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This announcement is no longer active


Following diminishing numbers of visitors to TAMB and the subsequent reduction in TAMB income, it is the intention for TAMB to close definitively from 1st November 2017.

TAMB can no longer generate enough advertising revenue to cover the costs of around £300/month to pay for the dedicated server that hosts the TAMB software. 

The dedicated server is also older equipment and no longer maintainable, so at some point it would be necessary to migrate the TAMB to a new cloud-based platform. This is quite a large job and would take some time to do. We feel it wouldn't be a worthwhile task given the reduction in traffic and usage of TAMB. 

It is the opinion of the TAMB Team that the days of messageboards have largely gone, being overtaken by other platforms.

Thank you to all users of the TAMB over the years, and we look forward to seeing you on some other online forums in the future.

Since announcing the closure, a number of questions have been asked.

This is not a "boot in the arse" to Board members to increase traffic.

It’s worth pointing out to any people wanting to take on the TAMB that they will quickly outstrip any “free” message board system. That’s what happened with the pre-2003 TAMB and also happened during the “current TAMB” in 2003 – 2004. 
It’s all about the number of concurrent users online. At a point yesterday there were about 150 users online – Invision would be charging $130 per month for that. (

We would be prepared to do a handover of the domain names that we currently hold to non-profit making group who seriously wants to organise a new TAMB and has the skills and numbers to do it. This would not include existing software or server. We are especially keen that the platform or the name do not fall into the hands of what we can only call bawbags. We need not mention names, but I'm sure members can think of a few. Any new group would have to start from scratch and give TAMB a complete bottom up ‘makeover’ and make themselves financially viable.


We have a couple of people who are willing to offer advice to any serious players.

The TAMB Team