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  2. Was that a pre-arranged meeting?

    The Book Depository has it for £16.88 with free delivery Worldwide. https://www.bookdepository.com/Scotland---Glory--Tears---Souvenirs/9781785313318 Amazon uk, also for £16.88 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Scotland-Glory-Souvenirs-Robert-Marshall/dp/1785313312/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511538351&sr=8-1&keywords=scotland+glory+tears+%26+souvenirs WH Smith has the best deal at £13.59 with instore collection available to save on postage. https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/scotland---glory-tears--souvenirs/9781785313318
  4. I’ll go for Chairman Mao. Maybe getting slaughtering tips in preparation for Wednesday night.
  5. Which Chairman though?

    Now I know commercial advertising on this site is not allowed but this is different, this is art -well sort of. Anyway over the past three years a number of TAMBERS have been good enough to support our Scotland Epistles fanzine project. You therefor may be interested to know that David Stuart and I have now cobbled together a book [an annual for grown-ups if you like] on the trials and tribulations associated with supporting our national football team. The key features of Scotland:Glory,Tears and Souvenirs are- [1] A selective history/alternative encyclopedia of Scotland’s national football team through two separate themes with extensive use of mostly colour images from our own varied collections of Scotland football memorabilia- [a] A [hopefully] humorous reminder of how Scotland, despite producing some great footballers over the decades, have surprisingly yet to win a major title [Kirin Cup notwithstanding] with reviews of all our World Cup and Euro Championship campaigns to date as well as a peek into the future; and An offbeat look at associated aspects of Scottish international football from individual players, managers and rival teams to football collectables and personal experiences. The book is available in most Waterstones bookshops plus online at Amazon and WHSmith with the latter two offering discounts. An ideal Christmas present perhaps and something to cheer us up as we await the draw for the European Nations League. A big thank you if you have already purchased this tome. Cheers Robert Marshall
  7. Today
  8. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    The reason Mulgrew gets a game from League 1 is because he is a well established international with years of Champions league experience. He is fully developed and therefore it isn't as important that he is in league 1. Same goes for Berra. Say what you will about Hearts and the SPFL, but Berra has a diverse background. I'm just glad we have 2 CBs playing regularly. To suggest calling up mediocre, untested players from league 1 is absurd. Lindsay, as you say, is rightfully being considered. But I have no problem using Mulgrew until we can find a more suitable replacement
  9. Huns new gaffer

    Macy had him down for the West Brom job too. Even said he was being interviewed!
  10. Hampden - stay or go?

    Most of hampden stands pretty safely as it is. So not convinced that will make much of a difference. While bringing the west and east stand in a bit sounds good, I don’t think it’s mission critical and would much rather see money going towards player development. Id much rather watch a winning Scotland playing in a shite hole (which hampden is far from) than watch a losing Scotland playing in a half empty modern show stadium.
  11. 💬 Derek - I had a good chat with the Chairman and I reiterate what he said, this is purely driven by elements of the media. I see my future here. @macy37
  12. If that happens I'll get a season ticket just so I can hand it back.
  13. Huns new gaffer

    Wee Barry says McInnes deserves his chance though. Who are Aberdeen to stand in his way?
  14. The Billy Davies to Rangers rumour appears to be gathering momentum.....
  15. Milan

    Looking to take in a game here. Either Inter v Roma on 21st January or Milan v Lazio on 28th January. Any experience of this. Is it right that you can get tickets at stadium on general sale on the day of the game and do you think that will still be the case for the games mentioned above.
  16. Bain seems like a total bellend.
  17. Bains problem is he is a complete arsehole whose ego outweighs his ability. A decent keeper no doubt but don't think he has the attitude to make it much further. Very funny to watch him and messiah/pundit Mcann having a bitch fight
  18. I don't have a problem with him trying to play expansive football home and away....but you need a solid base to do it and the likes of Lustig, Boyatta and Gordon don't provide that. Either he brings in better or has a rethink. Against the likes of PSG a pragmatic approach just narrows the scoreline and bores the tits off everyone. I'd rather see us have a go but the defending has to be much better.
  19. Scottish Labour

    Oops my bad
  20. Aye, his signing policy seems a bit bizarre. There is no way you could look at that defence and say it's not needing boosted, even back in pre season. He was extremely guilty of being stubborn in Europe with Liverpool and result showed that. It's a results driven business. If I were a Celtic fan and had a 2-0 win and he went to say Sevilla and played a formation like he did in Munich/Germany then I'd not be happy. O'Neill got Celtic to a final by grinding out away results.
  21. #BlackFridayDeals – piff, we bring you our #BlueFriday reminder instead! Since launching just a week ago, sales have far exceeding our hopes – to the point, that we’ve only got a few left from our initial batch, so be quick of you want to have one in time for Christmas 👌
  22. Yes he will. If he's at fault for anything it's for not bringing in better options at RB, CB and GK. You must still be having nightmares about the night Malmö came to town then eh?
  23. Scottish Labour

    You win, easy.
  24. Usless stat but still good to see

    Does somebody sit and record all these stats!? Why...!
  25. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    The Rep of Ireland did and it turned out he's only eligible for England.
  26. Scottish Labour

    Oh FFS Apparently because they held a safe Labour seat at a council by-election yesterday in Rutherglen that is "proof" that Richard Leonard is the people's tribune.
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