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  2. Alan Hutton

    We should play him as a sub then
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    31st in the world, had to admit it surprised me. Still behind N.Ireland and the ROI though that's hardly scary the next ten below us are much of a much, Any of them find a couple of players they beat us if we do we beat them. Sorry but we are going to have to disagree on this one I don't regard doing what you should be able to do as an achievement if it is I'm one of life's great achievers. By the way I am not at all against McLeish.
  4. Mcleishs management team

    Down with this sort of thing with St. Faddy.
  5. Mcleishs management team

    I'd say Thompson is intelligent enough and self-aware enough to realise his limitations as a footballer and will be grateful he had an international career, never mind he scored a goal or two. If he was in the condition he was at 35 in his 20s, he would have had a few more caps as well. Thompson is a level or two above McFadden when it comes to intelligence so I doubt the latter would have enjoyed the ribbing.
  6. When is the other “time” to be alive? 🤔
  7. Match Day Meet Uo

    Have you been before I take it?
  8. Today
  9. I’m not a big Coffee drinker, but occasionally get a McDonald’s coffee at the drive through when I’m driving for work. I thought it was decency enough and better value than most places. £4 for some hot water and milk seems excessive.
  10. I had only ever heard that used on here and social media by Celtic fans. Often enough that I thought it had some mildly sinister republican connotation.
  11. Mcleishs management team

    You’re right. They’ll need someone to clean the boots and cut up the half time oranges.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    If we are 20th in Europe why are there 24 teams ranked above us in the Nations League? Rankings are often misleading anyway. Compared to what we’ve achieved in the last 20 years (fuck all), qualifying for Euro 2020 would be a huge improvement and a good achievement. Considering we’d have 2 games at home and a game at Wembley (potentially not against England so there would be a huge number of Scots there) I think the second round would be a real possibility, depending on the draw of course. Sounds easy doesn’t it? There’s just the small matter of qualifying now.
  13. Alan Hutton

    He did, Warnock was joking. But it would appear he is very good in all positions. I use who scored.com as a guide to how players are playing due to the fact I find it logistically impossible to be at every single match in England simultaneously. Some on here can but I can't work out how. According to who scored he has played 4 times at central midfield 3 times at right side defensive midfield 2 times at right midfield and 2 times at right back and 7 times as a sub. He has two MOM ratings in last 10 games with ratings over 9.5 which is very high. According to who scored right back is his worst position, but over 7 which is very good (Hanley Archer and Lindsey are both under 7 in their positions) Who scored appear to be at every single match in England simultaneously. I think the ratings must only compare players in the same league Robertson is an average EPL player were as Hutton is an above average left back in the championship. Looks like Paterson is our best player in the championship no matter were we play him
  14. DAVY BUS - TEL AVIV to Sammy Ofer Stadium, HAIFA - 11th OCT 2018 Payment details & provisional bus lists So far 8 x 53 seater coaches have been booked. The buses will leave from Mike’s Place Sports Bar, Tayelet, Tel Aviv (on the seafront next to MacDonalds) at a time TBC depending on KO time. PLEASE BE WARNED - CONSUMING ALCOHOL ON ISRAELI BUSES IS ILLEGAL. The bus company have advised that should the Police stop the bus and catch someone consuming alcohol then THE BUS & ALL IT’S PASSENGERS will be returned to the pick up point. I have negotiated a fixed price for the coach so the cost per seat is £10 return. All profits after bank transfers and currency exchanges will go to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. Please pay by PayPal to info@start2finish.eu using the send to friends payment to avoid any other fees. If you do not have PayPal then please PM me for my Bank of Scotland details. Please make sure your payment has your name or TAMB name on it. PLEASE NOW MAKE YOUR PAYMENTS ASAP SO I CAN PAY & GUARANTEE BUSES. Keep watching this post as your provisional bus number may change due to drop outs or add ons. BUS 1 Davy P x2 PAID Chris Drover x3 Alan Gray x4 PAID Scott Clark x2 Graeme Shinnie x2 Keith Murray x2 PAID Paul Smith x12 Lorraine MacDonald Dot Dash x2 Iain F Beat x2 PAID Darren Brander x7 Scott Cairns x2 Ian Wright x2 Scott Grant x3 John Seery x4 PAID Jam Kam x3 PAID BUS 2 Jock Dearie x7 PAID John Allan x11 PAID Max Wilkie x3 PAID King of Paisley x4 Bryan McDermid Gary Hillcoat PAID Micheal Pace PAID Sandy Marshall x2 PAID Samuel Wightman Kenny Stewart x2 PAID Steph Bain x8 PAID Paul Brown PAID Iain Meiklejohn PAID Clark Gillies PAID John Scott x2 PAID Steve Morris x2 PAID Carol Smith x2 PAID George Summers x2 PAID G Man PAID BUS 3 RESERVED FOR WESTA BUS 4 RBS x2 PAID Gordon Arnott x9 PAID Brummie Hibs PAID Youngie PAID Bristol Hibby x2 PAID Neil Routledge x2 PAID Fraser Wallace x2 PAID F4BES x2 PAID Faddy 11 x2 PAID Steve McD x2 PAID Rob Ert x6 PAID Jailer x4 PAID Larbert TA x16 PAID Stuart Jack x2 BUS 5 Kevin Dewar Tee Cee x2 Doubles SC x2 PAID Graeme Baxter/DTA x13 Lennox Beattie x2 PAID Monica Devlin x2 June Callison x2 Graeme McGinty x2 James Coggs x2 Mel Robertson x2 Lewis Connolly J B Lyons PAID Keith TA x6 PAID Kim Murphy x2 PAID Lesley Duff x2 PAID Gordon Johnstone PAID Goggles x3 Mac Womble x3 David Beaton PAID Graham Stephen x2 PAID BUS 6 Plastic Scot PAID Sonya Smart x10 Debian x2 Bingis x3 PAID Robert Fisher x3 PAID Ian McLauchlan x2 PAID Padre Andrew x5 PAID Scanner PAID Neil MacDonald x5 PAID Dundee Dave x3 EASTA x4 Peeps Pirie x3 PAID Tartan McCole x2 PAID Greigc96 x3 Fiona Blair x2 PAID SWETA x3 Scotland For Ever More x2 PAID BUS 7 RESERVED FOR WESTA BUS 8 Mario Kempes x2 PAID Moray Allen PAID Craig Scott x3 PAID Tattiescone x7 PAID Mary Gillies x2 PAID Martyn Brown Scanner PAID Busby Boy x4 Falkirk TA x3 PAID Charlie D x2 Geordie 07 x2 Neil Locheil PAID Tartanbuddy x2 PAID Alloakenny x2 EKTA Captain x5
  15. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    If it does I'm getting the missus some.....
  16. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    Wins for both sets of curlers. Both at 4-3, two games left. Squeaky bum time.
  17. Mcleishs management team

    Al Pacino for Motivational Coach
  18. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Okay having calmed down after the anger of this appointment;I’ve just had a look at the raft of talented centre backs coming through at the moment;Jack Hendry at Celtic , Scott McKenna at Aberdeen , souttar at hearts Liam Lindsay at Barnsley & Liam cooper at Leeds in particular & have done a bit of a 360 on our prospects. I’d say there’s now a more than half decent squad there with some strength in every department so it wouldn’t take a managerial genius to get them to make the playoffs. Mcleish is a charmed man indeed. Basically get the team full of the Celtic top performers,sprinkle in some added experience and I think we’re looking at overall the youngest & strongest squad since 1997. No excuses left now.
  19. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I wonder if he'll sing FoS?
  20. “What a time to be alive” 🙈🙈
  21. Celtic vs Zenit...

    Agree there, my auntie emigrated to Canada in the 50s and still sounds like she just left Ayrshire. She met my uncle over there, he'd just emigrated from Manchester but by the time I knew him he spoke like he'd lived in Canada all his days. It seemed being identified as English was a severe disadvantage in their part of Canada back then
  22. Next Scotland Manager ?

    20th in Europe so qualifying is no more than pass marks and were Strachan left us. Qualifying from group stages at finals would therefor be an achievable objective and the least required for his appointment to be regarded as a success .
  23. Mcleishs management team

    Paul dickov needs to be involved
  24. I'm guessing if the top 6 remains the same, Killie and Hibs will go to Ibrox a third time as the lowest ranked teams...
  25. Stand Free We are the People Hail Hail.
  26. Alan Hutton

    I thought Paterson played right back for hearts
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