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    Folk who don't retweet or share posts but actually copy word for word your status. It's even more of a pisser when they get more likes than you
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    Out of the door with socks after Christmas where people had obviously felt I warranted a gift but not any thought. A bizarre set I got included a pair for each day of the week with the day stated on the sole - as I have no intention of taking my shoes off in the office to utilise my feet as a diary system saw no benefit in maintaining these in pairs post first wear. Last week the boiler was on the blink so the house was freezing and my good wife was pure ganting for a heaty up to the point relations were permissible on a week night. I got to the bedroom to find the old nighty top still fully buttoned, woolly socks left on and granny belly snapping pants pulled to one side. It had been a fortnight so I wasn’t complaining and thought I too would get away with wearing socks for the forthcoming activity. Unfortunately my wife takes one look and flaps the Bridget pants back in to position ‘What are you doing?’ I was about to protest about her attire when she threw me off guard by jumping out of bed and rummaging in my sock drawer. ‘You know I’m OCD and your trying to sh@g me wearing a Monday sock and a Saturday sock on a Thursday – how did you ever think that was going happen!’ My hopes were momentarily raised when she found the second Saturday sock but it was paired with a Christmas tree. Knowing I’d put a Thursday in the wash on Wednesday I decided to just go sleep as it’d be a good hour before my sock drawer was in order.
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    Seems the utter incompetence and amateurism of the SFA has finally come home to roost. Look at what the Irish have lined up and the clarity they have shown in letting O’Neill know exactly how much they want him to stay, what plans they have and time he will get to see them through. Now compare and contrast to the total shambles, lack of plans and complete lack of any cohesion or professionalism demonstrated by the SFA and it’s virtually impossible now to see O’Neill swapping Northern Ireland for us. Why the hell would he even consider it? It would appear highly likely we’ll now end up with Lambert or, worse still, McLeish. No decent manager with any modicum of a reputation to protect is going to touch us with a bargepole given the (lack of) actions of the SFA since they sacked Strachan. The question of whether Strachan should have been sacked or not will always be a polarising one, but what cannot be argued is that they pulled the trigger with virtually no clue what they were going to do next. That was criminal and showed a complete abdication of responsibility and dereliction of duty. Where are we now then? Three months down the line and no further forward, in fact we’re actually further back with O’Neill having gone from hot favourite to being highly unlikely now to be appointed. The sad fact is I’m not sure I’d want any manager crazy enough to accept the job to actually be given it. It is now time for these cretins at the SFA to hand back their blazers and get as far away from our game as possible before they completely destroy it beyond any hope of repair (if they haven’t already). I’m utterly disgusted.
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    😀, only someone who has been through the pain of building a Barbie House can truly understand the joy that a mere 4 bolts can bring. Talking of presents, my grand Xmas surprise gift to Mr Tdyer went complety pearshaped. I couldnt think what to get him, after 37 yrs together I exhausted every interesting gift a while back, and he is now getting too old for flowery shirts from TKmaxx. However he got a wee bonus from his employers this month as he has worked there 20 yrs so I decided to go over the top and booked flights and a hotel for the Munich beer festival. Instead of just putting the flight tickets in an envelope I bought a Xmas box and thought I would put a beer steiner in it along with a german sausage and an A4 sheet with a picture of a german flag and adolf hitler, rolled up into a scroll. I hadnt got round to putting the box together and I came home the other night to find him sitting in the kitchen eating the bloody sausage! He had found it in the fridge. So I had to go out and buy another one and put the box together. I wanted him to open the sausage and flag/hitler scroll first, as the flight tix were in the beer steiner. So , xmas morning comes along and I am sitting excited about the present. My youngest daughter starts passing things out from under the tree and hands MrTdyer a card . He opens it and read out to us all, ‘merry xmas dad, you can spend these on your trip to Germany ! ‘ Aargh , my other daughter had bought him Euros and her present got opened first 😩 After all that planning, and to make matters worse when he opened my present he opened the beer steiner first so the sausage and scroll were a complete anti climax. Next year it will be a flowery shirt from Tkmaxx.
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    Well i may as well stick in a two footed tackle as that fucking religious nutter is putting me off this board completely with his utter pish. Meanwhile you as a ref let his shyte go unchecked ..so fuck that arsehole im having an early bath.
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    Kris Boyd is pretty good.
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    Miserable bastards. I love hogmany and the 1st, no parties, just a couple of drinks at home then up early to a lovey quiet ne’erday, Big walk and swim and I wish everyone I meet a happy new year and thank God you lot must still be abed as I’m wished it back with smiles. So to all, Happy New Year when it reaches you.
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    The cut & paste ace returns to tell us all we can't think for ourselves.
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    Go on then, we all know you want to........
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    I’ve really enjoyed reading this thread and would like to hear more about which businesses were closed on whatever day it was, thanks.
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    http://graceambassadors.com/biblestudy/the-cure-for-ignorance Who is this fucking biscuit?
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    You planning to be here long Kimba ?
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    https://m.facebook.com/mctartanface/ He has his own FB group now where he is telling eejits that Peru and Senegal are officially confirmed. When questioned on his sources he states he ‘Can’t reveal his sources’. What’s funny is he hides behind his FB mask then comes on as himself to back up points.
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    based on your judgement of players, I will reserve judgment until we see him in a Scotland shirt. Some players adapt well to international football and some don't......................like James Forrest. Great for his club but beyond shite for Scotland.
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    Hiya everyone. Ahm still alive. No posted in ages. Still planning on swimmin they shark infested waters of the mighty Atlantic one day..😁😁😁.
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    Are you the one with the daughter that everyone wants to ride?
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    He's none of the above.
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    Freemasonry accusations shite?or Abrahamic god shite? I'm Maester Marwyn the faith concerns me not.
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    Aw.........is the board to be littered with all this shite again?
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    Happy New Year to you too, Jude.
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    After nearly 25 years membership, I’m thinking about packing it in. When it was a tenner a season I was happy and would still be happy to pay. It was originally just meant to be an admin fee. It has somehow evolved to be some other commercial money maker for the sfa offering their tat.... no I don’t want another crap tshirt that goes straight in the bin or money off other rubbish I don’t want. I want tickets for games. the sfa marketing team are incompetent and treat the fans like imbeciles. The fact is the product is over priced. We have become $hit and yet the price has risen enormously. I only went to one game last campaign for various reasons - I work and often work away during the week. It’s just becoming not worth it sadly. And don’t get me started on season tickets.... joke.
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    No tournaments. No manager. No games. No plan for the future? Renewals coming up and all they have is media spin on ditching our stadium. With marketing men in charge of our game, you'd think at least they'd know how to screw some cash out of us.
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    Shite. He's a God bothering attention seeking mentalist. He's also got previous form for this sort of posting.
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    If MacKay gets the job at least I won't have to put too much thought into whether I renew my SSC membership or not.
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    Christian and religious crackpots polluting football message boards with tedious cuntishness.
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    at this rate I'll be expecting a reduction, as I'll only get a 23 month membership instead of 24!!
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    Well said Mr Squires, glassy eyed reading this... https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2018/jan/16/david-squires-cyrille-regis-one-of-british-footballs-most-important-players
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    Gotta feel for Moreno. Moreno has his best start to a season at LFC since he came, then Robertson gets a chance and basically recreates the second coming of Maldini. #LFC
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    I’ll repeat for the delusional cunts on here....Tom English is a cunt.
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    Best city in Scotland m8. By a long stretch.
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    Dundee United made a late bid to scupper Coutinho's £142m move to Barcelona, but in the end decided to go with Craig Slater on loan from Colchester Utd instead. However, they have still beaten Barca four times out of four.
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    well hello Larky. See you havnae changed..Still a miserable cnut..😁
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    Aye it done Scott Allan the world of good!
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    You've allowed your mind to be subsumed by dogma. Which why when challenged you just reference the dogma. I don't care because I think there is no way to test the theory, our greatest investigative tool the scientific method is wholly unequipped to answer such questions atm.
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    It's all in the bible, all you've got to do is jumble the words up a bit.
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    And a Happy New Year to you too G-Man. I like New Year but agree with other posters that it can be let down with the hype. The past 2 years we have gone to the local pub, just ourselves, as we have had 20 odd years of parties. I like speaking to folk I dont know, we met a lawyer 2 years ago who ended up doing our Will. Not that same night right enough , that would have been a bit dour, even for Mr Tdyer. I have just finished a bit of New Year feng shui. 65 socks in my laundry basket that I canny match up. How the fook can you have 65 odd socks, I cant even remember buying 65 pairs of socks. And it was only tidied out a couple of months ago. Anyway have a good one. Enjoy Mr Bailey 🥃
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    😢 my wee heart sank reading that. My tree isn't coming down till George Bowie calls me out for being the only fanny with a christmas tree still up . Chrtistmas decorations lift my soul.
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    I just think it's funny you keep linking to a right-wing neo-con who wants ethnic profiling.
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    if Ive heard that once Ive heard that 1k times.
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    Boy just wanted to play fitba’ as long as he could. He never seemed to fall into the “Cannae stick him, he’s a Tim/Hun” category. I really liked his attitude. Unlike selfish wanks like Boyd he loved just being involved in the Scotland set up.