into confidence by looking at the body language during it and for me the players last night looked lacking in confidence and/or disinterested in the game. I think it is naive to underestimate what passion and pride can achieve. IMO McLeish needs to work on the confidence. Amongst other things.
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    F*ck team GB. F*ck the union. F*ck the union Jack. F*ck all team GB, not just the football. F*ck the team GB synchronised swimming team, F*ck the one where you prance about on horses. Dressage, that's it. F*ck team GB dressage team. That all.